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Jackson Chung, M.D. is MakeUseOf's Chief Executive Officer. You may get in touch with him via email.

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MakeUseOf Review & Giveaway: Fitted iPhone 4 Case by Speck

12th September, 2010

The last Speck giveaway we had was an absolute hoot. Speck makes fabulous iPad cases and we managed to grab 5 CandyShell cases for our readers. Today, we’ll be dishing out a whole new giveaway which will especially excite iPhone users. What we’re offering are five Speck Fitted iPhone 4 cases worth $150 in total. […]


MakeUseOf Review & Giveaway: CandyShell iPad Case by Speck

25th August, 2010

Over the past couple of months, our giveaways have gotten a fair bit of attention. We’ve handed out apps for Mac users, ebooks, indestructible hard drives and even a $10,000 trip to New Zealand. But this very moment is probably the pinnacle of our giveaway program because we’ve been joined by fantastic company from Palo […]


Saddle Up! Leather Laptop Bags & iPad Sleeves Up For Grabs [Giveaway]

13th August, 2010

We’re quite fortunate this month to have Saddleback Leather Company sponsor some of their best leather products. You might wonder, what’s so great about their stuff? Well, to start, they’re so confident about their craftsmanship that they offer a 100-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Impressed yet? Besides that, Saddleback Leather products have […]


MakeUseOf Back To School Special Giveaway

9th August, 2010

Summer break is drawing to an end and quite soon, students will see the start of classes, term papers and exams. We have a pretty sizeable team of writers who are in fact, students — so we know how it feels like to be going back to school after a long and glorious summer break. […]


Clean Out Your Mac and Give It New Life with CleanMyMac [Giveaway]

9th August, 2010

It’s easy to get out of control. Before you know it, your 500 GB drive will only have 20 GB remaining, and you’d be kicking yourself and asking how it happened so quickly! With CleanMyMac, it’s easy to get on top of things and keep your Mac healthy at the same time. CleanMyMac scans your […]


Never Forget Anything Ever Again With NotifyMe 2 and Bills [Giveaway]

26th July, 2010

Life on the fast track can be taxing. With the ever-growing list of responsibilities, we have more and more bills to pay and an even longer set of reminders and tasks there is to keep track of. Life on the fast track can be taxing. In order to help reduce the burden of remembering the […]


Share Anything, Anytime, Anywhere with Sendible [MakeUseOf Giveaway]

19th July, 2010

At MakeUseOf, we’re large supporters of social networking and its perks. It’s definitely something that we can’t get enough of. It allows us a chance to be closer to our readers — that’s you! And one of the best web services that allows us to do just that is Sendible. It’s no secret that we’re […]


TriDefense – Best Tower Defense Game For iPhone Celebrates Its Birthday With A Giveaway

12th July, 2010

Today is a very special day for TriDefense because one year ago, on July 12, 2010, TriDefense v1.0 was launched! Since then, it has gone head to head with the best tower defence games available on the App Store. And with great pleasure, MakeUseOf is celebrating this glorious occasion with a giveaway. This week, we […]


How To Create, Merge and Split PDF Documents On A Mac

5th July, 2010

I was wondering to myself, there has to be an easy way to do this on a Mac. I knew that by owning a Mac, I didn’t have to resort to additional applications to help me get this menial task done. And I was right! Merging and splitting PDF documents on a Mac is just […]


Transform Your Plain Photos To Masterpieces with CameraBag [Giveaway]

28th June, 2010

The thing I enjoy most about digital photography is the ability to manipulate photographs after they’ve been taken. However, the nostalgic side of me still remembers film photography and the quirks that came with it — little blemishes and white frames with the date stamp added to the photo’s character. Not to mention, the photo’s […]


Monitor Activity On Your PC with Elite Keylogger [MakeUseOf Giveaway]

21st June, 2010

Does this sound familiar? That’s because we’ve featured Elite Keylogger in a previous giveaway. The app was so popular that we had to have it make a second appearance. This time, we’re bumping up the prize by giving out 20 copies of Widestep Security’s Elite Keylogger 4.7 PRO worth $1980 (Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 32-bit compatible). This […]


WIN an Exciting Trip for 2 to New Zealand! + Update II [Giveaway]

24th May, 2010

MakeUseOf has teamed up with zozi, the best place to find things to do locally and around the world, to offer the chance to win an incredible 7-day trip for 2 people in New Zealand. This giveaway is open to MakeUseOf readers worldwide. Yep, we’re serious we’re sending you and a friend to New Zealand, […]


Goodbye Mundane Tasks, Hello Hazel [MakeUseOf Giveaway]

17th May, 2010

Who doesn’t appreciate a little automation every once in a while? If there is ever a way to let things get done by themselves, I’m all for it. Why bother going through the hassle of performing a menial, random task if it can be done automatically? Hazel is your Mac’s personal housekeeper. It works quietly […]


Safe-Keep Precious Data with ioSafe Solo [MakeUseOf Giveaway] + Update

10th May, 2010

As we advance deeper into the digital era, we increasingly depend on hard drives as the principle storage medium to save all of our precious photos, documents and data. Just like how insuring a car or a house will help to minimise unforeseen loses, doing everything to keep your data safe is priceless. Enter ioSafe. […]


The FREE Mac Manual

1st May, 2010

Perhaps it’s due to the general popularity of the iPod and iPhone, or a result of their hilarious advertisement campaigns, there’s no denying it – Macs are gaining popularity.