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Are You A Media Moocher? 5 Signs You’ve Too Many Shared Subscriptions

29th July, 2014

Take a long hard look at how you watch your shows and listen to your music — are you paying for any of these services that are paid for and you happen to be borrowing?


Riding A Lyft? Check Out Our 5 Rules For Communal Cabs

28th July, 2014

The Lyft service, which utilizes normal drivers in their personal cars with easily identifiable gigantic pink mustaches on their front bumpers, is growing as users are taking both the time to ride and drive.


5 Reasons Snapchat Is Excellent For The Workforce

25th July, 2014

With any business, communication is key. However, communication doesn’t have to be all memos and emails – why not make it a little more interesting? Try using Snapchat for work!


Shoot Your Life: 5 Tips For Enhancing Your Video Memories

3rd July, 2014

With tools like 120fps frame rates on the iPhone 5s, action-packed GoPros, and even Google Glass, it’s becoming clearer that our personal lives will not only be documented with photos, but with video.


10 Sure Signs You’ve Fallen For Click Bait

24th June, 2014

With The Onion’s new satirical publication, Clickhole, the social webs have finally taken a good look in the mirror. If you were unconscious to click bait, it’s time you woke up.


How To Rock The Coffee Shop Cubicle

28th April, 2014

Thanks to the Internet, we work where we want to, when we want to, and how we want to.

Projet: Super 8

5 Ways Kids Can Make Their Own Movies With A Smartphone

25th April, 2014

Spielberg crashed his toy trains. Michael Bay blew his toy trains up. Either way, people who grow up and become multi-million-dollar directors all started when they were just kids.

Chill, Bro: 5 Tips For Calming Down On The Internet

11th April, 2014

An angry online sentence can ruin a perfectly good day. It can do more than that by bruising egos and damaging careers. Our communication should be more intentional and polite. Here are five tips.


Using Tinder? Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes

6th April, 2014

When using Tinder, it’s just as important to know what NOT to do.


5 Facebook Accounts That Can Teach You Something Useful

7th March, 2014

These Facebook accounts will teach you a little something every now and then — something that you can make use of.

Social network in a course (2011)

Are You Sending Your Updates To The Right Social Network?

15th February, 2014

Each social network is different. You need to know what to post to each one, and when.


Depression & The Internet: Welcome To Your Temporary Support Group

10th February, 2014

Talking is important, and sometimes the Internet is a good substitute when your real life friends aren’t around. Here are three sites I recommend for less formal depression-focused conversations.


5 Ways To Keep The Christmas Kindness Going On The Digital Front

5th January, 2014

Why should the Christmas spirit end once December 26th rolls around? Below are five ways to digitally bring some joy into others’ lives through the new year and the days beyond.


Etiquette For Phones: Is Your Smartphone Making You Totally Obnoxious?

17th December, 2013

We’ve gone over the standard smartphone social fare: don’t text during a conversation, don’t ignore friends to take a long phone call, don’t send text messages completely full with abbreviated words. But that’s all we’ve done: don’t, don’t, don’t. Instead, let’s talk about how to function in this smartphone-infused world. It’s been integrated in our daily lives – […]


5 Ways Social Media Is Ruining Romance

11th December, 2013

Social media has changed relationships as we know it. If you’re dating someone, it’s public, and unfortunately, some portions of your relationship are, too.