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Justin Pot is a technology journalist based in Boulder, Colorado. He loves technology, people and nature and tries to enjoy all three whenever possible. Check out chat with Justin on Twitter.

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5 Things Easier To Do In The Command Line [Linux]

9th May, 2010

Conventional wisdom states that graphical user interfaces (GUIs) are easy and the command line is hard. Conventional wisdom isn’t always right. There are a lot of things easier to do with a command line then with a graphical user interface. That’s not to say doing things with a command line is intuitive – no, you […]


BootTimer – Objectively Measure Your Windows XP Boot Time

6th May, 2010

No one likes a slow computer; that’s why we offer so many guides to speeding it up here. Angelina showed you 8 programs that can make your computer run faster and Karl taught you about getting your startup programs under control with Autoruns. Autoruns is a particularly effective tool if you’re looking to increase your […]


How To Use Your Google Voice Number For Call Display In Skype

5th May, 2010

Skype is awesome, but calling regular phones with it can lead to confusion – particularly if you haven’t paid the $60 annual fee for an online number. You’ll have no display number, so people you’re calling will often not pick up because they think you’re a telemarketer – or worse. Google Voice, in case you […]

Fora.tv – Free Video Lectures & Talks From Brilliant People

Fora.tv – Free Video Lectures & Talks From Brilliant People

2nd May, 2010

If you think all web video consists of remixed new clips, children on drugs and cats doing hilarious things you really can’t be blamed: those are the sorts of videos that tend to spread quickly. But web video isn’t all a mindless time-sync; a lot of it is quite educational. Recently I pointed out the […]


LogMeIn For Linux: Access Your LogMeIn Computers Remotely From A Linux PC

29th April, 2010

It’s hard to best LogMeIn when it comes to remote desktop software. This program, once installed, allows you to remotely log into another computer – regardless of the router configuration of the computer you’re connecting to. If you have access to a web browser you can access any and all computers you’ve set up using […]


Super Mario War: Multiplayer Chaos That’s A Ton Of Fun

28th April, 2010

All work and no play makes computers seem very dull. They’re not. You can turn your computer into the ultimate media center with Boxee, and you can even set up Boxee to launch your favorite games and old-school ROMs. If you like playing old-school ROMs you’ll adore the Super Mario War multiplayer game. This fan-made game […]


6 Ways To Free Up Disk Space On Your Netbook

24th April, 2010

If you thought cheap gigabyte hard drives meant no one is concerned about space on their computers anymore, think again. There are plenty of netbook owners out there who, because they opted for a solid state drive instead of a conventional one, have as little as 16, 8 or even 4 gigs of hard drive […]

Ubuntu 10.04 – An Extremely Simple Operating System [Linux]

Ubuntu 10.04 – An Extremely Simple Operating System [Linux]

22nd April, 2010

Awesome. That’s the new Ubuntu in a nutshell. Yesterday I explained how Ubuntu 10.04 can integrate all your inboxes – including email, social networks and instant messaging – into one central place. But that’s not the only new feature that’ll come with the new release on April 29th: there are also a number of small […]


Ubuntu 10.04 Integrates All Your Inboxes [Linux]

21st April, 2010

This morning I woke up and checked my email. There were 13 messages (5 related to MakeUseOf; 4 related to iSupportU, the bicycle-based IT company I work for; 3 related to Boulder Community Computers, a not-for-profit I help out; and 2 personal ones). As though this isn’t overwhelming enough, I needed to monitor the ice […]


Why Are There So Many Versions of Ubuntu? [Technology Explained]

17th April, 2010

It’s coming. On April 29, 2010, the latest version of Ubuntu will be ready for the public. We talk about Ubuntu quite a bit here at MakeUseOf; most recently I discussed 7 things easier to do in Ubuntu than in Windows.  And I stick to the claims made in that article: in many ways Ubuntu […]


5 Great TV Shows You Can Completely Watch Online

15th April, 2010

Sites like Hulu are cool in that they give you access to watch TV shows online – such as recent episodes of your favorite shows. This is great way to catch up on episodes you missed on TV, or even to watch TV shows online on your own time without having to purchase or build […]


The 10 Best Free Anti-Virus Programs

14th April, 2010

This article really needs no introduction. There are many free anti-virus programs on the market, and you want to sort the wheat from the chaff. Fair enough. Documented here are the 10 best antivirus programs on the market. While I won’t attempt to rank the programs here (in many ways the programs can’t be compared), […]


Couchsurfing Lets You Find a Place to Stay Over When Travelling

10th April, 2010

Throughout history, travelers have been held in an extremely high regard around the world. Best of all, they were typically well taken care of. In the 15th century, Indian Emperor Sher Shah operated roughly 1,700 inns that provided free lodging to travellers regardless of status. The Torah, the Quran and the Bible all include many […]

KnowYourMeme: An Encyclopedia Of Funny Internet Memes

KnowYourMeme: An Encyclopedia Of Funny Internet Memes

8th April, 2010

The Internet’s been called a series of tubes, but it is perhaps more accurately a bizarre series of inside jokes. When such a joke becomes widespread and part of the broader Internet culture, it becomes a meme. See this picture of a focused couple playing chess on a roller coaster? There are hundreds of people […]


6 Linux Music Players To Replace Songbird

7th April, 2010

Last week the Songbird team announced it would stop supporting Linux.  Since the article announcing this featured the annoyingly chipper bird you see here, and because the headline of said article was the jovial  “Songbird Singing a New Tune,” many people assumed the entire thing was a particularly cruel April Fools prank. I mean, come […]