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Justin Pot is a technology journalist based in Boulder, Colorado. He loves technology, people and nature and tries to enjoy all three whenever possible. Check out chat with Justin on Twitter.

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6 Things You Can Prepare For Internet Downtime

10th December, 2013

The Internet’s down, everybody panic! If you’ve ever said that, out loud, maybe it’s time to start thinking about how to prepare for outages.


FREE EBOOK: Research Your Family Tree Online

4th December, 2013

Could you be trying to understand your family, and the values that you and your siblings have?


Microsoft, You’re Embarrassing Yourself. Please Stop. [Opinion]

3rd December, 2013

Microsoft: we need to talk. Yes, it’s about those Scroogle ads. No, I don’t think they’re funny, and no: I don’t think Google is worried about them.


Use Your Computer, Don’t Let It Use You: Five “U”s For Reduced Stress Online

29th November, 2013

Surplus information is what makes the Internet suck – it creates the feeling that you’re missing something if you don’t check. Get that happy Internet feeling back: cut the crap. Start now.


Lightpaper Is A Free Tabbed Markdown Editor For Mac

27th November, 2013

Still using Microsoft Word to write for the web? You’re doing it wrong.


FREE EBOOK: The unofficial, beginner’s guide to tumblr

27th November, 2013

No password or login required. Read online, download PDF, EPUB or Amazon version.


Watch Entire YouTube Playlists In VLC, Here’s How

26th November, 2013

Do you love YouTube playlists, but wish you could watch them outside your browser? You can use VLC for the job, thanks to a simple extension. Here’s how.


Hangouts Extension For Chrome Brings Conversations To Your Desktop

22nd November, 2013

Use Hangouts outside the browser. An overlooked Chrome extension from Google lets you chat without opening Gmail or Google+.


How To Get A Technology Blog To Ignore Your Press Release

21st November, 2013

There seems to be some terrible advice out there about how to reach me. Let me explain. Every day I get dozens of emails from would-be entrepreneurs hoping for a mention on our site. I love responding to people who seem human, but many people go out of their way to portray themselves as spam […]


Are There Still Any Legitimate Uses For a PowerPC Mac?

20th November, 2013

Not sure what to do with your old PowerPC Mac? Here are some ideas.


FREE EBOOK: How To Start An Online Business, Sponsored By Media Temple

14th November, 2013

Start your own online store. Our latest manual is sponsored by (mt) Media Temple and written by James Bruce.

The Easy, Free Way To Send Growl Messages To Your Mac’s Notification Center

13th November, 2013

Remember Growl? It’s weird to say this about an app so famous many assumed it was part of OS X, but Growl notifications are slowly fading from the corners of most Mac computers. Why?


Simple RSS App Sputnik Stays Out Of Your Way So You Can Read

11th November, 2013

Still looking for an RSS reader? Try something simple. Sputnik is a Windows and Mac RSS reader that focuses on your feeds and little else. Set it up and start reading.


11 Mac Dashboard Widgets You’ll Actually Use

8th November, 2013

How long has it been since you used your Mac’s Dashboard? If you’re like most users, it’s been a long time – and that’s too bad.


FREE EBOOK: DOWNLOAD Really Private Browsing, An Official User’s Guide To Tor

6th November, 2013

Heard about Tor, but not sure how to use it? Find out how this software can protect your privacy in the latest MakeUseOf manual.