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Cool Websites & Tools – Better Healthcare, Instant Feedback On Text, & Your Digital Legacy

2 weeks ago

Patients Like Me – makes healthcare better for everyone through sharing, support, and research. Compare treatments, symptoms and experiences with people like you and take control of your health. Share your experience, give and get support to improve your life and the lives of others. Chart your health over time and contribute to research that […]


Twitter Changes The Profile Page Design – Again

10th April, 2014

Another day, another Twitter page redesign. No sooner have we gotten over the last incarnation than they have got restless and changed it again.


Cool Websites & Tools – World Backup Day, Golf Courses, & Generate a Privacy App

10th April, 2014

World Backup Day 2014 – is a campaign which encourages people to backup the contents of their computers, in case of catastrophic hard-drive failure. The site gives you several options for backing up your data, and then shows you what to do to get it done. Golfscape – a lot of people love to play […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Chat Anonymously, Map Of Life, & Help With Your Laundry

9th April, 2014

Rumr – is the new way to chat anonymously in real-time with your friends on iOS and Android. Chat privately and anonymously in real-time with your friends. Rumr allows you to have conversations your identity prevents. It’s like having a conversation with the lights off. Inside each chat you can see the list of members […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Generate Paper, Test PC Sound, & Airplane Mode

8th April, 2014

Gridzzly – everybody needs paper for something, especially students. Gridzzly helps you get paper by enabling you to choose what pattern you want, choose the size of the lines or the squares, then click the “press” button. Soundcheck – is a Windows-based application that allows users to test their PC sound card, speakers and microphone. […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Keep Your Inbox Organized, Virtual Card Games, & Teach Digital Skills

7th April, 2014

Pathfinder – tracks and records your path, speed, distance when you drive or walk. Path Finder shows real time data, maps out your path, shows suggestions and allows you to save your route for future reference. It uses the GPS Sensor in your phone to record the geographic statistics. It works on both Driving and […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Formatting For Google+, Android Paid Apps List, & Songs Sent To Your Inbox

6th April, 2014

Netboard – Create free webpages collecting all the web content that you need. Your netboard is a worldwide accessible webpage where you can easily gather videos, photos, presentations, links and many more things from the web. Netboard is the best way to share web things which you like. Add Chitika context advertisement in a single […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Slow RSS Feeds, Browse Facebook With Oculus Rift, & Create Quick Email Reminders

5th April, 2014

Slow Feeds – singles out your low-volume RSS subscriptions, so you don’t have to. Low volume feeds won’t be drowned out by the river of news. You will see your leisurely blogging friends monthly post in Slow Feeds. To let you go even further into the not-worrying-about-subscriptions zone, Slow Feeds ignores all folders and tags […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Create a Social Photo Profile, Play An iOS Game To Turn Off Alarm, & Manage Podcast Subscriptions

3rd April, 2014

Photohab (Sponsored entry) – lets you create a free social portfolio. Upload and share your photos with friends. Similar to Instagram, you can upload your photos, follow users, and followers will follow you. You can view other profiles, “like” other photos, send messages to other users, and compile a profile about yourself, telling others about […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Android Volume Management, Wake Up Gently, & Team Communication

1st April, 2014

Persist+ (Sponsored entry) – can automatically silence your device at any time, location, or calendar event, and it can prevent accidental volume changes. Persist+ is a fully featured volume management app that separates itself from the competition with its level of volume automation, and ease of use. A new update for Persist+ now allows it […]


Cool Websites & Tools – World Food Stats, Better Phone Keyboard, & Update Your Contact Info On Friends Phones

31st March, 2014

World Food Clock – is a constantly updating set of figures in real-time, showing various statistics such as the world’s food produced, consumed, and wasted. Scrolling down, you will also see other stats such as agriculture resources, and the number of starving people. EGOsize – is a site which gives you a free report, in […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Send Multiple Attachments Via iOS, Optimized Hashtags, & Doodling On Chromecast

30th March, 2014

Multiple Attachments – Have you ever tried to send more than one attachment in one email from a productivity application (for example, Pages)? It is impossible without this app. Now you can just export documents as usual from any application, using the option “open in…” and select Attachments from the apps list. RiteTag – Well-chosen […]


Facebook Messenger Upgrades With Group Creation & Message Forwarding

29th March, 2014

Only available for iOS at the moment, the new Facebook Messenger comes with the ability to easily create groups, as well as forwarding IMs to other people.


Cool Websites & Tools – Encyclopedia Of Life, Chat Anonymously, & URL Favicon Stacks

29th March, 2014

EOL – is the Encyclopedia of Life, with information and pictures of all species known to science. Our knowledge of the many life-forms on Earth is scattered around the world. Imagine what it would mean if this information could be gathered together and made available to everyone – anywhere – at a moment’s notice. Rumr […]


Cool Websites & Tools – Next Gen Audio Algorithms, YouTube Of Education, & Promote Your Event

28th March, 2014

Auphonic – develops next generation audio algorithms using a combination of music information retrieval, machine learning, signal processing and big data to create an automatic audio post production web service for broadcasters, podcasts, radio shows, audio books, lecture recordings, screencasts and more. Users just upload their recorded audio and Auphonic will do the rest. Mobento […]