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Justin Pot is a technology journalist based in Boulder, Colorado. He loves technology, people and nature and tries to enjoy all three whenever possible. Check out chat with Justin on Twitter.

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How To Make Single-Click Links for Software Installation [Ubuntu]

14th August, 2010

Blogging about technology, it seems, includes a great deal of re-explaining yourself. Installing software on Ubuntu, for example, is straightforward: just open up your package manager and find the software you’re looking for. Then click install. Or you could type “sudo apt-get install programname” on the command line. Saying that once is fine. Saying it […]


3 Great Linux Radio Apps To Discover Great New Music [Linux]

12th August, 2010

Massive MP3 collections are nice, but they don’t do everything. Sometimes you want to discover new music, for example, or listen to the news. Traditionally this was the role of the radio, but if you’re a geek (and if you’re reading this blog I’m betting you are) you’re far more likely to be around computers […]


iReader – Instant Clutter-free Reading on Chrome & Firefox

11th August, 2010

The web’s not as nice a place for reading as it could be. Part of this is physical – glowing screens simply don’t make for great long-term reading devices. A bigger part of this, however, are websites who seem to go out of their way to annoy readers. Be it ads, unnecessary links or articles […]


5 Simple Ways To Fix Low Audio Quality on Skype

7th August, 2010

VoIP, or voice over IP, can save you a lot of money. Services like Skype offer free calls overseas to other computers and really cheap rates to overseas phones. That’s all well and good, but frequently using such services results in complaints on the other end about poor VoIP audio quality. If you find yourself […]


f.lux Now Comes With A Simple GUI [Linux]

5th August, 2010

There’s nothing new about f.lux, a piece of software designed to make nighttime computer usage easier on your eyes. There isn’t even, in theory, anything new about flux in the Linux world: it’s been (sort of) available in the form of the command-line app xflux. What is new is the GUI for f.lux on Linux, […]


Reocities: A Backup Of The Now-Defunct Yahoo Geocities

4th August, 2010

For all the jokes made at the expense of Geocities – and there are quite a few, including the hilarious Geocitiesizer – the fact is that for quite a long time it was the place for amateur web enthusiasts to build their own website. Most of the content may have been crap, but the fact […]


Weather Underground – The Best Weather Site On The Web

31st July, 2010

TV weather is for old people who don’t know how to use the Internet. In a world where you can get the weather with a quick Google search there’s really no need to wait for your local television station to get around to talking about the weather. But what if you want more detail than […]


5 Great Interactive Fiction Games You Can Play Online Right Now

29th July, 2010

There’s no better time to be alive than right now as far as I’m concerned. The food is awesome, there’s great music being made all over the world and we have this fantastic little thing called the Internet, which allows me to work with good friends from all over the planet. Yep, 2010 is the […]


7 Websites To Watch The News Online

28th July, 2010

Everyone loves web video, but all too often it’s used for entertainment instead of enlightenment. I previously highlighted sites with free lectures from top US colleges, and that’s a great way to stretch your mind.  But it’s also worthwhile to keep up with the news. With that in mind I thought I’d highlight a few […]


Portable Linux Apps Which Work With Any Linux Distro

24th July, 2010

Portable Apps for Windows and Mac have been around for a long time, but are less common in the Linux world. Due to the complexity of Linux dependencies, and the different way different distributions locate these dependencies, the portable Linux application long seemed like a pipe dream. Until now. New website PortableLinuxApps features a number […]


GParted – The Ultimate In Partitioning Software

22nd July, 2010

Every operating system has its own strengths. Windows is ubiquitous, and offers access to a wide range of software. OSX is rock-solid, and typically behaves exactly as the user expects. Linux gives you access to millions of open source programs that can’t always be found elsewhere. Many of these free applications are amazingly useful, even […]


4 Reasons Every Windows User Should Have An Ubuntu Live CD

21st July, 2010

Think Ubuntu is useless? Think again. Ubuntu can be an extremely effective tool for repairing and working on computers, even if you consider yourself a Windows purist. This is because Ubuntu is capable of loading completely from a Ubuntu Live CD, giving you access to your computer in ways Windows can’t – or when Windows […]


Lucidor – A Clean, Cross-Platform eBook Reader

17th July, 2010

I love my netbook, and talk about it to no end here at MakeUseOf. I also love reading. While I prefer the feel and aesthetic of actual books to any ebook reader or laptop, I have to admit the digital world offers certain advantages: namely, unlimited access to every public domain work in existence. But […]


Track Down and Recover Your Stolen Laptop with Prey

15th July, 2010

LoJack is a device that’s made life harder for would-be car thieves. Here’s how it works: a GPS chip capable of calling home is hidden somewhere on a given car. If that car is stolen, the police now have the ability to track where it is via GPS. Wish you had something like this for […]


Download Entire Newspapers or Blogs To Your eBook Reader With Calibre

14th July, 2010

Ebook readers are pretty fantastic, but if you’re more into newspapers and magazines than books you may think your only option is to stick to what sites offer subscriptions for your device. That’s not true. Calibre can download entire websites and convert them to any eBook format, meaning you can read your favorite news articles […]