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Joel Lee is the Creative editor at MakeUseOf and a jack-of-all-trades technology writer from Philadelphia. In his free time he pursues fiction, game design, and photography.

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How to Get Rich: The Fastest Way to Get Out of Debt

2 days ago

Imagine being debt free. No overdrawn balances or unpaid bills. There is a foolproof way of getting yourself out of debt. It starts with a plan and some discipline. Let’s visit the other ingredients.


7 Ancient Internet Trends That Affect The Web Today

3 days ago

Today’s web might not look or feel like the web of the 1990s, but you’d be surprised by how much of it is actually the same when you dive beneath the surface.


How Much Does a Smart Home Really Cost?

4 days ago

A smart home could change your life – freeing up time in your day and regulating your routine so you don’t have to remember what needs to be done. But how expensive is it, really?


How to Find Files on Linux With 3 Easy Commands

5 days ago

Still struggling with the Linux learning curve? We don’t blame you! It’s vastly different from Windows so you’re bound to run into trouble, such as locating those files that you misplaced the other day. Is there an easy way to find them? Fortunately, yes. However, you’ll need to be somewhat familiar with the command line in order […]


5 Things You Need to Consider Before Buying a Hard Drive

6 days ago

Hard drive shopping isn’t all that difficult.


5 Flash Tips for Speedlight Newbies

1 week ago

At its core, the camera flash is a simple piece of technology that’s deceptively hard to use well.


Why Hasn’t My Android Phone Updated Yet?

1 week ago

The Android update process is long and complicated; let’s examine it to find out exactly why your Android phone takes so long to update.


7 Mistakes You’re Making While Browsing the Web

2 weeks ago

Most of us spend hours on the Internet every day. As it turns out, you may be sabotaging your own web browsing experience with a few simple mistakes.


9 Beautiful Woodworking Projects For Your Home Office

2 weeks ago

Do you work from home? Have you grown bored of your mundane home office? We’ve got the cure for you.


4 Helpful Communities For New Linux Users

2 weeks ago

You might be wondering, “What do I do now?” If you’re at that point, then it’s time you joined a Linux community — even if you only intend to lurk.


Google Maps on Android: Everything You Need to Know

13th March, 2015

Does Google Maps on your Android device feel a bit daunting? We’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about using Google Maps on Android.


The Most Sociable Subreddits and How to Find Them

12th March, 2015

Reddit is so many things wrapped up in one neat package. Plenty of people use it as nothing more than a news aggregator and others use it for personal growth and productivity. But at its heart, Reddit is a social network. While it’s true that every subreddit has some level of discussion — like these techy-minded subreddits […]


9 Questions New Linux Users Always Ask

12th March, 2015

It’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed when making the switch to Linux. That’s what happens when you step from one world into another. This will help you.


7 Neat Linux Tricks That Newbies Need to Know

11th March, 2015

As a Linux newbie, it’s normal to struggle. Everything just feels so different from Windows and you find yourself scratching your head at the simplest of tasks.


Learning Photography: 5 YouTube Channels to Become a Pro

10th March, 2015

There are hundreds of channels dedicated to photography lessons. The good ones are buried in the noise. We picked five of the best for you.