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Justin Pot is a technology journalist based in Boulder, Colorado. He loves technology, people and nature and tries to enjoy all three whenever possible. Check out chat with Justin on Twitter.

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All My Apps – Centralized App Store For Windows With Lots Of Free Software

12th March, 2011

Install, upgrade and manage your favorite free applications from one simple interface. All My Apps is a sort of app store for Windows, allowing you to install software in just a few clicks. Downloading and installation itself is automated, meaning you won’t have to click “Next” several times or worry about add-ons. If you read […]


The Email Game: Have Fun & Earn Points Emptying Your Inbox For Real!

10th March, 2011

Turn email checking into a game, complete with a score and timer. This will prompt you to finish quickly¬†so you can get back to work. That’s the idea behind The Email Game, which feeds unarchived mail from Gmail or Google Apps to you and forces you to reply, archive or boomerang the message. Turning mundane […]

ipad guide

DOWNLOAD Five-Star Guide For Your iPad [PDF]

10th March, 2011

  The iPad may not have changed the world of computing quite yet, but it is still a pretty nifty device. An e-book reader, a newspaper, an entertainment center and a workstation, this device can do a lot in a very small package. Want to get more out of your iPad? Check out “iPad: a […]


5 Great Tips For The Ubuntu Software Center [Linux]

9th March, 2011

Tweak the Ubuntu Software Center for faster download speeds, easily installed add ons and single-click installation from blog posts.¬†There’s nothing quite like the Ubuntu Software Center on any other platform. It’s an easy-to-use tool for installing tens of thousands of different programs, the vast majority of which are completely free. Simply put: if you love […]

4 Uses For Browsing In Privacy Mode (That Isn’t Porn)

4 Uses For Browsing In Privacy Mode (That Isn’t Porn)

5th March, 2011

Do you think the privacy mode on your browser has only one use, and an unsavory one at that? You’re wrong. Every major browser on the market right now features some kind of incognito mode. On Firefox, it’s called Private Browsing; on Safari, Private Browsing; on Internet Explorer, InPrivate; on Opera, private tab or private […]


Kobo – Thousands Of Free Books For Your Computer Or Smartphone

3rd March, 2011

Thousands of free books easily synced across all of your devices, automatically. Kobo is an ebook store with applications offered for Windows, Mac and Linux. This application can sync with apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Palm Pre mobile phones and devices, so you can enjoy your reading on the go. On every platform the […]


4 Google Chrome Plugins Every Ubuntu User Should Check Out

26th February, 2011

Chrome is fast supplanting Firefox as the web’s coolest browser, and Ubuntu users realize this. Chrome is sleek, fast and offers a wide variety of useful additions. It’s no wonder many Ubuntu users are replacing Firefox with Chrome as their default browser. So many Ubuntu users love Chrome that a variety of great Ubuntu-specific tools […]


Penguin Pills – A Single GUI For 9 Popular Linux Antivirus Programs

24th February, 2011

Combine nine different Linux antivirus programs into a single GUI. Whether you’re a security-conscious Linux user, or just occasionally need to clean up a Windows system from a safe distance, Penguin Pills aspires to combine all the major Linux scanners into one simple GUI. Update definitions and run a scan for all nine programs quickly […]


Teams and Collaborations Made Easy with TeamSnap [Giveaway]

24th February, 2011

Managing a sports team is hard. Not only do you have to schedule games and practices, you need to know which players can make it to which games and keep track of the player’s performance. Combine this stress with the constant barrage of emails the modern coach receives from various parents and players and you’ve […]


HackerProof: Your Guide To PC Security [PDF]

24th February, 2011

It’s a jungle out there. From trojans to worms to phishers to pharmers, the web is seemingly full of hazards. Keeping yourself safe requires not only the right software, but an understanding of what kind of threats to look out for. That’s where “HackerProof: Your Guide to PC Security” Comes in. This excellent guide, brought […]


Download From RapidShare Without Waiting With Tucan Manager

23rd February, 2011

Sites like RapidShare are a great way to quickly download files of any size, but they aren’t without their downsides. Downloaders usually need to wait for an arbitrary time before a download will begin, while advertisements for wait-free memberships look increasingly tempting. It’s not only annoying; the interface for doing so is usually downright confusing. […]


Npackd Automatically Downloads & Installs Windows Software

19th February, 2011

One program that handles the downloading, installing and updating of software. That’s the goal of Npackd, possibly the first package manager for Windows. With lots of MakeUseOf favorites already available, this program is growing quickly and will in all likelihood continue to get better. Ubuntu has its software center; Apple, its app store; Android, its […]


Gitso Reverses VNC Connections, Makes Helping Others Easier [Cross Platform]

17th February, 2011

Virtual Network Computing (VNC) is useful, but less so if you want to help a friend with something. If they need your help to begin with they probably can’t set up their router’s port forwarding to give you access.¬†Gitso allows for reverse VNC connections, meaning your port settings need to be set instead of your […]


BaShare Makes File Transfers Simple For Your Friends [Linux]

16th February, 2011

Do you want to send a file to a friend, or receive a file from a friend, but fear his lack of tech-savvy is impossible to overcome? Linux program BaShare surmounts that difficulty by giving your friends and family two simple links to send a file to you or receive a file from you. Just […]


Linux Live USB Creator: Easily Boot Linux From Your Flash Drive

12th February, 2011

Trying out Linux should be easy; with the help of Linux Live USB Creator it is.¬†Quickly get any Linux distribution to boot from your USB key, complete with a persistent mode for keeping applications and documents in place. You can even install a portable version of Virtualbox to your USB key so you can run […]