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Cool Websites & Tools – U.S House Prices, Privacy Icons, & Instagram Marshmallows

27th June, 2014

WudaTime – is a free web based project management tool which allows you to easily keep track of your dedication. It is a simple time management application perfect for SME and start-ups. Plus, you can do project management while enjoying WudaTime’s neat design. The progress bars give visual information on project and task status. Use […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Yahoo Phone Launcher, Wolfram Cloud, & Turn Articles Into NYT

26th June, 2014

Yahoo Aviate Launcher – Simplify your phone. Yahoo Aviate Launcher is not your typical launcher. Unlike GO, Nova, Apex and other similar launchers, Aviate automatically simplifies and intelligently organizes your phone, only showing you the apps and information you need as you need them, throughout your day. Wake up, and Aviate automatically shows you how […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Event Tracker, Minimalist Web Clipping, & Restrict Tabs

25th June, 2014

Event Ticker – helps you keep track of all of your important events and special occasions. With Event Ticker you can create an event with a custom background or choose one of their beautiful backgrounds. You can keep up to date on your event with reminders and keep track of tasks to complete before your […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Tab Bundler, Hire Security Guards, & Sell Your Hotel Room

24th June, 2014

Tab Bundler – If you are a user of Chrome who finds that you have multiple tabs open and would like to be able to organize these tabs, then Tab Bundler is an extension for you. Tab Bundler is an extension that allows the user to save tabs in user-defined groups. You can conveniently create […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Interactive Video, Design Prototyping, & US Legislature

22nd June, 2014

Zaption – Create interactive video experiences that engage learners. Create a Zaption tour from your own video library, or from clips on YouTube. Add response elements throughout your tour, including multiple-choice questions, continuous polls, discussions, and more. Then publish it. 5iler – is a notepad for the rhythm of your mind which lets you work […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Smart Android Homescreen, Email Task List, & Tweet From The Context Menu

21st June, 2014

Terrain Home – is a smart homescreen for Android that makes your phone simpler and more streamlined by putting everything you care about in one place. Find contacts faster, launch apps faster, and view content faster. Please note however that this is a US-only beta version for now. Planleaf – enables you to manage tasks […]


eBay Launches iOS App Called “eBay Valet” Which Will Sell Your Stuff For You

19th June, 2014

Want to sell stuff on eBay but are too lazy to actually do it? There’s now an app for iPhone which will do the actual selling for you, in exchange for a 30% cut.


Cool Websites & Tools – Build Social Media Campaigns, Instant Music, & Lock Your Child’s Mobile Phone

19th June, 2014

*SPONSORED SUBMISSION* – Social Intents – Gather feedback, ideas, email addresses, likes, tweets, and followers. Build social media and email list campaigns. Increase sales and campaign impact with targeted social and email list building that feeds into your existing outbound marketing. Gather feedback and ideas, and offer social incentives. Poetica – Get clear feedback, wherever […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Android Clipboard, Webcam Special Effects, & Test Your Rap Music Knowledge

18th June, 2014

RightMove – Where in Great Britain are people happiest? Rightmove’s Happy At Home Index for 2014 is a unique, nationwide insight into the emotive relationship we have with the place we call home. They surveyed nearly 50,000 people asking them to rank 12 distinct factors about where they live. The results can be found on […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Drones, Track Your Expenses, & Update Your Browser

17th June, 2014

TravelByDrone – is a Google Maps mashup where you can view YouTube videos of drone coverage. These are not military drones or promotional drones, but rather personal drones belonging to private individuals. All videos are hosted on YouTube, and you can see on the map where the footage was captured. Just click on one to […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Measuring Worth, Google Your Business, & Peer-To-Peer File Sharing

16th June, 2014

Measuring Worth – Intrinsic things are priceless: the love of your life, or a beautiful sunset. There is no objective way to measure these, nor should there be. The worth of monetary transactions is also difficult to measure. While there is a price, wage, or other kind of transaction that can be recorded at a […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Chrome To-Do List, Powerpoint Replacement, & Create Your Own Image Hosting Website

15th June, 2014

Dayboard – Replace the new tab page with a to do list that helps you focus on your most important tasks each day. Dayboard is a to do list that focuses on just 5 items each day. Start your day by writing down the most important tasks you want to accomplish. Every time you open […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Silly Patents, AirBnB Pricing, & Structure Your Finances

14th June, 2014

Patently Silly – if you invent something and want to protect it from unauthorized copying, you need to get a patent. Some inventions are great but some are downright stupid, not worthy of a patent at all. Patently Silly examines the stupid patents and shows you what kind of stuff gets approved these days. I […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Boutique Hotels, 3D Mount Everest, & Are You Back Again?

13th June, 2014

Back Again? – shows the number of times you’ve visited a web site in a day. This is a simple Chrome extension that tells you how many times you’ve visited the page you’re on, right in the button. You can get a graph of your visits to a site that week by clicking the button. […]


Firefox 30 Introduces Sidebars Button, GStreamer 1.0 Support, & Quickshare In Android Context Menu

12th June, 2014

Mozilla has now brought out version number 30 of the Firefox browser.