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The 10 Most Followed People On Instagram: Should You Follow Them Too?

27th September, 2013

This is not our top 10 of Instagram. It’s actually the top 10 accounts based entirely on the amount of followers each one of them has. Do they merit the hype? Should you follow them too?


6 Unexpected Ways To Use Social Networks To Increase Your Productivity

25th September, 2013

Has your boss moved your desk a bit closer to his office? He knows you’re Facebooking on the job. But you can use these networks to make your work life just a bit better.


7 Services For Taking Mobile Payment On Your Phone

23rd September, 2013

Tired of dropping off checks and cash at the bank? Good news – you don’t have to.


YouTube To Add Offline Viewing For Videos On Mobile

22nd September, 2013

Don’t you wish your long, boring morning bus ride could be a bit more entertaining? Soon, it might be. YouTube announced on Tuesday that it will soon offer the ability to let users view videos on their mobile even when offline.


Microsoft Announces Windows 8.1 Pricing Scheme Ahead Of Schedule

21st September, 2013

Microsoft just announced the pricing tiers for the upcoming Windows 8.1 far ahead of its expected October 18th release. Windows 8.1 will be a free update for users who already have Windows 8.


Tired Of Boring Selfies? 10 Instagram Gems You Don’t Want To Miss

20th September, 2013

Instagram has more than 100 million active users. How do you find the really awesome users to follow? The ones that upload photos that are actually worth your time? We found 10.


Bing Upgrades Interface Along With A New Logo

18th September, 2013

Bing’s new logo and interface is part of Microsoft’s plan to provide a “simple, real, and direct” experience.


Facebook Switches Payments From Credits To Real Currency

17th September, 2013

On Thursday, Facebook announced it would be retiring its current Credits system in favor of localized currency.


The Parent Trap: 5 Family Friendly Rules For Using Technology At Home

16th September, 2013

I was raised on technology, and I’ve learned from parents who had to adapt to a child living in a world run by technology. So, consider: what are the rules of technology in your household?


Earn The Prize: 4 Tips To Win Online Competitions And Giveaways

10th September, 2013

Online competitions and giveaways can be found just about anywhere on the web these days, but the chances of winning them are usually pretty slim. The competition is usually terrific. Perhaps, it’s the law of averages. Perhaps, it’s plain luck. Even then, some basic tips apply.


These Small Social Networks Have A Big Impact – Get To Know Them!

9th September, 2013

Nearly every article you see here on MakeUseOf that relates to social media features Facebook and Twitter (and occasionally — but ever so rarely — Google+). But is that really all there is? What about the smaller social networks? Is there something beyond the world of Facebook? We found it.


Evernote 5 For Windows Desktop Officially Released

8th September, 2013

Windows users, you should know that the new update for Evernote is as big as an elephant. App developers released Evernote 5 on Wednesday with a new look and an array of super-fast functions.


Amazon Soon To Offer Free & Discounted Ebooks Of Hard Copies Purchased Through Its Site

5th September, 2013

Do you have crates upon crates of dusty old books that you just wish could be on your Kindle? Good news! Amazon announced on Tuesday that it will soon launch Matchbook, a program that allows users to receive digital versions of books that they already own at free or discounted rates.


How To Be An Online Entrepreneur With Thrift Store Shopping On eBay

5th September, 2013

With eBay, you can turn yourself into an online entrepreneur by flipping items you can find nearly anywhere — online or offline. Best of all, it’s pretty darn easy to do, and this means you can turn your weekend thrift store outings into a profitable hobby. Here are just a few tips to buy items in thrift shops and easily turn them around on eBay.


Liking Can Make You Smart: 5 Ways To Use Facebook For Education

4th September, 2013

Facebook can teach us lots of stuff, but most of the time, it’s nothing that we really want to know. But what about the real educational value of Facebook? Stuff that’s — oh, how do you say it — Educational? Believe it or not, it’s out there. Whether you are the parent of students, a student at a university, or just a student of life, we’ve got a few tips that will make your Facebook experience just a bit more valuable.