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Bookish: Read, Buy, And Get Recommendations With This Great Website

14th February, 2013

This collaborative project between Simon & Schuster, Hachette, and Penguin is designed for book-lovers everywhere. In a nutshell, Bookish is part book review publication, part bookstore, and part industry-saver. You’ll arrive on the homepage only to discover what appears to be a type of e-magazine. The homepage features updates on new releases that can be purchased on-site with […]


Will Emailing The Executives Of The Company Who Built Your Computer Really Help?

14th February, 2013

We live in a very personal world where PC brands try to connect with us on a more intimate level. Sure, it’s just another form of advertising, but with social networking, it’s easier than ever to get in touch with these companies for support, information on new features, and insight on future products. It’s all rather great, but shouldn’t we able to contact the head honchos of these businesses, too?


Apple Releases iOS 6.1.1 To iPhone 4S Devices [Updates]

13th February, 2013

Have you dealt with iPhone connectivity, battery life, and heating issues after the iOS 6.1 update? This has been a common complaint among users since Jan. 28. However, since Apple released its iOS 6.1.1 to users on Monday, your worries may soon fade away.


Img2tab: Open All Images On A Page In A New Tabbed Window (Chrome)

13th February, 2013

If you tend to mindlessly scroll through Reddit (or any other image-sharing site), merely looking at memes and ignoring actual, informative articles, you probably realize how repetitive opening these images can be. In fact, that goes double if you don’t use the Reddit Enhancement Suite. However, the Chrome extension Img2tab is a unique tool that […]


Sync RSS Feeds to Your iPhone With Byline

13th February, 2013

Byline is what I would consider to be a meta-reader. It takes your feeds from Google Reader (as well as Instapaper and Pocket), and converts each title to be readable on your iPhone. Of course, there are other apps that do the same thing, so in this case, it’s all about your flavor of choice. With that said, take a look at Byline, and see if you like it.


Your Last Email & Testament – What Happens To Your Data When You Die?

12th February, 2013

I know it’s a morbid subject, but the reality is that we live in a virtually immortal society. While our bodies may cease to exist, our virtual profiles go on appearing in emails, automatic notifications, and even advertisements. To the living, this can be a bit depressing, and in fact, when my grandfather died, the first action I took was to delete his Facebook account to protect my family’s morale. But what will you do to make the transition process easy on your loved ones?

Mind42: Clear Your Head With In-Browser Mind Mapping (Chrome)

11th February, 2013

Creating mind maps can easily be done on paper, but sometimes its easier to just focus on what you really need to do. With Mind42, you can use Google Chrome to create mind maps in minutes. The app is clean and user-friendly, and starting your first mind map is a breeze. All layout creation is […]


The Pirate Bay Documentary ‘Away From Keyboard’ Released, And It’s Free [Updates]

10th February, 2013

Simon Klose, the Swedish documentary and music video maker, wants you to pirate his film, TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard, and he’s not even kidding. His documentary about file-sharing website The Pirate Bay is available for sale, on YouTube (free), or via Pirate Bay torrent (also free). The documentary covers the stories of Pirate Bay administrators Fredrik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, and Peter Sunde as they handle their 2009 Sweden court case about civil and criminal copyright laws.


Macaulay Library: Listen To The World’s Largest Collection Of Wildlife Sounds

9th February, 2013

Cornell University’s Macaulay Library is the world’s largest and oldest collection of naturally occurring wildlife sounds, and it’s now completely digitized and available for you to listen to from your home computer. Consisting of about 150,000 sounds totaling out to be around 10 terabytes of data, the site offers around 7,513 hours of listening time. No, […]

InFocus Pro For iPhone: Manage Your Life With This All-In-One Productivity App

9th February, 2013

InFocus Pro is magnificent idea with a slightly rocky execution, but nevertheless, it could be usable by some. The app essentially pack five apps into one: a calendar, a list-maker, a to-do checklist creator, a project manager, and a note-taker. Three of those tools are quite similar to one another, but they are designed to […]


Smooth Key Scroll: Use Your Keyboard To Smoothly Scroll Websites

7th February, 2013

Using your keyboard for Internet browsing often leads to a jerky and annoying reading session. On the other hand, using your cursor can sometimes be just too much effort. You may be scoffing at me now, but I’m sure you’ve been in situations where this is the case. With Google Chrome’s Smooth Key Scroll, this […]


Collaborate With Neil Gaiman Using BlackBerry ‘Keep Moving’ Projects [Updates]

7th February, 2013

Fans will now have the opportunity to work with artists such as Neil Gaiman and Alicia Keys in collaborative projects. The series of projects was announced on Monday as part of the ‘Keep Moving’ campaign, a promotion for the Blackberry Z10 mobile device (formerly RIM).


Spraffl: Is Anonymous Local Networking The Way Of The Future?

7th February, 2013

After writing up a news article about Spraffl, I grew very curious about how it worked. The app is described as one that connects people to an “anonymous social experiment”. I chatted up a few of my peers about the peculiar piece of software, but all of the responses I received were fairly similar – “what’s the point?” Each person I spoke to offered very valid reasons. However, I still see some potential in Spraffl.


FirePlug: Read The News You Care About [iOS]

6th February, 2013

FirePlug is a unique feed aggregator that is both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly practical. The iPhone app offers various streams of content from different sources, letting users build and customize as they please. Upon first downloading, a quick, informative tutorial gives users a concise explanation of what the app actually does. Of course, an account […]

Skype Alternatives Intro

Skype For Mac: Video Call All Your Friends, Apple-Style [Mac]

6th February, 2013

There are already a few articles on MakeUseOf about the features available for Mac’s Skype such as its group video client, experience-enhancing tips, and even some shortcuts that you may not know about. However, we’ve never really talked about the app itself. Overall, Skype for Mac is an app that performs in a solid manner, and I have a feeling that I will end up using it time and time again.