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Karl L. Gechlik here from AskTheAdmin.com doing a weekly guest blogging spot for our new found friends at MakeUseOf.com. I run my own consulting company, manage AskTheAdmin.com and work a full 9 to 5 job on Wall Street as a System Administrator.

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How To Setup Wake On LAN Using The MAC Address

25th February, 2010

So you want to have your machines go to sleep when they are not working and then be able to remotely connect to them and have them automagically respond? This is cross platform and can potentially work on any computer. The computers can be in a totally powered off state (but still connected to the […]


4 Common Windows 7 Problems And Fixes

24th February, 2010

Most Windows 7 problems are related to the upgrade process. Do a clean install if and when you can. You can also refer to my previous article on how to resolve 3 upgrading issues with Windows 7 here. If you are still having issues, hopefully we cover them below. If not, hit us up in […]


What Is The Difference Between 32-bit & 64-bit Windows?

23rd February, 2010

People ask me on a daily basis, “What is the difference between a 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating system?” Most of you are running Windows XP or Vista in its 32-bit iteration. But as hardware gets cheaper, people are curious as to what the 64-bit operating system has to offer. First let’s see if we can […]


Top Windows Downloads [Movers & Shakers]

23rd February, 2010

    Two weeks ago we featured a new section called Movers & Shakers where we show you the top ten downloads from CNET. This will be a bi-weekly post and here are today’s Movers and Shakers. In first place with 259,675,081 total downloads is still AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition. I guess they are doing […]


Microsoft Office vs. Open Office? [Poll]

21st February, 2010

  Last week we discussed do you buy software or prefer to use a “cracked” version? We only received 729 responses which was about half the amount of responses we got on our previous poll. I will chalk the poor results up to the fact people that do pirate software are scared of getting caught. […]


How To Upgrade To Windows Mobile 6 Without Destroying Your Phone

20th February, 2010

So with the impending release of Windows Mobile 7, a lot of people are interested in upgrading. And I have been receiving a lot of questions from people still running variations of Windows Mobile 5 who want to upgrade to Windows Mobile 6. The first thing to do is to check for real upgrades from […]


Cool Windows 7 Wallpapers That You Have To Check Out

19th February, 2010

So you have bit the bullet and upgraded or migrated to Windows 7. You read my last post on common Windows 7 upgrading issues and this article detailing some of the best reviews of Windows 7. Now I am here to show you some really cool Windows 7 wallpapers that you will really like. After […]


Three Windows 7 Upgrade Issues & How To Avoid Them

18th February, 2010

You got yourself a brand new operating system?  Good for you. Staying with the times, giving back to the economy and playing with some new technology is what you are in it for. What we hope does NOT happen to you is having issues upgrading from your operating system to Windows 7. I will run […]


Learn How to File Bankruptcy In The United States Online

17th February, 2010

Times are certainly tough and there is the possibility of declaring bankruptcy and continuing on. Bankruptcy is defined as: 1.the state of being or becoming bankrupt. 2.utter ruin, failure, depletion, or the like. In layman’s terms this means you cannot pay off your debt and you are saying everything I have can go to pay […]


The Coolest Windows Media Visuals For Your Music Experience

16th February, 2010

We all listen to music. Some of us listen to our music on the go on our iPods or Windows Mobile devices. But when we are in front of a computer jamming out while working, what do you use? I have used Windows Media Player (but I will show you some good iTunes visuals as […]


Do You Buy Software or Prefer A “Cracked” Version? [Poll]

14th February, 2010

We hit you with our first weekly poll a couple of weeks back which you can see here. The answers were astounding and here were the results:


2 Cool Free Car Driving Simulation Programs

14th February, 2010

Do you want to try out some really cool car driving simulation programs? Well we have two of them for you that will help you improve (or learn) basic driving skills like the dreaded parallel parking and all way stop signs. Both of them are web-based so they are cross platform and will work on […]


Create Your Own Free High School Reunion Websites

12th February, 2010

Are you getting older? Do you miss the good old days of high school?  Well maybe a trip down memory lane or a high school reunion will perk you up. If you are ahead of your 10 or 20 year anniversary you can organize a reunion with your own free high school reunion website. We […]


3 Websites To Help You Research or Buy A Car

11th February, 2010

Are you looking to buy a new or used car? There are some awesome websites where you can research or buy a new vehicle. I will show you three websites I have used in the past to research buying a car. If you have bought a car online before, we want to hear from you […]


Make Learning To Type Online More Fun By Defeating Ninjas!

10th February, 2010

I was asked today by a friend of the family, who is 11 years old, how he could learn to type better. I showed him a few tutorials that were kind of fun but not really. They all failed and failed miserably at keeping this young guy’s attention.  Now I need something more along the […]