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Joel Lee is a passionate freelance writer living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In his free time, he likes to read and write fiction, play video games, and talk theology.

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4 Cyber Security Myths That Must Die

8th October, 2014

Everyone thinks they understand cyber security but most are misinformed in one way or another. Entire books could be written on all of the security myths that continue circulating even after they’ve been debunked. You might be spreading misinformation and not even know it. Cyber security is always shifting and never constant, so some of […]


7 Best Educational Apps For Android To Learn Something New

8th October, 2014

A free education is actually readily available on Android. Let’s run through all the best apps for learning new things!


How To Make Windows Fonts Look Like Mac Fonts

7th October, 2014

Eye candy is not a Windows forte. Modern UI (aka Metro) brought improvements, but still lacks in one important area: fonts. We show you how you can get beautiful font smoothing on Windows.


Should I Use Linux Or Windows? 3 Deal-Breaker Questions You MUST Answer

6th October, 2014

Linux. Windows. We aren’t here to tell you which one is better; rather, we’re here to help you decide which one is better for you.


5 Surprisingly Deep Free Browser-Based Strategy Games

3rd October, 2014

Look around any corner of the web and you’ll find no shortage of “strategy browser games,” but many of them don’t actually require much strategy. These, however, definitely do!


Shipping Smartly: 5 Frugal Tips To Save Money When Shopping Online

2nd October, 2014

You’re shopping around online, you find the perfect item just within your budget, but the shipping is just way too much? Here’s how to cut those fees down to size.


Yelp Can’t Be Trusted: Try One Of These Alternatives Now

1st October, 2014

Yelp has lost some ground when it comes to trust. At this point, Yelp’s reviews have little redemptive value and users should look to an alternative service when finding local businesses.


How To Pick A Color Scheme Like A Pro

30th September, 2014

Colors are tricky. It might seem easy enough to pick a handful of colors that look good together, but as any designer who has spent hours tweaking shades will tell you: it’s tricky.


9 Free Programming Books That Will Make You A Pro

29th September, 2014

Calling all programmers, whether new, old, or aspiring: we’ve found a great selection of free (as in beer) books to boost your coding skills to the next level. Hop in and enjoy.


Simply Frugal: How To Learn Personal Finance The Easy Way

28th September, 2014

Do you fret over bills and debt on a regular basis? Do you feel lost when others speak using financial lingo? Here’s the good news: it’s never too late to learn about money.


What Is The Best Free Internet Radio App For Android?

26th September, 2014

Looking to stream music on your Android device? These Internet radio apps are a great way to do it!


How To Spark Personal Growth: 5 Tricks Of The Entrepreneur

24th September, 2014

Not everyone has to be an entrepreneur, but everyone can learn something from the entrepreneur. By tapping into some of those entrepreneurial traits, you can radically alter your own life in an upward direction.


How Much Time Do You Actually Spend Playing Games?

23rd September, 2014

It’s always surprising – or not surprising at all – how quickly time can fly when gaming.These tools will show you for just how long you’ve been playing.


Understanding How Open Source Software Developers Make Money

20th September, 2014

The truth is: many OSS developers and projects do generate revenue.


How To Learn Programming Without All The Stress

19th September, 2014

Maybe you’ve decided to pursue programming, whether for a career or just as a hobby. Great! But maybe you’re starting to feel overwhelmed. Not so great. Here’s help to ease your journey.