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Turn Tumblr Into Thumblr With The Easy iPhone App [iOS]

13th December, 2012

There was a glorious shout across the land when the Tumblr app was released for iPhone. It erupted from the vocal cords of hipsters worldwide. Paired with Instagram, Tumblr for the iPhone opened up a whole new world of self-expression. Rather than waiting on the long bicycle ride home to post things using the good ol’ Macbook, the hipster could now post as many pictures of vintage sweaters as they wanted with just a few taps to the screen.


How Does The Apple Retina Display Work? [MakeUseOf Explains]

12th December, 2012

These days, people are crazy about the Apple Retina Display. Supposedly, it does wonders! A completely non-pixelated screen? Who would have ever thought?! However, many questions loom the supposedly revolutionary technological advancement. Is it really non-pixelated? Howe exactly does it work? Fortunately, I’m here to answer nearly all of the questions you have about how the LCD Retina Display itself works.


Where To Find Amazing Free Audio Dramas

11th December, 2012

Long, long ago, it was very common to sit around the radio and listen to the latest episodes of old-time radio dramas and serials (like The Shadow). However, when people were able to put a picture with the image, it seemed as though that form of entertainment started to fade. Rather than fictional dramas, radio stations started broadcasting more music and news. However, a select few have taken to the Internet to bring back this old form of entertainment.


Can’t Remember The Words To The Song? Check Out These 5 Sites

5th December, 2012

It’s happened to all of us – we have a song stuck in our head, but we just remember the lyrics! I’m sure that all of you know that horrible type of frustration. However, there just doesn’t seem to be a cure….just kidding, of course there is. In an effort to help those of you struggling to remember the lyrics of songs, there are quite a few websites out there that will help you out. Below we have five of those sites that are devoted to your music-related woes.


5 Personalities You’ll Meet on Random Chat Websites

4th December, 2012

Many people get on sites such as Omegle and ChatRoulette to meet exciting new people and have interesting conversations. However, a lot of the time, they will encounter several other different types of chat personas along the way. That said, it would seem as if not everybody is on these sites just for a friendly chat. However, I’ve narrowed down about five of these personas for you to take a look at.


4 Ways Your iPhone Can Be Your Worst Enemy

28th November, 2012

Here’s an honest statement – I’ve never owned a smartphone until nearly a month ago. Yep, I write for a tech blog about amazing techy websites, and yet I never owned one until then. Part of it was financial reasons (MUO pays us an extravagant salary – I just waste it on frivolous items such as gold toilet seats and dyed poodles), and part of it was a bit of a reluctance (if I have a laptop, why get a phone?). However, in the end, I broke down and got the iPhone 5.


5 Reaction GIF Sites For When You Just Don’t Know What To Say

27th November, 2012

Reaction GIFs are a crucial part of Internet communication that help provide emotion where mere text cannot. Many people may say that they are over-used and tacky. However, where punctuation can make the difference between “Yes.” and “Yes!”, reaction GIFs help with the areas in-between. Without them, conversation online would be quite dull, and besides that, it offers more choices in dialogue as opposed to the tiny selection that typical English has.


4 Fantastic Mouthwatering Websites That Will Motivate You Into Starting Baking

21st November, 2012

Every once in a while, it’s good to see how the Internet can help us in our practical life. Sure, technology and gadgets are fun, but how can those technology and gadgets help us update activities that don’t normally require such items? For instance, consider cooking. As a matter of fact, let’s narrow it down – baking. Baking typically is a totally offline activity, but I’ve found a few websites that can help you in the kitchen.


4 Common Ways We Give Away Our Own Privacy

20th November, 2012

Privacy is one of the most valuable things that people have, and with every new wave of social media, we give another little bit of it away. I’m definitely not one to talk, though. I use Facebook and Twitter just like the lot of you, so don’t think I don’t fall victim to the online social world as well. Below, I’ve revealed four very common ways that people give away their own privacy.


3 Free Online Universities To Help You Get By Without A Degree

14th November, 2012

Education is such a valuable things these days, and with the power of the Internet, there is no reason people should be without it. However, with all this information flying around, it can be a little difficult rooting out the bad facts from the good ones. With that said, a few websites have set out to provide decent education in the format of online universities. However, what makes it great is that these websites offer all of their material for free (well, for the most part).


3 Websites For Those Who Are Cat-Obsessed

13th November, 2012

Forget the Cheezburger Network, and even forget Reddit for a second. We all know the Internet is obsessed with cats, and more importantly, we are aware that cats are actually our furry overlords (while we remain their ever-loyal servants, hence the Internet obsession). Silliness aside, the bottom line is simply that people like cats, right? Well, it seems like everyone already knows the go-to websites to help with their catisfaction.


4 Websites To Help You When You Want To Plan A Film Or Video

7th November, 2012

Do you like to dabble in creative filmmaking? Perhaps you are just wanting to test the waters of making YouTube videos. Either way, I’m sure you know one of the toughest parts of making a video is figuring out a decent plot or topic. In an effort to jumpstart many film hobbyists, there are often tools you can find online to get you going. All that said, I’ve found a few websites that will help you on your path to filmmaking.


5 Hilariously Funny Webcam Pranks Found Online

6th November, 2012

As someone who frequents YouTube, I have to say that I love pranks. I think that they are some of the best things in the world! Without pranks, life would be incredibly dull, and I’m someone that likes to live life with a little spice. Granted, my spices can be a little old and nasty tasting. (I really need to get some new spices, I guess.) With that said, I’ve opted to bring you some of the funniest webcam pranks I’ve found online.


4 Websites That Cause The World To Implode Whenever They Are Down

31st October, 2012

The Internet is like its own little country, and its many websites are like public squares for its thousands upon thousands of citizens. However, what if these public squares were all of a sudden to shut down? Perhaps these squares are not so much squares but more like little highways with roadblocks. In a real-world situation, this would most certainly be a problem, wouldn’t it?


4 Poe-Inspired Websites For The Ravenous Mind

30th October, 2012

It’s that time of year again, the one where Instagrammed photos of corny costumes plague Facebook, and department stores stock up enough candy to give an entire army a diabetic coma. However, that’s all Halloween is these days, right? It’s become incredibly cheesy, and although personally not a fan of the holiday myself, I’ll admit that I’m concerned for it. When will people start treating it with a little more class? What happened to the personal side of it all?