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Strategize Using Simplicity With Tower Defense: Lost Earth [iPhone]

16th January, 2013

I enjoy strategy games for the very same reason that I enjoy sabotaging high profile companies – you set up a few patsies to do your bidding, hike away to a safe distance, and watch all of the action happen without having to lift another finger. Well, in the case of the Com2US’s Tower Defense: Lost Earth for iPhone, you actually have to lift a finger….just one, though. Sometimes two.


10 Email Tips For Dealing With Angry, Trollish, Or Rude Emails

15th January, 2013

It’s incredibly frustrating to check your email inbox only to find a completely hateful message. Why in the world do people act like this? With that said, you should learn how to defend yourself while on the web. Let me tell you this though: being a jerk isn’t a way to do it. To my credit, I’ve gotten a few hateful emails in my lifetime. In fact, I’ve sent a few as well! (That makes me an expert on this, right?)


Netflix For iPhone: One Of The Best Apps For Movies & Shows On The Go [iPhone]

10th January, 2013

Having movies and television shows on your iPhone isn’t anything new, but with Netflix, it’s a whole lot easier. Whether you’re with friends, on the road, or having to wait somewhere, the app is perfect for taking a quick tube break. Better yet, with wifi connectivity, you can watch your favorite bits of entertainment with the ease of a mobile while nixing the data rates.


How To Turn Off Distracting Tech Notifications Almost Anywhere

9th January, 2013

These days, we’re constantly barraged with email updates, system alerts, and annoying texts from hypothetical neighbors named Brad about how he got his pet chinchilla stuck in the dryer vent again. But for some reason, techsters tend to play the victim by saying they have to have their notifications turned on whether it for their Mac, PC, iPhone, or Android mobile. “Oh, but I may miss something…” “Oh, but I need to be available at all times”…yeah right.


Instapaper Brings Readability And All Your Favorite Sources Into One Place [iOS]

8th January, 2013

Instapaper converts sad, hard-to-look-at walls of text into happy, easy-on-the-eyes formats for those of us who like to read on the bus, during meetings, or in waiting rooms. Also designed for those of us who also don’t have much time to read up on current events, the app allows for cross-platform bookmarking of articles for later. Each article is even saved offline, so you don’t have to worry about extra data charges.


Talk Your Way Into Anything With Google Translate [iPhone]

3rd January, 2013

I’m a self-confessed monolingual individual, and as someone who appreciates other cultures and people, I’m a bit ashamed to say it. Knowing multiple languages seems to be the thing these days, and I’m trying to keep up. In the meantime, I rely on Google Translate for my iPhone. With features like voice recognition and favorited phrases, the app has taken a gigantic leap from the browser-based version we all know and love.


Add Any Background To Your Photos: How Green Screen Photography Works

2nd January, 2013

Have you ever wanted to try out green screen photography on your own? It’s really not that hard if you’re shooting for something extremely simple. Fortunately, I’m here to show you just how easy it is! Assuming you have access to something green, some form of lighting, and some already-existing camera know-how, you can try this out for yourself. Hopefully, being able to do it on your own will bring that magic back.


Get Local Reviews For Local Businesses With Yelp [iPhone]

25th December, 2012

One of the worst issues I have with my friends is when we are driving in the car, our stomachs start rumbling, and we simply don’t know where to eat. There’s often tennis-like banter between us filled with statements like “You pick!” and “No, you pick!” It never ends. Miles will typically pass until we run out of gas, and at that point, we don’t even know which tow-truck to call. These are typically the saddest days of my life.


How To Choose The Right SD Card For The Job

20th December, 2012

SD cards aren’t all about storage! In fact, there are several other factors to consider, and when purchasing your cards, you should make yourself aware of them. That said, SD cards aren’t all created equal, and it’s important to be educated as to what separates each one from the rest. As a given, all types of data are different. Since I don’t know your device, I can supply you with the proper information to make that decision on your own.


TuneIn Radio Takes Traditional Broadcast To Mobile [iOS]

19th December, 2012

Speaking of the iPhone and Spotify, it is a little disheartening to think that radio could give way to these newer, sexier modes of listening to (and sharing) music. But even still, radio has fought harder battles before. Televisions came along, and stations survived. Even with satellite radio, the AM and FM frequencies didn’t give up. However, I bring to you a new form of radio that brings it to your iPhone with the convenience of Spotify – TuneIn Radio.


Good To Know: Facebook May Be Experimenting On You

18th December, 2012

Occasionally, we all get a bit worried about our privacy on the Internet. Who’s watching us? Why are they watching us? How can we prevent them from watching us? The reality is that most of information people know is because we let them know. One example of this that comes to mind is Facebook, of course. It’s a given that Facebook has opened the door for big businesses to get in touch with their customers on a more personal level.


Turn Tumblr Into Thumblr With The Easy iPhone App [iOS]

13th December, 2012

There was a glorious shout across the land when the Tumblr app was released for iPhone. It erupted from the vocal cords of hipsters worldwide. Paired with Instagram, Tumblr for the iPhone opened up a whole new world of self-expression. Rather than waiting on the long bicycle ride home to post things using the good ol’ Macbook, the hipster could now post as many pictures of vintage sweaters as they wanted with just a few taps to the screen.


How Does The Apple Retina Display Work? [MakeUseOf Explains]

12th December, 2012

These days, people are crazy about the Apple Retina Display. Supposedly, it does wonders! A completely non-pixelated screen? Who would have ever thought?! However, many questions loom the supposedly revolutionary technological advancement. Is it really non-pixelated? Howe exactly does it work? Fortunately, I’m here to answer nearly all of the questions you have about how the LCD Retina Display itself works.


Where To Find Amazing Free Audio Dramas

11th December, 2012

Long, long ago, it was very common to sit around the radio and listen to the latest episodes of old-time radio dramas and serials (like The Shadow). However, when people were able to put a picture with the image, it seemed as though that form of entertainment started to fade. Rather than fictional dramas, radio stations started broadcasting more music and news. However, a select few have taken to the Internet to bring back this old form of entertainment.


Can’t Remember The Words To The Song? Check Out These 5 Sites

5th December, 2012

It’s happened to all of us – we have a song stuck in our head, but we just remember the lyrics! I’m sure that all of you know that horrible type of frustration. However, there just doesn’t seem to be a cure….just kidding, of course there is. In an effort to help those of you struggling to remember the lyrics of songs, there are quite a few websites out there that will help you out. Below we have five of those sites that are devoted to your music-related woes.