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Joel Lee is the Creative editor at MakeUseOf and a jack-of-all-trades technology writer from Philadelphia. In his free time he pursues fiction, game design, and photography.

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5 Incredible Games Based In The Wild West

4th April, 2014

If you want to inject a serving of the Wild West into your gaming sessions, you really need to check out these awesome games.


Dogecoin: How A Meme Became the 3rd Largest Digital Coin

3rd April, 2014

What happens when a joke turns into a currency with a market cap over $30 million? You get Dogecoin. If you browse sites like Reddit and 9GAG, you’ve most certainly run into the doge meme and its iconic Shiba Inu, but you may not know that that same Shiba Inu is now the mascot of […]


Computer Auctions And Why eBay May Not Be Your Only Option

2nd April, 2014

For most of us it’s the only online auction site that matters, but if you’re browsing through ebay to find great deals on computers, you may be better off using an alternative auction platform.


DigitalOcean: The Best VPS Host For Newbies

1st April, 2014

If you’re looking for VPS hosting – whether to run a Minecraft server, host a bunch of files, or simply to run a 24/7 remote computer – you would do well to start with DigitalOcean. Not sure what the difference is between VPS hosting and shared hosting? We’ve got you covered with a quick explanation […]


How Advertisements On Your Website Could Make Or Break You

29th March, 2014

An Internet without ads would be an Internet smothered in subscriptions and paywalls. You don’t have to feel guilty for running ads on your website, but make sure you do it right.


Rank With Your Images: 4 Ways To Make Your Images SEO Friendly

28th March, 2014

Image searches drive traffic to your website if you know what you’re doing. The trick is to understand how SEO works and format your images accordingly. Here are a few basic tips.


10 College Blogs You Wouldn’t Have Wanted To Miss As A 20-Something

27th March, 2014

There’s the stress that originates from the uncertainty of becoming an adult and entering the “real world”. You can rest easy…you aren’t alone. These blogs may provide you with new perspectives.


10 Amazing Recycling Ideas You Can Find On Instagram

26th March, 2014

You may not expect it, but Instagram is a great place to find some awesome recycling ideas.


7 Most Useful Video Game Cheats Ever

25th March, 2014

At one time, single player games were shipped with hidden cheat codes that could be used to unlock an array of nifty powers and shortcuts. Remember those days?


3 Alternatives To MediaWiki When Hosting Your Own Wiki

22nd March, 2014

MediaWiki powers some of the largest wikis in the world. However, just because it’s the most popular choice doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best. Here are a handful of strong alternatives.


Don’t Be Messy: Keep Your Pinterest Boards Organized With These Tips

21st March, 2014

It only takes a bit of effort to organize your pins, and the results are worth it.


5 Reliable Online Shopping Alternatives to Amazon

20th March, 2014

Amazon is the biggest player in the game of online retailers, but that doesn’t mean you have to use them.


8 Pinterest Alternatives You May Not Know About

17th March, 2014

Looking for a Pinterest for men? It’s out there. A Pinterest for food? It exists. A Pinterest for memes? You’re in luck. Keep reading to find the perfect Pinterest alternative for you.


Need A Lightweight & Portable Word Processor? Jarte Delivers

14th March, 2014

Microsoft Word has become bloated! The selection of alternatives is limited. One has been around since 2001 and was almost forgotten. Jarte is free, lightweight, offers tabs among other features, and comes with a portable option.


Fun and Frantic: 5 Free Infinite Runner Games For Mobile Devices

12th March, 2014

Forget Flappy Bird and give these infinite runners a try instead.