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Joel Lee is a passionate freelance writer living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In his free time, he likes to read and write fiction, play video games, and talk theology.

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Don’t Bore Your Twitter Followers – Liven Things Up With These 5 Tips

27th November, 2013

Want your followers to gobble up every last tweet that you send out? Here are the most compelling tweets that you can write – tweets that everyone will care to read.


From Boys To Men: 4 Subreddits All Guys Should Read

26th November, 2013

There are some great subreddits on Reddit where you can find others just like you and me who are working to be the best men that they can be.


#RandomDoesntCutIt: How To Choose The Right Hashtag For Your Tweet

25th November, 2013

Hashtags have become something of an integral element in today’s social media but so many people misuse, abuse them, or simply don’t know how to choose the right one.


5 Rules To Finding Cheap Airline Flight Tickets

22nd November, 2013

Who says you can’t fly for cheap? Sometimes it comes down to whether or not you click the right links, search the right terms, or pick the right times to search the web.


5 Great Gift-Buying Websites You Haven’t Heard Of Yet

21st November, 2013

It can be a daunting task trying to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Check out these lesser-known online gift shops that will provide you with some great gift ideas.


Surf Safety: 5 Ways To Keep YouTube Safe And Fun For Kids

20th November, 2013

There is more to YouTube than fluffy cats – like unwarranted mature content that can pop up from time to time. Here are some precautions you can take to keep YouTube as clean as possible.


When Disaster Strikes: Putting Together A Basic Emergency Toolkit

19th November, 2013

Trouble could be waiting just around the corner. We don’t like to think about it, of course, but a wide number of potential disasters could occur at any moment: fire, storm, flood, drought, earthquake, car accident, lost in the woods, etc. Some of these are location-specific, but one thing is true: no matter where you […]


5 Ways To Make Sure You Get The Best Deals On Steam Games

18th November, 2013

Steam is known for being super convenient for managing one’s video game library, and it’s also useful in a few other ways, but did you know that with a bit of effort you can obtain new games for huge discounts? Sometimes even for free!


4 Undiscovered Free Games for Android You Simply Have to Play, Right Now

15th November, 2013

How many awesome games haven’t you played because they were never discovered?


5 Websites Where Freelance Writers & Coders Can Find Work

14th November, 2013

Freelancing has its benefits, but the difficulty comes in finding people and companies to whom you can market yourself. Fortunately, there are now more places to find freelancing gigs than ever before.


6 Online Fashion Communities For Stylish Men And Women

13th November, 2013

Fashion is not always avant garde and experimental. There are tried and true style basics that can propel you into new levels of self-confidence and self-expression. These communities will help you get there.


Want to Stream Music From Your PC To Wherever You Are?

12th November, 2013

What’s the easiest way to take your entire music library with you, no matter where you go?


Clean Teeth and Gums: Maintain Hygiene With These 5 Free Dental Apps

11th November, 2013

“Apps to help maintain my dental hygiene? You can’t be serious! Everyone knows how to brush their teeth.”


Try It On For Size: 5 Tips To Buy Perfectly Fitting Clothes Online

8th November, 2013

Everything from electronics to furniture to food to clothing can now be purchased without ever leaving your home. But when it comes to buying clothes online, there’s a hitch – clothing needs to fit.


Feedly: The Fast and Easy Way to Read RSS Feeds on Android

7th November, 2013

What was once just a mediocre RSS app for Android has become one of the fastest, sleekest, and outright best on the Play Store.