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4 Apps To Make Motivational Posters

25th January, 2009

Motivational posters were those posters up on your old office or school walls which were supposed to be inspiring and basically tell you to reach for the stars or never to give up. Actually some were pretty touching, if I’m honest. However, in more recent days, parody motivational or demotivational posters have been more popular. […]


Add HTML, iTunes Status & Photos to Email Signature [Mac]

21st January, 2009

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your boring, old, static, text-only email signature into something more exciting and interactive, here’s how. Not only will it attract more attention to your signature and making it look more impressive; it will also liven up the mundane task of sending emails. Before we start, let […]

Control iTunes Remotely with your Hands & Feet [Mac Only]

Control iTunes Remotely with your Hands & Feet [Mac Only]

18th January, 2009

Do you remember that Minority Report interface Tom Cruise used to fight crime? Or rather to stop it before it started? The way he swiped videos in and out of focus using his fingers was just futuristically awesome. It’s a tech geek’s wet dream to be able to do that. And you know what – […]

Are Anti-Virus Programs Necessary For Mac?

Are Anti-Virus Programs Necessary For Mac?

14th January, 2009

I would like to start this article off by noting that I am *not* a computer security expert. I am merely an everyday Mac user like everyone else. Recently, there has been a lot of hoopla regarding Macs and their vulnerability to viruses. Apple initially recommended having one or multiple anti-virus programs running, then swiftly […]


20 Websites Every Apple Fan Must Bookmark

11th January, 2009

MacWorld fever has come and gone. It has been a roller-coaster ride for most Mac users, I reckon. HRH Steve Jobs was absent from the very last Apple keynote at MacWorld. Phil kind of disappointed me with a poor performance and product release during the keynote. Maybe I expected too much from it all. Still, […]


The Best Free Multi-Item Clipboard Managers for Mac

7th January, 2009

As a med student, I constantly have to deal with research papers and write up patient case histories and reports. While it may sound like quite a lot of work, there is often a standard schematic for them; it involves a lot of copying and pasting. There are quite a few good clipboard managers for […]


Focus On Quality By Doing Less On Your Mac

4th January, 2009

I suspect many MakeUseOf readers have made their New Year’s resolutions to be “more productive” and to “do more in less time”. I, on the other hand, have made the exact opposite resolution. 2009 will be chaperoned by a “do as little as I can” mindset. Over the years, as technology and the Web 2.0 […]


How To Speed Up Your Mac Computer Without Spending Cash

31st December, 2008

This is the common basic mentality: in order for your computer to perform better, it needs to be upgraded – that means spending money to buy better components. While that may be true, it is not always the case. A computer, be it a Mac or Windows PC can always be maintained or overhauled for […]


Improve Your Photo Booth With 90 Free Effects [Mac]

28th December, 2008

Every Mac that comes with an iSight is loaded with Photo Booth. When I was Mac-less, I used to frequent Apple stores and somehow Photo Booth seemed to appeal to me then. Sadly, after I bought a Mac for myself, the attraction didn’t last very long and later, I sort of forgot about this nifty […]


Spread The Joy To Your Mac – Christmassify It! [Mac Only]

24th December, 2008

If we can hang socks over the fireplace and decorate our Christmas trees, I’m pretty certain that decorating our Macs for the occasion isn’t exactly taboo. So in the spirit of giving (aren’t we always?), I’d like to share some ideas to spruce our beloved Macs. And hey, if some people can leave their Christmas […]

Safari logo

SafariStand – A Cool Safari Plugin You Should Install

21st December, 2008

In the past, I’ve looked at a few Safari plugins: Cooliris, which revolutionizes the way we view images and videos (and even shop online); and I’ve delved into two of the most popular search plugins – Glims and Inquisitor to see which one is better overall. This time around, I’ll be looking into one of […]


Use Stacks To Save Websites For Later Reading [Mac]

17th December, 2008

Addiction to the internet is cruel. It doesn’t release you from its locking grip and worse, draws you deeper into the realms of the internet anti-socialites. One site links to another and the clicking never ceases. While browsing one story, another interesting one might just arouse your curiosity and – click, down the rabbit hole. […]


The Best Reference Sites For Medical Students

14th December, 2008

When I’m not writing Mac articles for MakeUseOf, I’m a full-time medical student and I have to say that life as a medical student is insufferably horrible. We commute to hospitals to attend tutorials; and in our spare time, we study. It’s not because we’re extremely hardworking, I wish I was – no, it’s rather […]


Improve Window-Management in OS X with Afloat [Mac]

10th December, 2008

I have to admit: I love large screens. I envy anyone working on 30″ Cinema Displays, opening several Safari windows and arranging them so that everything is laid out before them. Everyone knows that large screen-estate enhances productivity, it’s not a myth. With that said, browsing and working on my 13″ MacBook isn’t a bed […]


Transmission vs uTorrent [Mac Only]

7th December, 2008

BitRocket, Xtorrent, Tomato Torrent, BitTyrant, Bits on Wheels. These are some of the torrent clients for OS X. But let’s be honest, they probably don’t sound familiar to you because they’re outshone by the two gargantuas of the torrent world, Vuze (formerly known as Azureus) and Transmission, a lightweight but very capable torrent client. Prior […]