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Joshua Lockhart is an okay web video producer and a slightly above mediocre writer of online content. You can fawn over his work here:

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5 Facebook Accounts That Can Teach You Something Useful

7th March, 2014

These Facebook accounts will teach you a little something every now and then — something that you can make use of.

Social network in a course (2011)

Are You Sending Your Updates To The Right Social Network?

15th February, 2014

Each social network is different. You need to know what to post to each one, and when.


Depression & The Internet: Welcome To Your Temporary Support Group

10th February, 2014

Talking is important, and sometimes the Internet is a good substitute when your real life friends aren’t around. Here are three sites I recommend for less formal depression-focused conversations.


5 Ways To Keep The Christmas Kindness Going On The Digital Front

5th January, 2014

Why should the Christmas spirit end once December 26th rolls around? Below are five ways to digitally bring some joy into others’ lives through the new year and the days beyond.


Etiquette For Phones: Is Your Smartphone Making You Totally Obnoxious?

17th December, 2013

We’ve gone over the standard smartphone social fare: don’t text during a conversation, don’t ignore friends to take a long phone call, don’t send text messages completely full with abbreviated words. But that’s all we’ve done: don’t, don’t, don’t. Instead, let’s talk about how to function in this smartphone-infused world. It’s been integrated in our daily lives – […]


5 Ways Social Media Is Ruining Romance

11th December, 2013

Social media has changed relationships as we know it. If you’re dating someone, it’s public, and unfortunately, some portions of your relationship are, too.


10 Unique Vine Users You Should Totally Be Following

4th December, 2013

If you’re still getting into the groove of the new social app by Twitter, check out some users you simply have to follow.


Great Sites To Sell Your Own Music On

7th November, 2013

Have you decided to sell the music you so painstakingly create? However you decide to distribute your music, MakeUseOf has got you covered! The websites here have tried and true services to help you.


How To Use Video To Promote Your Freelance Work

6th November, 2013

Video production is an important tool for any freelancer, but at the same time, it’s a rather expensive commodity. With that said, you need it, and MakeUseOf is here to tell you how.


5 Sites For Safely Trading Your Unwanted Games With Other Gamers

18th October, 2013

Gamers, are you tired of trading titles only within your limited arena of friends?


What Are The Best Tools for Hosting Your Portfolio Online?

13th October, 2013

Want to showcase your work, but lack a proper outlet? The Internet offers artists more opportunities than ever to exhibit their work. Here we present five tools to help you host your portfolio online.


Who Is Fighting On Your Behalf Against The NSA And For Privacy?

7th October, 2013

There are several Internet activism groups who are fighting on your behalf for privacy. They are doing their best to educate netizens as well. Here are just a few of them that are incredibly active.


Netflix iOS App Offers Adaptive Streaming & Airplay Support, Encourages ISPs To Adopt “Open Connect”

6th October, 2013

Netflix has finally been updated to keep up with iOS 7. Announced on Thursday, the service released a feature offering standard HD content to all subscribers regardless of who their Internet Service Provider happens to be.


The Social Frontier: Great Ways To Explore Space On Social Networks

3rd October, 2013

For all you techie star-gazing wanderers out there, we’ve compiled a list of the best social media accounts you should follow for exploring space without having to leave your own home.


How To Find The Right Internship For You (And Avoid Being Scammed!)

2nd October, 2013

For whatever reason, businesses throw around the word “intern” like its some kind of magic phrase. They will literally pair any word with “intern” and think it will work: video intern, web design intern, social media intern, etc. That’s not how it should be, though. Apparently, the world of today has forgotten what exactly an […]