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Justin Pot is a technology journalist based in Boulder, Colorado. He loves technology, people and nature and tries to enjoy all three whenever possible. Check out chat with Justin on Twitter.

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12 Awesome Homepages Readers Shared With Us

4th March, 2010

You guys are awesome. In my article last week about why Google is my homepage, I requested you all share with me your homepage of choice. Little did I know how many of you would share: the article received tons of comments, during which 12 really good homepage ideas were shared. I couldn’t risk these […]


Times Reader – The Perfect NYT News Desktop Reader

25th February, 2010

How newspapers will make money in the 21st century is a legitimate question. As such, the publishing world was quite excited with the prospects for new technology saving an old industry after Apple’s iPad announcment earlier this year, which included the unveiling of a New York Times app with a subscription model. The app, which […]


Why I Decided To Make Google My Home Page and Never Looked Back

24th February, 2010

Home pages have perhaps never been less relevant than now, the age of tabbed browsing and browsers capable of restoring previous sessions. Since I decided to make Google my home page in 2003, I’ve never really thought of switching. There are some good reasons for my decision to make Google my home page. Google’s home […]


Jolicloud: The Operating System Download for Netbook You’ve Been Looking For

18th February, 2010

I’ve finally found my ideal netbook operating system. It’s called Jolicloud. Let me explain. A netbook is not a laptop. It is smaller, less powerful and considerably cheaper. This isn’t to say a netbook is inferior to a laptop; on the contrary, I use my Eee PC more often than any other computer. I mean only […]


5 Awesome Greasemonkey Scripts That Work In Chrome

17th February, 2010

One of the main things that held back Chrome, Google’s offering in the browser wars, was its lack of plugins. Compared to Firefox, famous for its thousands of extensions, Chrome was static and unchangeable – even though it was by far the fastest browser on the market. That changed recently when Google unrolled extensions for […]


ViGlance & 3 Other Tweaks To Make XP Or Vista Look Like Windows 7

11th February, 2010

Like what you’ve seen of Windows 7, but can’t afford the upgrade anytime soon? It’s been said that most of the features of Vista and Windows 7 can be replicated on XP using only freely available software. While that statement is certainly debatable, one thing is for sure: you can easily replicate some of the […]


Connect To Your Home PCs From Anywhere With DynDNS

10th February, 2010

Have you ever found yourself at a friend’s house, wishing you could access the music on your computer? Or maybe you wish it was easier to connect to your VNC share from web cafes or your office? Maybe you’ve even tried writing down your IP address before leaving home specifically so you could connect? The […]


Deluge – An Awesome But Unappreciated Cross-Platform BitTorrent Client

4th February, 2010

By now, most MakeUseOf readers should know all about BitTorrent, the most popular peer-to-peer technology on the web. We’ve talked about the protocol more than once, and even released the Big Book of BitTorrent“”a great place to start if you find BitTorrent too confusing for your use. There are thousands of BitTorrent clients on the […]


How To Use The Playstation EyeToy On Windows, Ubuntu And Mac

3rd February, 2010

If there’s a Playstation 2 somewhere in your closet gathering dust, chances are you have an EyeToy in there somewhere too. And if you have an EyeToy, you have a USB webcam. That’s right: the EyeToy can be used as a regular webcam on Windows XP, Linux and Mac computers. If you’ve been meaning to […]


The Top 5 Free WORST Microsoft Products & Why They Suck

24th January, 2010

We all love Microsoft. Okay, that’s not entirely true. But the company did somehow become the most powerful software outfit on the planet, so they can’t be total morons, right? The software you’re about to see – the worst Microsoft products – suggests otherwise. I’m going to warn you: this article is not for the […]


6 Really Good Sites with FREE Video Lectures from Top US Colleges

22nd January, 2010

There’s lots of ways to watch TV online, or to watch news online. But if you want your video viewing to be an educational experience, consider watching entire university courses online. Watching free video lectures is easier to do than you might think. All around the world top-tier universities are offering videos of entire college […]


1Cast – Watch Latest News From World News Channels [US Only]

20th January, 2010

I live in the United States and I have to say cable news here is painful to watch. Most of the stories are irrelevant Hollywood fluff, and the rest is almost entirely talking-head gibberish. In the past, we’ve offered a variety of alternative ways to keep in touch with the news online, the most recent […]


Boxee Beta – The Best Media Center App for Your TV

15th January, 2010

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: there’s no need for cable television in this day and age. The Internet is simply full of sites where you can watch TV on the Internet with your television for free; hook your television up to a computer and you can enjoy it all without paying […]


Four Funny Ways To Prank Your Parents With The Family Computer

14th January, 2010

Maybe it was the alarm clock hidden under your mattress, set to go off at 3 AM. Or the invisible plastic wrap on your toilet bowl. Or the crumpled newspapers that so completely filled your closet you couldn’t find a thing. Whatever the reason, you’ve decided your pranking parents need to be taken down a […]