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Jackson Chung, M.D. is MakeUseOf's Chief Visionary Officer. You may get in touch with him via email. Find Jackson on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google +

Chief Visionary Officer

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Caption Contest: Convenience Station

5 hours ago

It’s a trap!

key feat

Key Concept Makes Signing In Secure and Quick, Anywhere

1 day ago

Ever borrowed a friend’s tablet, smartphone or computer to check your bank balance, Facebook account or watch Netflix; and forgot to sign out?

rethink boarding pass feat

It’s Time To Redesign The Airline Boarding Pass, This Is The Answer

2 days ago

Airline boarding passes have barely evolved in the last twenty years. It’s time.


Caption Contest: Cans-O-Mania

3 days ago

Truman combined two of his favourite pastimes into his latest invention: music and neck exercises.


The Ten Commandments of Typography

4 days ago

Thou shall not use Comic Sans.


Can These Sitcom Characters Actually Afford Their Houses?

5 days ago

Realistically, do you think Monica and Rachel could afford to pay rent for their 1,125 square-foot apartment in Manhattan?

honest slogans feat

14 Honest Slogans You’d Surely Agree With

6 days ago

Some things in life are better left unsaid, and that’s exactly the opposite of what graphic designer Cliff Dickens.


Caption Contest: Ejection Protocol

1 week ago

Marie finally found a solution to Howard’s Internet addiction.

game of firms feat

What If Game Of Throne Houses Were Businesses?

1 week ago

What if the houses from Game of Thrones – you know, the Starks, the Lannisters – lived in the present day and owned businesses?

true facts of life feat 2

Funny But True Facts of Life

1 week ago

It’s sad but life has come down to this.


Caption Contest: No Way, Macgyver

1 week ago

Now Henry, I don’t care how you do it — I want you to take this PC apart and upgrade the processor using only this paper clip and toothbrush.


This iPad Pro Concept Is Definitely Worth Making!

2 weeks ago

What if Apple made a tablet computer with the processing power of a MacBook Pro, and looked like the iPad Air? They’d call it the iPad Pro.


Game Of Thrones Cover By Dave Koz Is The Most Relaxing Ever

2 weeks ago

Winter is coming. Game Of Thrones is back on air.


Caption Contest: PC Lock

2 weeks ago

Steve’s tendency to take everything he hears literally is really starting to ruin productivity in the office.


What Is Eating Up The World’s Bandwidth?

11th April, 2014

Here’s an interesting bit of trivia: streaming services make up 65 percent of all Internet traffic during peak hours, one third of which is attributed to Netflix.