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Jackson Chung, M.D. is MakeUseOf's Chief Visionary Officer. You may get in touch with him via email. Find Jackson on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google +

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there are two kinds of people in this world feat

There Are Two Kinds Of People In This World

3 hours ago

Which kind are you?

5 reasons everyone hates their isp feat

5 Reasons Everyone Hates Their ISP

1 day ago

Are you in love with your ISP? Probably not.

fortune 500 leader feat

How To Live Like A Fortune 500 Leader

2 days ago

How’s your time management? Is it good enough to compare with a Fortune 500 business leader?

how to stay anonymous online in 2014 feat

How To Stay Anonymous Online In 2014

3 days ago

Lots have changed since we last publish the infograph showing you how to hide your Internet presence.

how steve jobs started feat

The Life Of Steve Jobs, Apple’s Founder

4 days ago

The Apple Watch is the first breakthrough product from the company since the passing of its founder, Steve Jobs.

blueprint home theater feat

A Blueprint For Your Home Theater System

6 days ago

Setting up the perfect home theater isn’t easy.

evolution of ios feat

The Evolution of iOS

1 week ago

Anyone who owned an iPhone 2G will appreciate the journey from iOS 1 to the current version being used today.

survival feat

Survival Tips You Must Know In Case Of Disasters

1 week ago

We’ve touched on disasters and how to survive them. In fact, we’ve even showed you what to have in a basic (for short emergencies) complete survival kit. The first is from the Boy Scouts of America — this graphic depicts forty basic knots and how to tie them. For $4.99, you can actually get a […]

how to memorise a speech feat

Sure-Fire Tips To Memorise A Speech

1 week ago

A few days ago, we shared the ultimate cheat sheet to becoming a great public speaker with tips on how to prepare yourself to face an audience. Today’s infograph is just slightly different.

how to write better emails featr

How To Write Better Emails

1 week ago

Whether it’s for marketing, communicating with your college professor, or writing to grandma, there are some things you just must do every time you write an email.

how to be a google power user feat

How To Be A Google Power User

2 weeks ago

Think you know how to use Google?

textexpander feat

50% Off TextExpander 4, Ends September 13

2 weeks ago

For a limited time, TextExpander for Mac is available at just $16.99, taking 51% off its retail price.

face recognition feat

Face Recognition: How It Works and Who’s Watching?

2 weeks ago

How much is your face worth?

cheat sheet public speaking feat

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet To Becoming A Great Public Speaker

2 weeks ago

Whenever you get called to speak in public, do your palms sweat?

doomsday feat

Would You Survive Doomsday?

4th September, 2014

We’ve talked about surviving an apocalypse before. Be sure to have some duct tape and never underestimate common household items during a disaster.