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5 Of The Greatest Minecraft Mods Found Online

28th August, 2012

An interesting thing about Minecraft is the ability to play it in your own way. However, sometimes, the already established rules of the game are just not enough. Fortunately, a few Minecraft enthusiasts have taken it upon themselves to add onto the almighty Notch’s creation. They have created a few interesting mods, so I decided to take a look at a few of them. Hopefully, you’ll find something you like!


Find The Right Color Schemes With Colors On The Web

22nd August, 2012

Color is a beautiful thing! However, sometimes it can be difficult just figuring out the right one to choose. Thousands of people spend countless hours agonizing over what to wear, what to paint the walls, or what type of icing to put on the cake. The Color Plague is terrible, and it seems as though no one has come up with an efficient way to fix it… or have they?


5 Of The Funniest Post-Dental Videos Found Online

21st August, 2012

I want to invite you to another side of YouTube: the one where home movies go viral, and videos normally shared with just friends and family make it to a world-wide audience. Today, I want to show you a bunch of videos that show people after their wisdom teeth operations! The videos are definitely hilarious, and hopefully, you’ll find some that you think are worth sharing.


4 DIY & Handy Subreddits Worth Checking Out

15th August, 2012

Confession time, real quick. I’m not a manly man… I mean, I understand the whole nonsense about gender stereotypes and such, but I want you to think real hard and just bear with me for moment. Consider someone like Burt Reynolds or even maybe Jason Statham. Those are manly men, right? You can just tell. This is what I mean by “manly men”, and I am definitely not one of them.


4 YouTube Channels For Masters Of Disguise

14th August, 2012

I have a confession to make. Everyone on MakeUseOf is the same person, and that person is “our” managing editor, Mark O’Neill. To be honest, I thought it would be a great idea! I just wanted to see if I could pull it off, and yes, I know this may be a surprise to some! I know there are a million questions running through most of your minds. How could this be? How could one man write so many articles in a day?


Lensbaby Composer Pro Review and Giveaway

9th August, 2012

Today, we’re giving something that goes along with the last item in that series: a camera lens. But hey, this certainly isn’t just a camera lens. We’re giving away a special lens that lets you take super special images. What’s this lens called? Why, it’s the Lensbaby Composer Pro, of course! We’re also giving this review unit away. So stick around after the review to find out how to win this Lensbaby!


Love Classic TV? 4 Websites For Your Time Traveling Tube

8th August, 2012

We all know that modern television just can’t beat classic TV shows. You have to love the melodramatic acting, the cocky charm and wit, and the innocent story-lines (golly-gee-willikers, right?) Yes, I know I’m generalizing a bit. However, I think we can all agree that classic television has something special about it, and no, I’m not talking about the not-so-subtly placed product placements.


4 Blogs For Staying Updated On All Things Indie Film

7th August, 2012

If you’re like me, you probably spend hours swimming through (and sometimes cringing at) all of the independent films on Netflix. Sometimes, you may even try to find some indie flicks online. However, one of the things I really like doing is actually reading about independent films. I know that may seem a little silly. Why read about them when I can just watch them?


Create Professional Presentations In Minutes with Slidevana for PowerPoint and Keynote [Giveaway]

6th August, 2012

Ever had a time in your life where you really needed to put together an impressive presentation? We’ve all been in that type of situation! Sure, a lot of templates exist, but sometimes they either don’t look that great or they aren’t as functional as we’d like them to be. However, with the template set for Powerpoint and Keynote – Slidevana – you get amazing graphics and legitimate functionality. Fortunately, MakeUseOf was able to get its hands on a copy of Slidevana to review, and we’re giving 25 copies worth $2500 away for free!


Try These 4 Online Super Calculators To Help With Your Math Woes

1st August, 2012

“2+2 is… err. Um. Can somebody help me out here? Boy, it sure would be nice if I had a calculator. Unfortunately, my phone is dead, this function is much too complicated for my PC’s calculator, and my TI-83 is lost forever. Oh dear, whatever should I do?!” Friends, this certainly is a common problem in the […]


4 Websites For Socially Awkward People To Improve Their Skills

30th July, 2012

Sometimes there are individuals who simply just don’t do well with social situations that most people face everyday. Do you have trouble going through drive-thru restaurants? Have you ever had problems talking to people while at a party? Then it’s likely you know exactly the type of issues that I am talking about. Honestly, I completely get it. But I have gotten a lot better with it.


3 Sites To Satisfy Your Late Night Hunger [US Only]

25th July, 2012

Dear MUO readers, I have a confession to make. I’m hungry. I’m hungry, and it’s a late night as I write this. There is light rain trickling down my window, and I can hear the slow, sad song of a jazz man making love to his saxophone in the downpour, playing his heart out for tips that will hopefully satisfy his own food-related woes (somehow, I thought a dramatic introduction would really enhance this article to some degree. It didn’t).


4 Music Videos That Can Give Your Own Some Hope

24th July, 2012

Not too long ago, I wrote an article about how to make your very own music video. It really isn’t that hard if you are going for something simple. However, I’m aware that a lot of people may wonder if this is even feasible or if music videos do well on the web. Well, guess what? They are feasible and they certainly do quite well on the web. So stop worrying about it.


4 Of The Best Wedding Proposals On The Web

18th July, 2012

Fact: I’m a romantic. I’m one of those guys who loves love, believes in strong, lasting relationships, and… well… watches chick flicks. I watch them quite often (don’t judge me, okay?). Now, I’ll be honest in that I’m not always the most romantic person in the world. You won’t see me delivering flowers any time soon (however, I once gave my girlfriend beef jerky in lieu of a bouquet once).


How Functional Is The Current YouTube Video Editor?

17th July, 2012

A while back, Matt wrote an article about the 2010 YouTube Video Editor, and although it doesn’t seem that long ago, a lot has changed. Back then, it had a few basic features, but in all honesty, it just wasn’t really that functional. However, two years later, it’s high time to revisit the video web app. Everyone deserves a second chance, right? First off, I’ll say this – the YouTube video editor is functional….to an extent.