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Jackson Chung, M.D. is MakeUseOf's Chief Executive Officer. You may get in touch with him via email.

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apple watch feat 2

How The Apple Watch Won Me Over

3 days ago

When Apple announced their latest gadget, I wasn’t entirely impressed. I ignored the hype, disregarded the reviews, and didn’t pre-order one for myself. Obviously, I caved.


Teach Yourself To Master Photography and Photoshop CC For $29.99, Ends Soon

29th October, 2014

If you’re passionate about photography or know someone who is, this is the gift you’ve been waiting for.

justhost feat

Powerful Hosting You Can Trust For Just $27 A Year

22nd October, 2014

Just Host offers reliable and affordable web hosting so you can run your site worry-free. Whether you set up your site for a business or a blog, you’re going to need two things: a domain name, and web hosting. Just Host provides both. And if you sign up now, you’ll qualify for even further savings. […]

deadly sins of punctuation feat

The Seven Deadly Sins Of Punctuation

27th September, 2014

Are you committing a deadly grammar sin? Don’t let your mistakes send you to punctuation purgatory.

goodbye orkut feat

So Long, Orkut!

26th September, 2014

It’s about time?

how to make sure you get paid feat

How To Make Sure You Get Paid

25th September, 2014

Today, almost everything is paperless. Don’t believe me? Check out the evolution of the desk.

evolution of the desktop

Evolution Of The Desk (1980-2014)

24th September, 2014

Whether you like it or not, the fact is, we depend on technology more than you know.

design feat

The Ultimate Design Course To Increase User Engagement For $19

23rd September, 2014

But design is not a beauty contest. It’s about making stuff that works.

replace or repair feat

When Technology Breaks, Should You Replace Or Repair?

23rd September, 2014

Your devices won’t last forever. The typical lifespan of a desktop computer is 4.4 years.

embarrassing photos feat

How To Remove Embarrassing Photos Of Yourself From Social Networks

22nd September, 2014

Had a fun, drunken night with friends and took a few regrettable photos? Not so much of an issue if no one else sees it.

android 101 feat

New To Android? Welcome, Here’s A Brief Intro

21st September, 2014

Just got your first Android device?

there are two kinds of people in this world feat

There Are Two Kinds Of People In This World

19th September, 2014

Which kind are you?

5 reasons everyone hates their isp feat

5 Reasons Everyone Hates Their ISP

18th September, 2014

Are you in love with your ISP? Probably not.

fortune 500 leader feat

How To Live Like A Fortune 500 Leader

17th September, 2014

How’s your time management? Is it good enough to compare with a Fortune 500 business leader?

how to stay anonymous online in 2014 feat

How To Stay Anonymous Online In 2014

16th September, 2014

Lots have changed since we last publish the infograph showing you how to hide your Internet presence.