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Karl L. Gechlik here from AskTheAdmin.com doing a weekly guest blogging spot for our new found friends at MakeUseOf.com. I run my own consulting company, manage AskTheAdmin.com and work a full 9 to 5 job on Wall Street as a System Administrator.

Feel free to contact at karl@asktheadmin.com

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TV Browser – A Desktop TV Guide For Your Favorite Channel Listings

22nd December, 2009

How do you check what is on TV? A lot of people would say that they use something like TV Guide channel listings or even TV.com. But one – they probably do not watch international television and two they always have a data connection up and ready. I do find myself watching TV via many […]


Make Your Printer Inventory A Breeze With Page Countster

19th December, 2009

I have multiple offices with lots and lots of printers. Some networks are on Active Directory and some are not. Some are configured with print servers and some are not. Now when I am asked for a printer status report for a specific office or warehouse I have a lot of digging to do. There […]


Osmo – Free Light Contact Management & Calendar Software

18th December, 2009

Do you hate using Microsoft products? Do you instead want to use a free, lightweight, easy to use calendar and contact management application? Well I needed something very lightweight for a project I was working on. My requirements were to use a small amount of memory, be cross-platform, we needed a calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Notes. […]


View Your Firefox & Twitter Histories on A Timeline With Voyage

17th December, 2009

Hey there loyal readers! I have found another awesome experimental Firefox add-on. This one is called Voyage ““ you know like a journey. You can download the experimental add-on from this URL.. You will need to click the box next to the allow me to download this experimental add-on. This add-on will give you a […]


Get Twitter On Your Windows Mobile Phone With Twikini

16th December, 2009

Hey there Twitter fans! How do you keep up with all your tweets and what not while you are on the go? Do you use the mobile version of their website? How last year! I have recently become addicted to The Twitter. Don’t laugh, it can happen to you! Now I am using a mobile […]


How To Reduce Memory Usage in Firefox with MemoryFox

15th December, 2009

Do you use Firefox? Most of our readers do and we all know that 10 open tabs can be highly problematic for our system memory. There have been times I have seen my Firefox get close to 1.5 gigs of memory. That is just unacceptable! So what do you do? Do you stop using Firefox? […]


How To Automate Repetitive Tasks on PC with DoItAgain

12th December, 2009

I wear many hats throughout the day and have lots and lots of repetitive tasks that I do. Photoshop has it’s own built in macro maker (or keyboard and mouse recorder and playback if you will). So for years, I have been recording macros and playing them back to do the same task over and […]


Top 2 Free Online Adventure Single Player RPG Games

11th December, 2009

I am very picky about the games I play. I got used to in depth text games in the late eighties on my C64 like Kyrandia. That was fun on a 1200 bps modem! Nowadays most games are graphic-intensive and have no real story line. These two games are fun and will open up your […]


Create PDFs For Free & Convert PDFs To Word Documents

10th December, 2009

So you don’t want to spring for Adobe Acrobat Pro? I can empathize as it is really expensive and in today’s economy we shouldn’t be spending money when we don’t have to. What do you do when you need to create a PDF or convert a PDF to word document? That is why I am about […]


3 WordPress Plug-Ins To Automate & Improve Your Blog SEO

9th December, 2009

Most bloggers know the value of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. By performing some tasks, tricks and jumping through some hoops you can make your website or blog appear more impressive to the bigger search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.  Optimizing certain parts of your website, including article titles, image alternate text tags and […]


Preview a Web Page in Multiple Browsers with BrowserShots

8th December, 2009

Do you have to work on websites that will be viewed on MANY different systems and MANY different browsers? Well then how do you preview a web page on all of these systems? Do you have a quadruple booting system? Access to lots and lots of computers with all the different versions of browsers installed […]

3 Best Free Sites For Watching TV On The Internet

3 Best Free Sites For Watching TV On The Internet

5th December, 2009

I love to watch TV, I always have and always will. But as I get older, time becomes a bigger problem. In the early part of 2000 I snatched up a TiVo to help me watch all my prime time shows when I got around to it. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 12pm ““ 2am. […]


Improve Your Memory With Free Flash Cards for Pocket PC [Windows Mobile]

4th December, 2009

I hear you are looking to be productive and maximize your time and you want to use your Windows Mobile Device to do it? Well I have found a nifty little application that will let you set up and use free flash cards for your pocket PC. It is called Portable Note Card Freeware (Flash […]


Destroy Zombies 3 – Awesome Online Zombie Shooting Game

2nd December, 2009

You have just happened to come upon a post that will keep you busy for days. Do you enjoy killing zombies from your computer? Right from your browser you say? Well Destroy All Zombies is a free entertaining online zombie shooting game that I have decided to ruin your productivity today with :) Enjoy! You […]


Flying on a Dime: The 3 Best Websites To Find Cheap Flights

1st December, 2009

The holiday season is upon us and many of us are planning trips. A question I get all the time is how can I find a cheap flight?  To answer that question, I will cover 3 cheap flight websites for your flying escapades ““ 2 of them have worked great for me flying from the […]