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Jackson Chung, M.D. is MakeUseOf's Chief Visionary Officer. You may get in touch with him via email. Find Jackson on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google +

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Caption Contest: Bigger Is Better

19th March, 2014

In an attempt to bewilder others, John fitted his smartphone in the mouthpiece of a large-scale, old school phone replica.


Please Let This Be The Next-Gen Apple TV!

18th March, 2014

Hajek did a full one-eighty, and together with German tech website Curved, he “upgraded” the current AppleTV to a far superior product.


Finally, A Smartwatch Concept That I Really Want!

17th March, 2014

It is my opinion that most smartwatches (or smartwatch concepts) try too hard to impress. In some of the concept designs I’ve seen, the classic design of a wristwatch isn’t even recognisable anymore. Is it a watch or just some device you happen to wear on your wrist? Thankfully, there are still designers like Gábor […]


Caption Contest: Satisfaction Guaranteed

15th March, 2014

We sell it, mate – we don’t use it.


The Evolution of the Blogger

14th March, 2014

How did the sacred act of keeping a personal diary somehow transform into very, very public shared opinions and experiences?


How To Troubleshoot Google Penalties And Get Your Traffic Back

13th March, 2014

If your website has been slapped with a Google penalty, this handy infographic might help you get back on your feet.


The Evolution Of Typewriters

12th March, 2014

Ah, typewriters — who doesn’t love the sweet sound of the old-school word processor. Do you miss it?


Caption Contest: Running Man

11th March, 2014

Urm, isn’t this supposed to be green computing? Why’s he turning red?


How To Explain Bitcoin To Anyone

10th March, 2014

The concept of cryptocurrency isn’t easily understood. How can one use their computer to “mine” coins? Where does the money come from? Who controls it?


Caption Contest: Algorithm

9th March, 2014

Got a caption for this cartoon? What’s Wilson up to, and why isn’t Peter paying attention?


The Current State of Freelance Writing

7th March, 2014

Thinking of freelancing. This is the current state of freelance writing in 2014.


10 Things You Need To Know About Dating A Designer

6th March, 2014

Well, we’ve discussed the benefits of dating a geek. But what’s life like when you’re dating a designer?


7 Insane Employee Perks At Tech Companies

5th March, 2014

We’ve talked about interning in Google and Facebook, and how great it can be. But what about other tech companies?


Caption Contest: Saber Duel

4th March, 2014

“Jeez, guys. If you’re going to cosplay, do it right.”


50 Insane Facts About Bitcoin (You Didn’t Know)

3rd March, 2014

Did you know that in 2010, a man swapped 10,000 Bitcoins for a pizza — that’s worth more than $5.7 million now!