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4 Websites That Will Help You Connect With Songwriting

26th September, 2012

We all know about those songwriters, right? Yeah, they are those people who stand barefoot in coffee shops, playing out-of-tune guitars and singing songs about wheat in the fields and how life is a simple butterfly. Well, actually, this is definitely not the case. As a matter of fact, this is a stereotype, my friend. We shouldn’t take kindly to that, for songwriters are actually known to come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes.


4 Epic Videos About Cheap Video Lighting

25th September, 2012

Online video is the way everything is going these days, and along with that, you’ll notice that people aren’t spending as much money on everything. With that said, you would be hard-pressed to find someone who has their own professional lighting kit (most people rent, and realistically, that’s how it has always been). However, there are a few markets out there catering to those of us who are wanting cheap light kits, and that’s fantastic!


3 Online Resources To Help Start Your Business [US]

19th September, 2012

It’s a common thing for people to sit down with their buddies and say, “Hey, I should create a [fill-in-the-blank] business!” That’s awesome, and it’s great that you’ve got an idea. Me? I’m not a business expert, but I’m actually in the same boat as a lot of the people who have those same thoughts. What I’ve learned is that it takes a lot more than just deciding to do something. You’ve got to actually do it, for one. Additionally, you’ve got to do it right.


3 YouTube Channels That Will Teach You Epic Ninja Training

18th September, 2012

A while back, I wrote an article on a few things related to ninjas and ninja-ing, but I decided it might be a good idea to present a few sources that actually teach you how to be a ninja. After much thought, I decided that the best way to do this might be in video form. Fortunately, I went to the magnificent powers of YouTube, and I tried to find a few ninja-related channels that will help all of you MakeUseOf readers on your quest to becoming the ultimate ninja.


3 Websites To Find DSLR Gear & DIY Tips

12th September, 2012

Did you just get a DSLR for making videos? Did you believe that once you got it you would instantly be making creative, beautiful videos that would make all your friends think you are a screen-inspired genius? Yes, you probably did. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case, for in order to make creative, beautiful videos that will make all all your friends think you are a screen-inspired genius, you have to know the camera pretty well.


5 Tips For Ending Your Email Sending Anxiety

11th September, 2012

Internet etiquette can be a touchy subject, and although I don’t consider myself the Miss Manners of the world wide web, I try my best to be courteous with how I act online. Granted, I’m not perfect, and I typically get as much satisfaction as the next guy when someone is proved wrong in online debate. However, one of the big obstacles of Internet etiquette people sometimes struggle with online is sending email.


iTwin Review and Giveaway

6th September, 2012

The iTwin is an incredibly unique device that creates a secure bridge between your home computer and any remote computers, allowing you access to specific files (or your entire hard drive) from any location. No additional software is required, the device is cross-platform, and best of all, there’s no space restriction — you can share as much as you want! We’re taking a look at the iTwin, then giving 5 of them away valued at $500!


4 Hilarious Videos Of Water Balloon Pranks That You Can Try On Your Own

5th September, 2012

The Internet is a beautiful thing. It’s the only place where you can share embarrassing stories about yourself with people that you don’t know. You can even share embarrassing videos of your friends with people that you don’t know. However, what makes it really great is the ability to share the satisfaction of a good old-fashioned prank.


4 Subreddits You Should Read For Tips To Stay Healthy and Fit

4th September, 2012

I will tell you right now that I couldn’t possible write an article about living a healthy life. I’m a self-confessed Taco Bell connoisseur. However, I can certainly tell you where you can find some other health tips. Where’s the first place that comes to my mind? Reddit, of course.


5 Freaky Subreddits That Will Keep You Up At Night

29th August, 2012

I think I’m an insomniac – I stay up all the time, leaving sleep at the very bottom of my priority list. I understand that it isn’t healthy, and truth be told, I’m working on it. However, what doesn’t help is the fact that I spend a lot of time on Reddit. What makes it even worse is that I read some of Reddit’s creepier subreddits for fun – no bueno. Today, I thought I’d give you a taste of some of the more horrifying subreddits that I’ve found. Naturally, a lot of you won’t find them scary. However, I do, and I’m sure that there are quite a few of you who actually will find them just as terrifying as me!


5 Of The Greatest Minecraft Mods Found Online

28th August, 2012

An interesting thing about Minecraft is the ability to play it in your own way. However, sometimes, the already established rules of the game are just not enough. Fortunately, a few Minecraft enthusiasts have taken it upon themselves to add onto the almighty Notch’s creation. They have created a few interesting mods, so I decided to take a look at a few of them. Hopefully, you’ll find something you like!


Find The Right Color Schemes With Colors On The Web

22nd August, 2012

Color is a beautiful thing! However, sometimes it can be difficult just figuring out the right one to choose. Thousands of people spend countless hours agonizing over what to wear, what to paint the walls, or what type of icing to put on the cake. The Color Plague is terrible, and it seems as though no one has come up with an efficient way to fix it… or have they?


5 Of The Funniest Post-Dental Videos Found Online

21st August, 2012

I want to invite you to another side of YouTube: the one where home movies go viral, and videos normally shared with just friends and family make it to a world-wide audience. Today, I want to show you a bunch of videos that show people after their wisdom teeth operations! The videos are definitely hilarious, and hopefully, you’ll find some that you think are worth sharing.


4 DIY & Handy Subreddits Worth Checking Out

15th August, 2012

Confession time, real quick. I’m not a manly man… I mean, I understand the whole nonsense about gender stereotypes and such, but I want you to think real hard and just bear with me for moment. Consider someone like Burt Reynolds or even maybe Jason Statham. Those are manly men, right? You can just tell. This is what I mean by “manly men”, and I am definitely not one of them.


4 YouTube Channels For Masters Of Disguise

14th August, 2012

I have a confession to make. Everyone on MakeUseOf is the same person, and that person is “our” managing editor, Mark O’Neill. To be honest, I thought it would be a great idea! I just wanted to see if I could pull it off, and yes, I know this may be a surprise to some! I know there are a million questions running through most of your minds. How could this be? How could one man write so many articles in a day?