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Joel Lee is a passionate freelance writer living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In his free time, he likes to read and write fiction, play video games, and talk theology.

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Sticky Password Pro 6.0 Giveaway Intro

Sticky Password Pro 6.0: Keep Your Passwords Safe and Organized [Giveaway]

13th May, 2013

Online passwords are something of a double-edged sword. In order to be safe, you need to have multiple unique passwords that are complicated enough that they won’t be cracked or brute forced easily – but with every additional password, it becomes harder to track them all. The usual alternative is to use one password for everything, but this is not the path you want to take. Instead, use Sticky Password. We’re giving away 25 copies of Sticky Password Pro 6.0 worth a total of $750 for FREE!

Social Reading Intro

Can Reading Be A Social Experience?

10th May, 2013

Reading has a reputation for being an isolated activity. We often think of people in their pajamas or bathrobe, sunk into a massive armchair in front of a roaring fire, with a mug of hot cocoa in one hand and a page-turner in the other. Books have the unique ability to suck us into a whole new world where our imaginations are the only limit. So how can reading be social? Discussion, that’s how.

Windows Desktop Search Intro

What Are the Fastest Tools for Windows Desktop Search?

10th May, 2013

The more I use my computer, the more I realize how much I take search for granted. How many times have you lost a pair of socks or misplaced your keys only to wish you could search for them and have the location spit back out to you? Fortunately, Windows (and most other operating systems) comes with a handy search feature. But on top of the default search feature, there are a number of third-party tools that claim to be better and faster.

ChipIn Alternatives Intro

Need Help Fundraising? Here Are 5 Alternatives To The ChipIn Widget

8th May, 2013

Fundraising is a difficult task. In the old days, you’d have to throw an event or go door-to-door in hopes of soliciting donations from people in person. That still happens today, but the magic of the Internet has taken the idea of fundraising and elevated it to the next level – crowdsourcing. Never before has fundraising been so easy. When used in a fundraising context, crowdsourcing is an online method where you set up a central location for your fundraising campaign and point people there

Firefox Addon FireFTP Intro

FireFTP is a Powerful Firefox FTP Client You Can Use in Your Browser

7th May, 2013

If you’ve ever done any sort of web management, then you’ve probably used FTP at some point or another. Most web hosts will have a primitive file uploader than you can use straight from your browser, but those are often a pain in the butt to use. The truly powerful FTP clients tend to be desktop-only, but FireFTP is a client that plugs into Firefox and makes the whole process easy. What is FTP?

Time Lapse Videos Intro

4 Ways To Take Time-Lapse Videos

6th May, 2013

Time-lapse videos are some of my favorite videos to watch. They’re just so fascinating, whether the video shows the passage of time in a desert or the workflow of a sketch artist. There’s just something about watching many hours crammed into a 2- or 3-minute clip that stimulates my interest and if you’ve never given much thought to time-lapse videos, you should really reconsider. Making your own time-lapse video can seem daunting.

Speed Up Youtube Intro

Tired Of Buffering? 3 Ways To Speed Up YouTube

3rd May, 2013

If you ask me, Internet streaming is one of the best advancements in web technology I’ve ever experienced, at least when it comes to user experience. YouTube has made some serious strides in online video over the last decade – strides which can easily be overlooked and forgotten. But streaming will always suffer from a […]

Sync iTunes With Android Intro

Can I Sync iTunes With My Android? Three Sync Apps, Compared

3rd May, 2013

When I speak to friends who prefer iPhones over Androids, many of them cite “ease of synchronization” as one of their most important reasons. I have to hand it to Apple on that point: even though they like to create exclusivity with their products, they make integration between their products very easy – in particular, syncing from iTunes to a mobile device. But what if you have an Android?

Spider Player Logo

Need An Alternative to Winamp? Try Spider Player [Windows]

1st May, 2013

I’m a big music junkie. If I’m sitting at my computer and there is no music coming out of the speakers, then it actually puts me on edge a bit and I end up unable to focus. Whether I’m reading, browsing, playing a game, or typing away at an article, I need music and I need to be able to control it comfortably. I’m therefore constantly on the prowl for the perfect music player. But here’s the thing: I’ve already been through all of the big name household programs.

What to Buy With Bitcoin Intro

What Can I Buy With Bitcoin? [MakeUseOf Explains]

30th April, 2013

If you’ve never heard of Bitcoin before, then don’t worry because you’re in the majority. Let’s just say that it’s a virtual currency (meaning you’ll never be able to hold an actual Bitcoin in your hands) and leave it at that. For some people, that might sound silly. For others, Bitcoin is slowly but surely becoming the currency of the future. But who cares what the worth of a Bitcoin is if you can’t buy anything with it? So what can you buy with Bitcoins?

PaintNET Plugins Intro

Using Paint.NET? Make It Even Better With These Great Plugins

29th April, 2013

Have you ever needed to do computer artwork that involved more than simple crops and resizes? For a long time, your only real options were Paintshop Pro and Adobe Photoshop, although the rise of GIMP has provided users with a powerful free alternative. But in some cases, those tools are too powerful. What if you want something in the middle? That’s where Paint.NET comes in.

Prey Tracker Program Intro

Use Prey & Never Lose Your Laptop Or Phone Again [Cross-Platform]

26th April, 2013

Here’s the thing about mobile and portable devices: since they aren’t tethered to anything, it’s almost too easy to lose them or, worse, have them stolen from right under your nose. I mean, if you really think about it, all somebody needs to do is run past you and grab your phone while you’re using it and they have a good chance of getting away with it. However, with Prey, you’ll never have to worry about absentmindedness or theft ever again.

Android Game Meon Intro

Meon: It May Be Ugly, But It’s Refreshingly Fun [Android]

26th April, 2013

A lot of games tend to be rehashes of the same concept. Meon isn’t one of them.. Fact is, it’s rare to find new concepts in mobile gaming; instead, we usually just end up with refinements which are admittedly nice, but sometimes we need breaths of fresh air. Meon may have its flaws, but it presents a new gameplay concept that I haven’t seen before.

How GPS Works Intro

How GPS Works [MakeUseOf Explains]

24th April, 2013

As an avid gamer, I’m surprised by the correlation between GPS-like features in modern video games and the proliferation of GPS technology in mundane life. When I was a kid, paper maps and cartography were still common; if you got lost, you suffered through it and found your way to your destination. Nowadays, we’ve got the wonders of GPS to guide us there and back again. What is GPS? How does it work?

Best Paid Android Apps Intro

You Should Buy These: 5 Android Apps That Are Worth Every Penny, And Why

23rd April, 2013

There is a vast ocean of Android apps on Google Play and it can be daunting to browse, especially if you’re new to Android in general. Free apps are great and all, and there are tons of them available, but what about the paid ones? Are they worth the money? I found five Android apps that pack so much value, they’re worth every cent. Best of all, even if you buy them all, they’ll cost you less than a meal out.