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Skype Alternatives Intro

Skype For Mac: Video Call All Your Friends, Apple-Style [Mac]

6th February, 2013

There are already a few articles on MakeUseOf about the features available for Mac’s Skype such as its group video client, experience-enhancing tips, and even some shortcuts that you may not know about. However, we’ve never really talked about the app itself. Overall, Skype for Mac is an app that performs in a solid manner, and I have a feeling that I will end up using it time and time again.


Google Glass To Make Use Of ‘Bonephones’ [Updates]

5th February, 2013

The Google Glass project is making use of bone conduction technology in order to transmit sound to the wearer of the device and save users from needing headphones. Google’s Project Glass was filed with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Thursday.


Get A Visual Taste Of History With Google Maps & Google Earth

5th February, 2013

Google Maps and Google Earth have always been known for helping mobility-impaired wunderlusters virtually adventure all over the globe. However, despite any of your current obstacles, it’s always possible – whether it be after time or financial gain – to travel at least once in your life. Our technological TARDIS remains on Earth, but nevertheless, the potential that Google Maps and Google Earth offer is impressive.


Typic: Add Text, Frames & Filters To Your Favorite Pics [iOS]

4th February, 2013

Typic is a basic iPhone photo editing app that offers the much-needed ability to add text to pictures. By combining the words “typography” and “pic”, this is exactly what we get – a “typic”. Opening the app for the first time is a little confusing at first since there is no tutorial. However, once you’ve […]


Netflix Publicly Releases Premiere Episode Of New Series ‘House Of Cards’ [Updates]

2nd February, 2013

Netflix announced the release of its unique 13-episode remake of the series House of Cards on Friday. In a promotional effort, the video content subscription service will allow non-subscribers to watch the first episode free of charge and without any obligations.


Tranquillity: The Perfect Web App For Poetry Writing

2nd February, 2013

Tranquillity is a web app that was made with the poet in mind, and after looking at the given features, it may be perfect. Available on the site is a fairly blank canvas free from distractions, designed purely for putting fingers to keys. Ease of use is prevalent in the website since users can pull it up […]


Tumblr App Now For Only Ages 17 & Up In iTunes Store [Updates]

1st February, 2013

Tumblr for iPhone changed its usage agreement on Wednesday and became an app solely for ages 17 and up. This followed Apple’s recent nudity-related removal of 500px and its cease of promotion for Vine.


Are Your Children Circumventing Internet Filters?

31st January, 2013

You may say to yourself that you’ve installed the finest web filter available, and I’m sure that it’s a solid piece of work. However, no filter is impenetrable, and the truth is that the only 100% complete protection against the Internet is no Internet. Alas, we can’t just get rid of the web, can we? Instead, maybe we can at least explore how filters are bypassed.


iCUfree: Keep An Eye On Your Calendar Without Even Leaving The Desktop

30th January, 2013

Mac’s iCUfree is a tool that helps you quickly review your next upcoming events without having to open your calendar or leave your desktop. Practically speaking, the app has more of an effect on the user interface of your computer instead of adding any unique features. In a nutshell, iCUfree simply displays your most relevant […]


Draw, Color & More In An Uncluttered Environment With Sketchbook Express [Mac]

30th January, 2013

People have always adapted technology to their creativity, and computers are no different. What originally started out as a gigantic calculator became a device for communication, office filing, and now, artwork. With Sketchbook Express for Mac, you can draw all kinds of pictures with the aid of a pen and stylus. Furthermore, it’s free, and although there’s a price for its older brother – Sketchbook Pro – you can use Sketchbook Express for more basic image creation.


FileSnack: Upload & Share Files Without The Distractions

29th January, 2013

Many file-sharing websites extensively use deceptive ads and tiered download speed rates. Unlike them, FileSnack is a web app designed to get past these distractions and offer people what they really want – downloads. The app skips the usual song-and-dance and goes straight to the files, and to sweeten the deal, the entire website is […]

Instagram 300x300

Instagram Requests Government-Issued IDs For Profile Verification [Updates]

29th January, 2013

Government ID requests issued by the Facebook-owned Instagram led to frustration and confusion across the Internet last week. Users flocked to Yahoo Answers with questions, concerned about a possible phishing attempt.


Take Your iPhone Photos To The Next Level With Adobe Photoshop Express [iPhone]

29th January, 2013

Adobe is already known for its amazing artistic applications like After Effects, Flash, and Photoshop. However, it has always typically established its home in the desktop realm. The company’s software was typically meant for professionals, and since most professionals do not use their iPhone to create work for clients, there was not much of a reason to venture away from this territory.

Portfoliogen: Create A Teacher Profile For Prospective Employers

28th January, 2013

Education is important, but finding a job is important, too. For educators in training, it can be a little tough in between all the tests, student teaching, and papers to create a solid online presence. However, Portfoliogen is a website with a goal to help those with that intent. All in all, the website doesn’t […]


Adobe Edge Inspect: Preview Web Designs On Your Mobile Device

27th January, 2013

Web developers aren’t just faced with the challenge of producing websites for a variety of browsers – they have mobile devices to worry about, too. Fortunately, there’s Adobe Edge Inspect, a free app for seamless desktop and mobile website comparisons. To make the app work, you’ll need three different downloads – the desktop app, the mobile […]