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Joshua Lockhart is an okay web video producer and a slightly above mediocre writer of online content. You can fawn over his work here:

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7 Tips to Start Random Chats Worth Having

27th February, 2015

Omegle and Chatroulette are the Internet standards when it comes to having random conversations with strangers. We have a few ideas for you to enhance your random chat adventures. Here’s a big ol’ list.


Is Your YouTube Cover Song Legal?

30th January, 2015

A popular method for those desiring a quick-and-easy rise to stardom is by posting cover songs of popular music on YouTube. But consider this: what are the legal ramifications of covering a song?


From Beginner To Enthusiast: Replacing Your First Digital SLR

13th January, 2015

If you want to upgrade your digital SLR, then you should. But there may be a few things you need to consider before you part with your cash…


Working With Slow-Motion Video: Tips For The Editing Time Lord

22nd December, 2014

So you’ve shot some video at a high frame rate… what exactly should you do with it now?


How Does Slow-Motion Video Work & How Can I Shoot It?

15th December, 2014

Everyone wants to walk away from an explosion in slow motion. Fortunately, with today’s phones, it’s easier than ever.

Want That Cinema Look? How Dynamic Range Affects Video

14th December, 2014

What makes video shot on expensive cinema cameras so much better than what you can capture with an iPhone?


Artsy Accidents: 6 Creative Uses For Your Throwaway Digital Images

13th December, 2014

Accidental screenshots, Snapchat saves, and slips of the trigger finger in your camera app – all of these lead to unwanted digital images. Should you delete them? Not necessarily.


Here’s How Digital SLR Sensor Crop Affects Your Lenses

12th December, 2014

Most of us own cameras with small cropped sensors, which artificially increase focal lengths on full frame lenses. Here’s what you need to know.


How Safe Are Apps Like Kik, Yik Yak And Snapchat For Teens?

28th November, 2014

What’s safe for my child? Will they be safe on the Internet? Is this a safe app? The reality is that nothing is safe – it’s how you use it that makes it safe.


8 Tips For Editing Videos Like A Pro

31st October, 2014

If you’re just getting into the editing game, you may be confused as to what to do with the many millions of clips you have… well, we’re here to help.


5 Websites For Sending The Best Personalized Gifts You Can Think Of

7th October, 2014

Sending custom gifts will never get old, so we’ve put together a list of a few sites for you. From simple stickers all the way to custom 3D models, we’ve got you covered.


How To Write The Perfect Email For The Mobile Inbox

2nd September, 2014

Our world is full of big screens and small screens, but the question is this: how do we optimize messages for the small screen? Here are seven tips to keep things clear, concise, and civil.


5 Ways To Enrich Your Life By Developing A Sense Of Humor

24th August, 2014

Humor – oh, dearest humor. Without it, life would be much more dull, and the basic human function of laughter would be absolutely useless. How boring that world would be!


5 Methods To Transform Your Online Arguments & Make Them Stronger

22nd August, 2014

There is a smart way to argue constructively online. Take the help of these five concepts and bring your best words and best behavior to the table. Increase the value of your online arguments.


7 Practical Things You Should Do After Cracking Your Smartphone’s Screen

30th July, 2014

Perhaps a runaway elephant stepped on your recently dropped phone in a parking lot adjacent to the local zoo.