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Jackson Chung, M.D. is MakeUseOf's Chief Visionary Officer. You may get in touch with him via email. Find Jackson on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google +

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geek pride feat

Did You Know Of Geek Pride Day?

23 hours ago

If there’s a day to feel proud to be a geek, this is it.

use copyright picture feat

Flowchart: Can You Use That Copyrighted Picture?

2 days ago

Say you find an image online that you’d like to use in your article, or repost. How do you go about deciding if it’s even legal?

toys under xray feat

The Anatomy Of Toys

3 days ago

For the most part, toys are taken for granted.

favourite batman feat

What Your Favourite Batman Film Says About You

4 days ago

Here’s an idea: you should totally have a Batman movie marathon, then figure out your favourite one.

surprising social media facts feat

10 Surprising Social Media Facts You Never Knew

5 days ago

Did you know that Twitter has six different networks?

adobe training

Lifetime Access To Over 5,000 Adobe Authorised Training Videos For $79, Ends Aug 7

5 days ago

Like it or not, only one company monopolises the digital creativity application sphere, and that’s Adobe.

productivity apps feat

20 Productivity Apps To Keep You And Your Boss Organised

6 days ago

Need to stay organised? The solution is literally in your pocket — your smartphone.

apotop wi reader pro review feat

Apotop Wi-Reader and Wi-Reader Pro Review and Giveaway

7 days ago

Today, in a double review, I’ll be taking a look at the Apotop Wi-Reader and Wi-Reader Pro — two portable, wireless SD card and USB drive readers and routers.

living on the moon feat

How Much It Costs To Live On The Moon

7 days ago

s our future really on the moon? Let’s take a look at how much it would cost us to fly 238,900 miles to the moon and set up shop.

what makes a good headline feat

How To Make Your Headlines POP

1 week ago

Do you want your article to be read by more people? The solution is simple: work on your headline.

toys dad played feat

The Toys Dad Played With As A Kid

1 week ago

“When I was your age, all I had to play with was…” Sound familiar?

sacred order of geeks feat

The Sacred Order Of Geeks

1 week ago

As you can probably tell by now, we’re big on geeks.

back to the future timeline feat

Understanding Back To The Future Time Travels

2 weeks ago

Back To The Future is one of my all time favourite movies. But I’ve never sat down and thought about the time travel aspect.

evolution of batmobile feat

The Evolution Of The Batmobile

2 weeks ago

Batman’s Batmobile is a true icon.

batman batsuit evolution feat

Batman And The History Of The Batsuit

2 weeks ago

Yesterday, we explored how the Batman’s bat symbol on his suit evolved over time. Today, we’ll take a look at the batsuit in its entirety.