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How To Automatically Silence & Restore Your Phone To Ringer Mode [Android]

4th September, 2012

School is about to start for many of us, which means lots of repetitive taps to silence your phone every morning. Even if you’re not a student but are working instead, you probably also need to repeat this procedure every morning, unless you want to go through the embarrassment of your phone ringing during an important meeting. Why not automate the process and make life easier for yourself? With the following free apps, you definitely can.


3 Handy Built-In Notepad++ Features For Beginners [Windows]

28th August, 2012

This summer, I’ve used Notepad++ for my internship quite a bit, so I can see why almost all developers and programmers I know actually prefer it, not to mention, the thousand of Notepad++ fans that have made it such a popular product. Even though I still haven’t explored every single option that this featured-packed editor has, within a few weeks of daily use, I have already found more than a few handy features


3 Tried-And-True Tips For Buying Cheap Textbooks

23rd August, 2012

The start of my fall semester classes is approaching faster than I want, marking the inevitable end of a spectacular summer for me. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the process of getting ready for school like obtaining new supplies and textbooks. As a veteran textbook buyer, I get pretty cheap textbooks thanks to a few things I have learned from being in school for so long.


3 Money-Saving Activities You Can Learn From YouTube

21st August, 2012

Fancy some computer-related tutorials? You can find plenty on a variety of topics from awesome apps to programming languages on Youtube, but what about other non-technological activities that you might complete every week? Here I will be taking a look at a few hobbies you can pick up from Youtube that can actually save you money, which, let’s be honest, can be handy considering how some economies are (or have been) plunging lately.


10 Mega-Popular YouTube Cooking Channels By Cuisine

14th August, 2012

I didn’t realize I was following so many cooking channels until I saw Joshua’s list of great YouTube cooking channels to follow. I knew at least 5 of the 6 channels in his list so I thought I’d feature a few more which I consider excellent sources of recipes and cooking tips. What makes the following chefs distinctive is that they are masters in a specific type of cuisine. Some might have video recipes for different regions, but most are fairly consistent in their specialization.


3 More Free Games To Boost Your Brain Fitness [Android]

9th August, 2012

In a few weeks, summer will fade into autumn, bringing school and classes back into the lives of many of us netizens, who might be students. Academia will be taking over our lives before we know it so in order to set our brains back to heavy thinking and studying mode, what better than some fun games to boost brain fitness? There are many websites that have fun games with puzzles and test your memory.


5 Gorgeous Themes To Brighten Your Google Chrome Browser

2nd August, 2012

Most of us spend many hours on the web, browsing websites and prominently ignoring the looks of our web browser, which is fine since they usually don’t effect changes in our browsing behavior, in contrast to extensions and addons. However, much like changing your wallpaper, dressing up your browser might just brighten your day and even revive your attachment to your favorite browser or computer.


3 Free Jelly Bean Themes For Go Launcher EX [Android]

24th July, 2012

As always, new Android OS upgrades, whether significant or not, come with welcome additions and improvements, such as Google Now and awesome eye candy. For those of us that can’t or won’t upgrade to Android 4.1, there should be no room for concern as we can still get a taste of Jelly Bean all while […]


SuperSorter Clears Duplicate Bookmarks So You Don’t Have To [Chrome]

19th July, 2012

Quick, can you count how many bookmarks you have? If you’re super addicted to the Internet like most of us are, you probably can’t. You might not be able to count them but do you keep them synced and organized? With 4 different machines all throughout my apartment, I know I definitely try to categorize them for better organization.


4 Great Time-Saving Twitter Apps for Your Smartphone [Android]

17th July, 2012

Twitter users have a plethora of options when it comes to clients for their platform of choice. Many of these come with plenty of features for all use cases, including following new users, uploading photos, posting new tweets, etc. What if you don’t truly need all the features of a full client? Maybe your needs only encompass being able to upload pictures or posting new tweets?


2+ Excellent Apps For Reading Comics On Your Tablet [Android & iPad]

12th July, 2012

Summertime is pretty much the perfect time to indulge in reading your favorite genre or category of books. One popular these days is comic books, which make perfect sense to enjoy during your free days this summer. So this article is for tablet-owning users: recommendations to highly rated comic viewers, which you can use to read the great comics.


3 Online Resources To Learn About Android Application Development

10th July, 2012

Much like Ryan (who attributed his curiosity with Android app development to his love for his Android handset), I have been on a quest to find out how to make and finish an Android app. This search has included books in the beginning but due to the frequent updates of packages to download to accommodate new Android platform versions, books are usually outdated very quickly.


AirDroid – Send SMS, Share Links, Transfer Files & More [Android 2.1+]

3rd July, 2012

In the past, we have reviewed many apps that could make your Android phone even more spectacular. We do, in fact, have a great list of the best 100 Android apps we have encountered up to now, if you’re interested. Today, I will take a look at another extremely useful and slick looking Android app by the name of AirDroid.


Set Up A Multi-Party Online Meeting The Easy Way With AnyMeeting

26th June, 2012

There are many tools and services that can help bridge communication between remote parties in real-time these days. Facebook, Skype, Google Hangouts, you name it, there are endless ways to connect the masses. Depending on the needs of the users, these tools have come to integrate not just audio calls, but also webcam features, screen-sharing options, support for multiple users in a meeting and more.


2 Excellent & Useful Instapaper Apps You Can Make Use Of [Android]

21st June, 2012

Instapaper, the popular reading service that was once only available for iPhone/iPod Touch owners, is now available on Android. Even though the iOS app has seen numerous massive updates and thus, is more developed, it’s still great to be able to count with this popular app to save and optimize interesting articles for offline reading on your mobile device, e-book reader or even your desktop computer.