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Justin Pot is a technology journalist based in Boulder, Colorado. He loves technology, people and nature and tries to enjoy all three whenever possible. Check out chat with Justin on Twitter.

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9 Quirky Linux Commands You Need to Know (And Will Love)

9th March, 2015

Make ASCII art, talk to your computer and play text adventures. Your Linux command line isn’t just for work: it can be weirdly entertaining, if you know the right commands.


Work Better by Understanding Your Relationship with Time

6th March, 2015

If you’re feeling constantly busy but never moving forward, it helps to take a few steps back and change the way you relate to time. It will help to define your life.


How To Restore Data From Time Machine Backups

5th March, 2015

It’s really easy to set up Time Machine, the backup software that comes with every Mac — but how do you get your files back when things go wrong?


Linux Treasures: 11 Sublime Native Linux Apps That Will Make You Want To Switch

4th March, 2015

Why should you use Linux? To use some of the best applications made for any platform. If you don’t believe me, here’s a list of great Linux apps.


7 Reasons Zenwalk Should Now Be On Your Radar

3rd March, 2015

Seven years ago this operating system was among the top ten on DistroWatch; these days ZenWalk is obscure at 113th place. So not many people noticed when, earlier this year, a new version came out.


Linux-Loving Slack Users: Here’s an App For You!

2nd March, 2015

Get a working Slack client for Ubuntu, complete with notifications and an independent icon. ScudCloud is the unofficial Slack client Ubuntu users have been looking for.


The Linux Ghost Flaw: Everything You Need To Know

27th February, 2015

The GHOST vulnerability is a flaw in a vital part of every major Linux distro. It could, in theory, allow hackers to take control of computers without the need for a username or password.


Automate Mac Settings Depending On Your Location With ControlPlane

26th February, 2015

You use your Mac differently at home than you do at work. What if it knew the difference between these contexts, and set itself up accordingly?


Turn Your NAS Or Windows Share Into A Time Machine Backup

25th February, 2015

Use your NAS, or any network share, for backing up your Mac with Time Machine.


The Ultimate Guide to Customizing Safari on Mac

25th February, 2015

Customize Safari. From adding favicons to your tabs to changing how Reader Mode looks, Apple’s web browser is way more flexible than you think.


Why You Have a Responsibility to Keep Your Hardware Secure & Malware Free

24th February, 2015

Keeping your computer clean isn’t just smart: it’s your civic duty. A malware-ridden computer doesn’t just slow you down, it infects your friends’ and family’s computers, putting them at risk.


How To Make Your Mac Start Up Faster

20th February, 2015

Is your Mac taking forever to boot? Here’s how to speed it up.


How To Increase Your Virtual Desktop Space

19th February, 2015

Feeling overwhelmed by all the windows you need open for various tasks or jobs? If this windows clutter causes you stress, virtual desktops are for you.


ClickToPlugin Blocks Flash in Safari, Lets You Watch Videos Anyway

18th February, 2015

Stop Flash and other plugins from automatically loading in Safari. ClickToPlugin doesn’t just block Flash: it also lets you play videos without it, or even play them using AirPlay.


Cursive Writing Is Obsolete; Schools Should Teach Programming Instead [Opinion]

17th February, 2015

Cursive writing is an anachronism. Spending any classroom time on it is a waste because as a day-to-day skill, it is not at all practical in the modern, connected world.