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Bowtie – Really Cool iTunes Controller for Mac

11th September, 2009

I have and always will be a fan of music on iTunes. There iTunes lovers and iTunes haters — my friends, I’m a lover. And with it, comes a passion to make the experience a more enjoyable one. I spend hours scouring the internet for small great apps to compliment my favorite music player. A […]


How To Organize & Rearrange iPhone Apps from Your Mac

7th September, 2009

One of the few things Apple did sublimely was the iPhone. It hit the right key with the public and instantly became a hit. Very few users will tell you that they aren’t satisfied with their iPhones just because of the vast number of apps out there. You can do just about anything with the […]

snow leopard

How to Upgrade to Snow Leopard & What You Should Know [Mac]

4th September, 2009

The first impression I got upon hearing that Apple would be releasing Snow Leopard was that its price was unbelievably affordable. Personally, I wouldn’t hesitate upgrading if it only costed me $25 for a brand new operating system that would not only speed up my Mac but free up some hard disk space, as well […]


The Top 5 iPhone Applications For Killing Time

12th April, 2009

If you ever need to travel long distance or you have to constantly wait around killing time then here are my five favorite free iPhone apps to help make that time go a little bit faster. iMob Online When I’m hanging around waiting for something this is probably one of the first apps I would […]


Attain DivShare Nirvana With Daphnism [Mac Only]

7th April, 2009

Remember in February, when I wrote about ISUploader and bragged that it was the only desktop DivShare client? Well, the developers over at inventiveSoft are just about ready to launch ISUploader V2 – now known as Daphnism. I also had the chance to interview the main developer on the project to get his views and […]

Make Your Mac Sleep More Efficiently with SafeSleep

Make Your Mac Sleep More Efficiently with SafeSleep

8th March, 2009

One of the many things Mac users are proud of is the fact that we never have to turn our Macs off. Macs are built to run for days, weeks, months and even years (in some instances) on end without ever restarting. And it hardly ever feels bogged down. If my Mac isn’t performing any […]


Switch Your Mac Function Keys with FunctionFlip [Mac]

4th March, 2009

Since early 2008, all portable Macs (MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air) have introduced media control keys and specific keys for Exposé and Dashboard. These keys, while greatly appreciated for everyday use, quickly become a hassle when playing games, especially FPS games like Counter-Strike and Quake where mapping keys like F1, F2 and so on are […]


5 Uses For Stacks You May Not Have Thought Of [Mac]

1st March, 2009

Generally, Stacks has been ill-received by the Mac community due to its lack of functionality although it was pretty hyped up before Leopard was launched. In my opinion, Stacks isn’t as bad as most people make it seem. I’ve found several useful reasons to keep it around, one of which is detailed here: Use Stacks […]


How To Deal With Spilled Coffee or Coke on Your Macbook

25th February, 2009

I recently had a spine-chilling, blood-curdling experience. I accidentally spilled a whole cup of hot, steaming coffee on my MacBook. I’ve always been the cautious type, taking very good care of my electronics and everything else in general. When I read about other Mac users spilling coffee on macbook, I wonder – how can people […]


How To Extract Audio From FLV Files [Mac Only]

22nd February, 2009

I’m not an advocate of piracy but here’s a cool idea to grab songs off YouTube. As you may know, YouTube has a huge collection of music videos. Sometimes, I’d watch a music video over and over again just to listen to the song. I’ve just found a nifty application which will extract the audio […]


How To Play Console Games On The iPhone

20th February, 2009

We have previously covered how you can play old school console games on your computer. Now, what about bringing it one step further and install these game consoles on your iPhone so that you can play them while you are on the move? While there are many games available in the App Store, some with […]


Stream Your iTunes Library To iPhone Over The Web [Mac]

18th February, 2009

This is by no means a new tip. Many iPhone owners have been using this little “hack” to stream movies and music from iTunes. However, I thought it would be helpful if I were to repackage the instructions so that they are easier to follow. I’ve also added a few tips of my own. Recently, […]


Establish File-Sharing & Notifications Between Networked Macs

15th February, 2009

Previously, I wrote a short tutorial about how to set up file-sharing between Windows and Mac computers on a local network. Today, I will be showing you how to enable the “drop box” to allow other users on your local network to easily send files over to your Mac. A “drop box” is basically a […]


How To Fix Macbook’s Crackling Sound Problem

11th February, 2009

I’ve been dealing with Macbook’s crackling sound problem (or little devil as I like to call it) ever since I upgraded from a Mac Mini to a BlackBook. On a quiet day, I noticed some odd crackling noise coming from my brand new MacBook. At first, I thought it had something to do with the […]


ISUploader – The Only DivShare Desktop Uploader [Mac]

8th February, 2009

I’ve been using DivShare since June of 2007, a couple of months after it was launched. Back then it was pioneering unlimited uploads and a 200MB file size restriction. It was unfathomable. Another feature which was available then – DivShare groups – allowed me to easily share between friends. Sadly, that feature is no longer […]