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Justin Pot is a technology journalist based in Boulder, Colorado. He loves technology, people and nature and tries to enjoy all three whenever possible. Check out chat with Justin on Twitter.

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FREE EBOOK Earn Money Online: Writing, Transcribing and Tutoring Gigs

22nd January, 2014

Want to earn a little money on the side, but don’t want to leave your house? Check out our latest free manual.


It’s Not Just For Angry Birds: Preparing Your Tablet for Productivity

20th January, 2014

Tablets can be fantastic consuming information and playing games – and sometimes seem to be designed specifically for that. But there’s no reason you can’t also use your tablet to get some work done.


Read Feedly Offline: Download Unread Items To An Ebook

17th January, 2014

The Google News downloading service NewsToEbook now works with Feedly. With it you can download your unread items from Feedly to an EPUB or MOBI ebook file.


EA Does What’s “Not Possible”: Adding Offline Mode To SimCity

16th January, 2014

So much for “not possible”: EA is adding an offline mode to SimCity, free of charge, ten months after fans demanded it.


AppCleaner: The Best Free Uninstaller App For Mac

9th January, 2014

Leave no crap behind. AppCleaner is a free uninstaller for Mac that searches for and lets you delete all the settings, caches and other junk files programs you delete that would otherwise remain.


FREE EBOOK Guide To KDE: The Other Linux Desktop

8th January, 2014

Are you a Linux user, but not too keen on Ubuntu? Maybe it’s time you tried KDE. Download “Guide To KDE: The Other Linux Desktop”, the latest free manual from MakeUseOf.


DownItOn.Mobi: Tell Your Phone To Download Any File, From Your Computer

2nd January, 2014

Downiton.mobi allows you to paste any file URL on a web form and push it to your Android device. No more manually typing URLs or emailing links to yourself — the future is here. It’s one of the nicest things about Google Play: you can install an app to your mobile device from the browser […]


OpenEmu For Mac Is Earth’s Best Piece Of Emulation Software

30th December, 2013

Organize your favorite retro games in style – then play them. OpenEmu is a long-awaited Mac exclusive that combines emulation for a dozen systems into a single, slick program. It makes browsing your ROMs a delight, and can run most of your collection.


3 Signs Your Political Viewpoints Are Completely Accurate [Opinion]

24th December, 2013

It’s the holidays, and that means meeting with friends and family – and politics might come up. Are you wondering if your political viewpoints are correct?


Speed Up Firefox: Use QuickJava To Block Flash, Silverlight And More

23rd December, 2013

Is your browsing too slow? Block the stuff that’s bogging you down. QuickJava is a simple Firefox extension that gives you the ability to temporarily turn off browser plugins and make Firefox faster.


OK, Google: We Get It. Just Go Ahead And Add Google+ To Everything. [Opinion]

20th December, 2013

Don’t worry Google, I think you can get everyone onto your network in just a few months if you really push. Here are my suggestions.


Give Your Mac’s Folders Some Personality: Change Their Icons

19th December, 2013

Tired of all your folders looking the same in Mac OS X? Boost productivity and beautify your desktop, add custom folder icons for your most visited directories.


Twitter Adds Embedded Images & Profiles To Official Mac App

19th December, 2013

Twitter’s Mac app brings a number of updates. Users can now preview images in the timeline, check out a user’s profile and quickly see more details about any tweet – all without leaving the app.


Stop iTunes From Taking Your Media Keys Hostage: Use Vox Instead

12th December, 2013

Stop iTunes from launching, and use your media keys with a program you don’t hate. Here’s how.


6 Things You Can Prepare For Internet Downtime

10th December, 2013

The Internet’s down, everybody panic! If you’ve ever said that, out loud, maybe it’s time to start thinking about how to prepare for outages.