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Justin Pot is a technology journalist based in Boulder, Colorado. He loves technology, people and nature and tries to enjoy all three whenever possible. Check out chat with Justin on Twitter.

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The Best Free Online Games For The Wii Browser

15th January, 2011

Find free games for Wii, courtesy of the often overlooked Wii browser. If you’re bored with your current collection of Wii games, but don’t have the cash for a new pay title quite yet, you’ll be happy to know there are quite a few web games only a few clicks away. While obviously these aren’t […]


NPR’s Web App – Perfect For Reading & Listening To News

13th January, 2011

Browse the latest news in an attractive and usable format, then read it or listen to it. NPR’s web app is similar to offerings from the New York Times and USA Today, but with an audio difference. Browse the headlines, your favorite shows or even listen to a live stream from your local NPR affiliate. Simply […]


Alt & F2 – The Ultimate Linux Keyboard Shortcut

12th January, 2011

One Linux keyboard shortcut gives you quick access to all of your software and some useful commands. It’s like a portable command line, and it’s probably already built into your Linux distro of choice. Just hit “Alt” and “F2″ at the same time to get started. Whether you want to force-quit a hanging application or […]


Wunderground Road Trip Maps The Weather Throughout Your Route [US Only]

8th January, 2011

Get your directions, with information about the weather on your route. That’s Wunderground’s excellent Road Trip tool, which shows the temperature of the places you’re going at the times you’re going to be there, as well as any extreme weather you might want to be aware of. You can even print it all out! If […]


Make Your Windows PC More Mac-Like With maComfort

6th January, 2011

Try as they may, Mac users can’t always completely avoid Windows. Happily, there’s a single program capable of bringing Mac’s keyboard shortcuts, corner activation, quick previewing and virtual desktops to Microsoft’s operating system. It’s called maComfort, and it’s designed to make using Windows less painful for Mac users. Sorry: you’re still going to need anti-virus […]


MiniTube – An Entirely New Way To Watch YouTube [Mac & Linux]

5th January, 2011

Type any word, then sit back and watch a series of videos from YouTube. Then, if you want, download the videos you particularly like. It’s called MiniTube, and it’s a brand new YouTube experience. This lightweight Mac and Linux program is the perfect way to relax after a long day, because it feeds the best […]


Pinta – A Simple, Cross Platform Free Image Editing Software

1st January, 2011

GIMP lovers may disagree, but the world’s needed a GTK photo editor with an easy-to-understand interface for a while. Featuring layers, various effects and good old fashioned editing functions, Pinta is the photo editor missing on Linux systems, as well as Windows and OS X. Think Paint.net, but cross-platform. But even if you don’t use […]


Synapse – Quickly Launch Apps & Easily Find Anything [Ubuntu]

30th December, 2010

Quickly find what you’re looking for so you can get to work quickly. That’s the purpose of the new Ubuntu search and launcher app Synapse. which you can instantly launch with a keyboard shortcut. Whether you’re looking for a program, a folder, a document or even a dictionary definition, Synapse gives you quick access to […]


What Is An Ubuntu PPA & Why Would I Want To Use One? [Technology Explained]

29th December, 2010

Part of the appeal of Ubuntu is its six-month release cycle. Every six months a new version of the free operating system is released into the wild, complete with updates for all of your favorite software. This is great, but can be a trifle disappointing from time to time. For example, if a new version of […]


MiniTunes – An Attractive, Lightweight Mac & Linux Music Player

26th December, 2010

Focusing on being lightweight without compromising on aesthetics, MiniTunes is a basic music player done right. If you want to browse your music quickly, create playlists and occasionally look up the lyrics of the currently playing song, this is the music player for you. You won’t find a built-in music store or network sharing, but […]


5 Services That De-Clutter The Web For Readers

23rd December, 2010

  ReadAbility You could argue this is the original tool for this job, and it’s good at it. Working on any browser with bookmarks, ReadAbility is installed by dragging a bookmarklet to your shortcut bar. Then, when you’re reading an article on a particularly busy site, you can simply click your bookmark to remove all […]


5 Weird & Wonderful Uses For Wolfram Alpha

22nd December, 2010

We’ve all heard of Wolfram Alpha, the website that makes your computer like the ones in Star Trek. Ask it any question involving numbers, from the comparative net worth of Apple and Microsoft to the digits of pi, and you’ll get an answer. These sorts of calculations are useful, the kinds of thing Kirk might […]


6 Chrome Web Apps You Should Really Check Out

18th December, 2010

As previously mentioned, Chrome recently launched its new Web Store. Many of the apps included are, to the typical end user, little more than an icon for launching websites already known and loved. A few, however, give Chrome users access to something that more closely resembles iPad apps than traditional websites. It’s these web apps that […]


PeaZip – A Fantastic Free Alternative To WinRAR Or WinZip

16th December, 2010

Open almost any archive file, quickly, from a familiar interface. That’s the promise of PeaZip, an open source file extraction program for Windows and Linux, and it delivers. You might think there’s no free extraction program out there that can match 7zip, a great program for unzipping uncommon archive formats. PeaZip does. It supports extraction […]


How To Make An ePub File For The iPad, Nook, Kobo & More

15th December, 2010

Everything that’s analog is becoming digital; books are no exception. With the advent of e-ink devices, and tablets like the iPad, more and more people are doing their reading digitally. If you want your writing to reach a broader audience, you should know how to create files for these devices. As editor of the MakeUseOf […]