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Joel Lee is a passionate freelance writer living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In his free time, he likes to read and write fiction, play video games, and talk theology.

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5 Amazing Non-Gaming Ways People Are Using Oculus Rift

23rd October, 2014

“It’s just a gimmick.” That’s what people said about the Wiimote, the Kinect, and more recently Google Glass, and that’s what they’re saying about the Oculus Rift. If you’re one of them, I implore you to reconsider because the Rift is already changing the world.


Why Steam Music Won’t Replace My Music Player

22nd October, 2014

Despite being a big fan of Steam, I can’t help but think that the music player falls flat and ends up being a big misstep for Valve.


5 Powerful Alternatives To The Windows Task Manager

21st October, 2014

The native Windows Task Manager may as well be called a task killer since we only bring it up to kill unresponsive processes. Alternative Task Managers allow you to actually manage your processes.


28 Geeky Jack-o-Lanterns You Can Carve This Halloween

21st October, 2014

The season of spooks has snuck up on us, but there’s still time to carve out your pumpkins if you haven’t done so already. Begin with the ideas here.


8 Steam Curators You May Have Missed

20th October, 2014

The top curators are prominently displayed on the Steam Curators page, but we’re not interested in them. There are a handful of other lesser-known curators (who have fewer than 1,000 followers) who also provide quality lists that are worth checking out.


How To Learn Color Theory In Less Than One Hour

16th October, 2014

Basic knowledge of color theory can mean the difference between an “amateur” aesthetic and a “professional” one – and it really doesn’t take long to learn.


How Anyone Can Find Your Personal Details Via Twitter With Tinfoleak

15th October, 2014

Your Twitter posts can tell me where you live. If you still think the buzz around Internet privacy is a joke, maybe this will jog your senses. We’ve already established that you can’t be anonymous on the Internet, yet some continue to believe otherwise. Yes, you’re still vulnerable even if you’re careful about what you […]


5 Hottest Social Networking Sites Without Your Grandma

14th October, 2014

Is the social network market saturated? Isn’t everyone already on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and LinkedIn? Not quite.


6 Markdown Editors That Play Nice With Google Drive

13th October, 2014

Markdown is the text editing format of the future. It’s simpler, sleeker, and easier to use than HTML without sacrificing much power or flexibility.


Is It Illegal To Play World of Warcraft On A Private Server?

8th October, 2014

Maybe you’ve considered playing WoW on a private server, but you’re wary of the consequences. Are they legal? Is it okay to play on them?


4 Cyber Security Myths That Must Die

8th October, 2014

Everyone thinks they understand cyber security but most are misinformed in one way or another. Entire books could be written on all of the security myths that continue circulating even after they’ve been debunked. You might be spreading misinformation and not even know it. Cyber security is always shifting and never constant, so some of […]


7 Best Educational Apps For Android To Learn Something New

8th October, 2014

A free education is actually readily available on Android. Let’s run through all the best apps for learning new things!


How To Make Windows Fonts Look Like Mac Fonts

7th October, 2014

Eye candy is not a Windows forte. Modern UI (aka Metro) brought improvements, but still lacks in one important area: fonts. We show you how you can get beautiful font smoothing on Windows.


Should I Use Linux Or Windows? 3 Deal-Breaker Questions You MUST Answer

6th October, 2014

Linux. Windows. We aren’t here to tell you which one is better; rather, we’re here to help you decide which one is better for you.


5 Surprisingly Deep Free Browser-Based Strategy Games

3rd October, 2014

Look around any corner of the web and you’ll find no shortage of “strategy browser games,” but many of them don’t actually require much strategy. These, however, definitely do!