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The 5 Best OCR Tools for Extracting Text from Images

14th February, 2015

When you have reams of paper, how do you get all that printed text converted into something that a digital program will be able to recognize and index? Keep a good OCR software close by.


5 Online Sources for Disposable Email Addresses

13th February, 2015

An email address is a prized commodity for spammers and advertisers. Disposable email addresses come to rescue If you don’t intend to give it away to everyone.


5 Tools to Extract Images From PDF Files

10th February, 2015

Sometimes you need to extract images from PDF file and use them in Word documents, web pages, and PowerPoint presentations. Keep these five tools close for the job.


5 Tools for Easy Web Design

7th February, 2015

If you want to build your own web presence, then it is becoming easier and easier. If you know where to look. Here are five tools that are making it easier for the newbie.


Everything You Can Do to Free up Space on Your Mac

5th February, 2015

Your Mac only has a limited amount of available disk space – even more so if you’re using a laptop. It’s time to fight back and free up some serious space.


5 Social Media Tools That Will Make You Look like the Boss

5th February, 2015

Keeping on top of all your social media accounts can be a full-time job in itself. Use tools that manage your social media on your behalf.


4 Steps to Find Information on Someone Online

3rd February, 2015

Hunting for someone online is never as shown in the movies. Like the real world, there’s a lot of spadework involved. If you have legitimate reasons to check on someone, here are some tools.


5 Crowdsourced Review Sites Similar to Yelp

3rd February, 2015

Recommendation sites like Yelp tap into the power of the crowd. You use them to find the best service provider or use them to vent. Here are five vying for a piece of your mind.


8 Sites to Rediscover Your Love of Lego & Build up Your Collection

2nd February, 2015

If that old LEGO box is gathering dust in the attic, it’s time to bring it out. The playset is enjoying a resurgence. But eight sites say that it never went away.


5 Smartphone Apps for People with Disabilities

31st January, 2015

Smartphones have become much more than calling and texting devices. For those with disabilities, the smartphone and the apps have become assistive technology devices.


5 More Tools for the Movie & TV Fanatic

29th January, 2015

Indulge in a bit of escapism. Sift the good movies from the bad. Here are 5 movie websites and apps you should take a look at.


5 Websites to Listen to the Radio

27th January, 2015

Tune in. Let’s listen to music and talk radio. Here are five sites which bring you sounds from all over the world, bringing a bit of international flavour into your life


5 Free Apps For The Selfie Photo Fan

24th January, 2015

Taking a selfie has gone beyond pointing the camera at your angled face. With the right apps and accessories, it is an art in itself. These five apps are for the selfie fans.


5 Sites To Find & Download User Manuals

22nd January, 2015

Whenever you buy something electrical, you always get the huge user manual that goes with it. In all likelihood, the paper manual you’re holding is already online in PDF or HTML form.


How To Use Google Calendar As A Visual Motivational Tool

21st January, 2015

We are still using calendars for reminding us of things, but there are so many other uses, now that they have gone digital. Here are some unique possibilities as a visual motivational tool.