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A tech journalist (BA) with a background in international affairs (MA), Kannon's main interest is using technology to survive the global recession. Follow him at his kyamada@makeuseof.com

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Need a Last Minute Christmas Gift? 10 Awesome Emerging Tech Products

6 days ago

With the season of giving bearing down on us, consider a gift for that special technophile in your life. Some of the latest in early-adopter tech includes smart home accessories, wearable techonology and even Bitcoin. But out of the thousands of tech products what’s worth buying and can you actually get your hands on it before […]

featured nexus 6

Motorola Nexus 6 Review and Giveaway

1 week ago

The latest entry in the Nexus devices comes with a $650 price tag, along with outstanding specs, the latest version of Android and touchless controls – but does the ginormous phablet size warrant a purchase?

featured nexus 9

HTC Nexus 9 Tablet Review and Giveaway

25th November, 2014

The Nexus 9 just landed, and it’s hot – both in terms of newness, and temperature. It offers the beefiest specs in the Android world, along with a near doubling of prices over yesteryear’s models – but does the $399 HTC Nexus 9’s cutting-edge components justify its steep price increase? Competition In the tablet world, […]

tdcs inthinkerator design tutorial

Zap Yourself Smarter With This DIY tDCS Brain Stimulator

14th November, 2014

According to the United States Defense Department, zapping your brain with electricity can make you smarter – a process known as transcranial Direct Current Stimulation. And now you can try it at home, too.


Beginner’s Electronics: 10 Skills You Need to Know

12th November, 2014

Many of us have never even touched a soldering iron – but making things can incredibly rewarding. Here’s ten of the most basic DIY electronics skills to help you get started.


Disable Hibernate On Your SSD For Warranty Purposes

26th October, 2014

Killing your SSD only requires a bit of laziness. You can preserve your warranty and extend your SSD’s lifetime by turning off hibernation. We show you why & how to do it.

motorola moto 360 android wear smartwatch review feat

Motorola Moto 360 Android Wear Smartwatch Review and Giveaway

23rd October, 2014

The $250 Motorola Moto 360 Android Wear smartwatch fuses beautiful and sleek design with functionality.


What Operating Systems Do Wearable Devices Run On?

17th October, 2014

Wearable tech, in its many shapes and forms, changes human-machine interaction.

focus tdcs headset review feat

Foc.us tDCS Headset Review and Giveaway

30th September, 2014

The $249 Foc.us device shoots an electrical current into the brain – boosting one’s cognitive abilities.


Four Hardware Upgrades That Will Boost Your Laptop’s Battery Life

10th September, 2014

Want better laptop battery life? Hardware upgrades are much better than software tweaks for improving power efficiency. Unfortunately, not all mobile computers offer easy component upgrades. Most full-sized laptops are upgradeable though, and the process takes surprisingly little time or effort. Ultrabooks, on the other hand, require a bit more elbow grease to upgrade. Four components are […]


Android Won’t Connect To Windows Over ADB? Fix It In Three Easy Steps

30th August, 2014

Having trouble connecting your Android device to your PC via ADB? We got you covered.

muse one headband review feat

Muse Headband Review and Giveaway

12th August, 2014

The $299 Muse One headband can read your brain – indirectly, through observing brain activity at the skin level.


Seven Laptop Components That Can Improve Your Battery Life

11th August, 2014

Most manufacturers lie about battery performance.

lg g watch review feat

LG G Watch Review and Giveaway

27th July, 2014

Does the LG G Watch suck or does it manage to justify its $229 price tag?


DIY Soylent: Food For the Masses or Toxic Sludge? People Chow 3.0

22nd July, 2014

When a Kickstarter launched for a nutritious slurry designed to replace normal food requirements, they laughed. After some reviewers praised Soylent (named after the eponymous film “Soylent Green”), they sat, dumb-struck. Before long, clones appeared. Now, user-sourced recipes are starting to take off – of these, my favorite is the home-brewed People Chow 3.0, the creation of Soylent.me user max. […]