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5 Ways To Get Your Friends Talking About Your Facebook Photos

3rd September, 2013

Photography has always been something considered to be admired and discussed among friends. “Cool picture!” people always say. “I remember that!” However, can’t we bring this type of discussion to the world of online social media? Facebook photographers, we know you love posting photos to get some attention. That’s why we want to help.


6 Ways to Use WordPress That Aren’t Blogging

2nd September, 2013

Wordpress: it’s not just for blogs anymore. We’ve already discussed¬†numerous¬†times that you can use WordPress in a variety of ways. We’ve written articles about it before, but every once in a while, we feel as though that- – as the WordPress platform evolves — we need to issue a refresher. Below are six different ways […]


Target Aims At Instant Video Market With Target Ticket [Updates]

1st September, 2013

US-based department store chain Target launched the beta version of their competitor service to Vudu, Netflix, and iTunes on Friday. Dubbed Target Ticket, the service offers users access to some 15,000 instantly-accessible titles.


How To Really Start Conversations Around Your Facebook Photos

29th August, 2013

So you’re a new startup for an app/gadget/website/service, or maybe you’re just a freelances trying to sell yourself, and you aren’t sure how exactly to get conversation going on your Facebook Page. Look around, it seems like photos are all the rage these days, right? Below, we’ll tell you how to use your Facebook photos to start conversations on your Page.


Get Your Kid To Read: 4 Tips To Make Reading Fun With Technology

28th August, 2013

It seems like technology has stolen this generation’s love of reading, but is it possible that it could also recapture it? Today, we have four tips for you (with tons of sub-tips written throughout) to help you use technology to make reading fun for your kids. Throughout this piece, you’ll find a few ways to charge up the reading “environment” for your child, and hopefully get him or her fall in love with reading.


Can You Run Your Business Purely From Your Smartphone?

26th August, 2013

Ah, the smartphone. This device that many would have you believe can literally do¬†anything. Is it even worthy of being called a mere¬†phone? We have so many apps that can turn it into almost any tool that we need, and the word “phone” seems a bit limiting. Regardless, can your smartphone really do anything? Furthermore, […]


Google Launches Landing Page For Helpouts – A Live Video Marketplace [Updates]

25th August, 2013

Ever wanted to bring a professional into your home to help you with fixing your computer? Thanks to Google Helpouts, you will soon be able to, and best of all, professional assistance won’t be limited to just tech support. With Helpouts, you’ll be able get help with nearly anything.


Are You In A Rush To Make Money From Home? Spot 7 Work At Home Scams

22nd August, 2013

Wealth, speed, ethics — when it comes to money, you can only pick two. When it comes to working from home, it’s very likely that you won’t get a chance to even pick one of them. That’s because most opportunities to make money from home are simply scams. While there are some ways to make money from home, there are more ways to get scammed than there are authentic opportunities for profit.


YouTube Android Now Allows Minimizing Of Videos While Browsing And Searching [Updates]

22nd August, 2013

Google has been rolling out some major changes to its YouTube app lately, and it looks like the Android version of the app has received a useful – albeit comparatively minor – change to its interface. In short, this significant change will allow users to minimize videos while they browse or search while in-app.


The Best 10 Google Docs Tips For Teachers As They Go Back To School

19th August, 2013

Back-to-school time is underway, and I’m sure you teachers are already balancing your lives, your classroom, and your pesky administrations. What could make life just a little bit easier for you? Google Docs, my dear educator friend. Google Docs. Below, we have ten awesome tips to help you out when handling your students and their parents. Some of them you may know, but others, you very well may not.

skype interview

How To Win A Job Interview Via Skype

16th August, 2013

For some reason, many tech users tend to separate “reality” from what’s on their computer screen. We’re bolder people online, hiding behind text conversations, artsy profile pictures, and creative (and also sometimes off-color) user names. While Skype interviews do not necessarily provide anything for the user to hide behind seeing that everything is practically face-to-face, it’s important to establish that everything you are doing is real.


Turn Your Internet Relationships Into Real World Friendships With A Meetup

14th August, 2013

There is one thing you must know when organizing a virtual meetup with an online compadre: don’t be creepy. The prime consideration you must have is that your friend — regardless of how close you may seem in the virtual world — is going to be on guard when they meet with you. Just because you are close friends online does not mean you are while in the outside world. You have to build trust to even meet up with a person; that’s why we have some great tips below.


5 Uses For Animated GIFs Other Than Annoying Memes

13th August, 2013

GIF animations aren’t just for corny memes and annoying reactions (but it doesn’t mean you can’t use them as such). Here at MakeUseOf, we’ve got a whole bag full of uses for these cool little animations. Even in a world with Vine and Instagram, GIF animations are not dead. We have five fantabulous uses for GIF animations that are both practical and beneficial for you and your audience however limited you may think them to be. Let’s get started.


YouTube Founders Launch Challenge To Vine & Instagram: MixBit [Updates]

12th August, 2013

YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen recently launched their answer to Vine and Instagram for iOS and the Web on Thursday, and the Android version is set to be released in several weeks. The new personal video app called MixBit takes a cue from its predecessors by letting users record brief 16-second videos on their smartphones.


Tourism Radio Looks To Kickstarter To Create Google Glass Experience [Updates]

8th August, 2013

While Google Glass hasn’t been released to the general public just yet, future users already have much to look forward to. Thanks to South Africa’s Tourism Radio latest Kickstarter Project, these users will be able to take their own personal tour guide with them wherever they go.