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Quickfire: The Ultimate Playback App For Video Professionals (Mac)

10th March, 2013

Built into Quickfire are a slew of features that you don’t get with other video playback apps like the VLC Media Player. Because of this, the app makes it very easy for viewers to analyze and provide feedback on edited footage. Quickfire allows for you to add notes to videos, draw directly onto individual frames, […]


Twitter’s Mobile Apps Updated With Tweets From The Past, Better Search & More [Updates]

8th March, 2013

Twitter just released a new updates for its iOS and Android apps as well as its mobile site. The update was released on Wednesday, and a variety of new features are included. Most notably is the inclusion of older tweets in search results. Other features include topics and user suggestions for search queries, based on real-time tweets, easier viewing for long conversations in the details view, and a smoother pull-to-refresh animation.


PixelConduit: Create Live Video Effects On The Fly (Mac)

7th March, 2013

PixelConduit is a free app full of features for creating video effects. The app resides somewhere in the middle-ground between pre-visualization and post-production. To sum it up, let’s use a Hollywood analogy – it’s After Effects meets live television. The app functions by using a system of connected nodes, each node linking to an effect […]


MapQuest 4 Mobile: A Nice Throwback To Downloadable Maps [iPhone]

7th March, 2013

By now, if you’re a smartphone user (and yes, we know that some of you stay away from smartphones) you are already likely reliant on Google, Nokia, or Apple for your map-related needs. But why not kick it old school with MapQuest, the original travel assistant?

I remember when my family used MapQuest printouts for long trips from Tennessee to Montana and Colorado, and it’s a miracle we got by using just that.

SuperPhoto: Easily Add Effects & Filters To Your Photos [Mac]

7th March, 2013

The Instagram photo filter craze has taken over just about every smartphone out there, but for those of you who just can’t get enough, SuperPhoto is here to bring it to your Mac. SuperPhoto operates just about how you would expect it to – pick a photo, pick a filter, smash them together, and save […]


What Are Virtual Worlds & What Are Their Uses? [MakeUseOf Explains]

6th March, 2013

Virtual worlds are, in essence, meeting places. They aren’t video games, they aren’t chat rooms, and they aren’t social networks. They’ve been around for some time now, and chances are that you have stumbled upon one yourself. The premise of a virtual world is quite simple – users carry on social activities using their avatars in an open virtual environment. While not a video game, users may play games within the world.


Crackle: An App For Free Movies & TV Shows (And It’s Completely Legal)

5th March, 2013

The iPhone – as small as it is – can be a great platform for watching video on the go or while out of the house. However, most videos available for the little device are through the user-generated YouTube or paid subscription media services. Rarely will you find something good to watch for free. That’s where Crackle comes in, a handy little app with free Hollywood video content available to watch. No, we aren’t kidding.


Keka: An Easy-To-Use File Compressor For Your Mac

5th March, 2013

While it’s easy to archive things into a Zip file on your Mac, you may want to occasionally compress things into a different format. With the free app Keka, file compression is very easy. The app works primarily in two ways. Your first usage option will let you drop your desired file onto the Keka icon […]


Public Radio Player: Listen To Public Radio On The Go [iPhone]

3rd March, 2013

Public radio is a quality broadcast outlet that many people enjoy, and with the Public Radio Player app for iPhone, it’s easier than ever to tune in. The app lets you listen to your favorite local stations, access lots of others, and even download non-profit radio show recordings for free. Overall, it appears that the […]


Adobe Releases Photoshop Touch For Mobile [Updates]

1st March, 2013

Smartphone-using photography enthusiasts everywhere can now rejoice. Feature-heavy photo-editing app Adobe Photoshop Touch has finally made its way to iPhone and Android smartphones. After originally being available only for the iPad and Android tablets, the feature-filled app was released to smartphones on Thursday.

CoconutBattery: Your Mac Battery’s Health Simplified

28th February, 2013

Your Mac’s System Report may not offer you a whole lot of practical information concerning your battery‘s health. However, thanks to CoconutBattery, you can get a better visual understanding of how your battery is performing. The information provided is very similar as to what you would find in the System Report – details about your […]


Google Looking To Add Audio Indicators To Chrome [Updates]

28th February, 2013

Google is currently adapting Chrome to identify the annoying sound-emitting tab on your browser. This has always been a common nuisance among Internet users (especially when pesky autoplaying advertisements come around).


DrawCast: The Most Useful & Fun Drawing App For The iPhone

28th February, 2013

We’ve all been bored on the bus, at the doctor’s office, or in the cafeteria, and sometimes, just playing on our iPhones won’t do. Reddit? Psh. Fruit Ninja? No way. Ruzzle? Not right now. Occasionally, we all like to create, and with DrawCast, you can bring that kind of creative desire to your mobile device. The app is just shy of being like an actual paintbrush and canvas, and its features – though they may be few – are powerful.

SoundHound 300x300

SoundHound: The Ultimate Song Identification App [iPhone]

27th February, 2013

SoundHound for iPhone is an app that is perfect for finding the titles to your favorite songs on the radio, lyrics to the existing tunes in your library, and new music that you may have never even heard before. Pairing social interaction with technology like vocal recognition, the app is on its way to becoming one of the best general music apps on the market. With SoundHound, you’ll become the music genius that everyone loves.


5 Great Ways To Wind Up Telephone Scammers

26th February, 2013

For a while, there has been a trend that involves scammers posing as customer support and calling up innocent people only to falsely inform them that their computers have viruses. The scammers in question will then request for remote access to these computers, allowing them to acquire all kinds of information and data. Sometimes, they will even ask for personal information right over the phone. However, you can fight back.