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Karl L. Gechlik here from AskTheAdmin.com doing a weekly guest blogging spot for our new found friends at MakeUseOf.com. I run my own consulting company, manage AskTheAdmin.com and work a full 9 to 5 job on Wall Street as a System Administrator.

Feel free to contact at karl@asktheadmin.com

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How To Set Up a Wireless Home Network With Just a Mobile

12th March, 2010

The key piece to setup a wireless home network is the wireless router. Once you have the router set up to your internet connection all you have to do is let the computer connect to the wireless router and authenticate. Now what if you want to use your mobile phone’s internet connection to power your […]


The Best Sites For Free MySpace Templates

11th March, 2010

Looking at the statistics online, a lot of you are still using MySpace (mostly the younger generation) and I am sure you would love some new sources for free MySpace templates. I will run down a few sites my younger cousin uses for just that. We will start off with FreeLayouts. When you arrive at […]

6 Cool Widgets For Myspace

6 Cool Widgets For Myspace

10th March, 2010

I have had just about enough of MySpace, Friendster, Facebook and the rest of them. I guess it is just me growing up and settling into my ways. I am 30 years old and I blog and tweet all the time. But I do recognize that a huge part of the younger population are into […]


The Best Free Software For Your Blackberry

9th March, 2010

It seems that recently all the attention has been going to the iPhone or the Android platform. There will soon be an uproar with Windows Mobile as they will be doing away with all the old installation packages and there will be no upgrade path to Windows Mobile 7. Well we felt that we were […]


How Do I Unblock a Web Page From Behind a Strong Firewall?

8th March, 2010

Many times we find ourselves on networks where we cannot get to websites that we want to see because of some silly restriction on particular subjects and all sorts of good stuff. There are instances where you will need to get to a specific site for homework or real work and you cannot get to […]


How Long Do You Spend Online In A Day? [Poll]

8th March, 2010

In last week’s MakeUseOf poll we covered “Do you Backup your Files? How?“. We had 606 people respond to the poll and found out that 11% of you do not backup at all! It seems the majority of you use a USB drive and then coming in a quick second is using a online […]


VDownloader – Really Easy Video Downloader Software (+ 20 Free PRO Accounts)

6th March, 2010

There are plenty of times when you watch a video on YouTube and you want to save the video as a certain file type, so you can watch it on the go or just save it to watch on your computer or home DVD player. The market is saturated with pay video downloader software apps […]


SIM Day & Night – A Free Online Role Playing Game With A Dayjob & A Nightlife

5th March, 2010

I grew up on games like Maniac Mansion, Zack McCracken and Leisure Suit Larry. If you are old enough and remember them then you should have warm fuzzy memories of them and you are already probably reminiscing. I try to cover a game once or twice a month. The last one was Raft Wars which […]


How To Configure & Use Windows 7’s XP Mode

4th March, 2010

You are running Windows 7 and you have already looked at some of our previous posts on Windows 7 such as here and here.  Now you want to know how to install and run Windows XP Mode on your Windows 7 machine. Windows 7 XP Mode is really a virtual machine running Windows XP that lets you […]


How To Create Cool Bubble Letters For Your Site Logo

3rd March, 2010

So you have just started your own website or blog and you are looking to make a logo or a header for yourself.  Do you want to use cool bubble letters or another text style? You can either go to Photoshop, its open source equivalent, Gimp or an online generator to spit out your letters […]


What Do You Use To Backup Your Files? [Poll]

28th February, 2010

So last week’s Make Use Of poll covered what your favorite office suite was. We offered up either Open Office of Microsoft Office. Open Office came out ahead and some other interesting answers popped up in the comments. Check them out and if you haven’t voted, feel free to chime in now! So far there […]


Top 5 Windows 7 Themes You Might Want To Try

26th February, 2010

You are now running Windows 7, you read up on my previous posts relating to Windows 7 upgrade issues and downloading great desktop wallpaper for Windows 7 here. Now you want to pretty up your desktop up even more and load a new Windows 7 theme. These Windows 7 theme files are everywhere! You will […]


How To Setup Wake On LAN Using The MAC Address

25th February, 2010

So you want to have your machines go to sleep when they are not working and then be able to remotely connect to them and have them automagically respond? This is cross platform and can potentially work on any computer. The computers can be in a totally powered off state (but still connected to the […]


4 Common Windows 7 Problems And Fixes

24th February, 2010

Most Windows 7 problems are related to the upgrade process. Do a clean install if and when you can. You can also refer to my previous article on how to resolve 3 upgrading issues with Windows 7 here. If you are still having issues, hopefully we cover them below. If not, hit us up in […]


What Is The Difference Between 32-bit & 64-bit Windows?

23rd February, 2010

People ask me on a daily basis, “What is the difference between a 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating system?” Most of you are running Windows XP or Vista in its 32-bit iteration. But as hardware gets cheaper, people are curious as to what the 64-bit operating system has to offer. First let’s see if we can […]