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Justin is a blogger, college student, tech nerd, soccer lover, and indie author of several young adult fantasy novels. Connect with him on his jdennis@makeuseof.com

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The Best All-In-One Messaging & Calling App For Android: Google Hangouts

2 days ago

What if there was one app that could do it all? Meet Google Hangouts for Android.


Learn Something New Every Day With Wikiwand

1 week ago

Wikipedia holds a vast wealth of knowledge, but it’s not exactly the most gorgeous website out there. Wikiwand allows you to effortlessly browse Wikipedia in a beautiful and highly functional modern interface.


The Best Android Apps

30th November, 2014

Looking for the best apps for your Android phone or tablet? This is our comprehensive, hand-picked list of the best apps for Android.


Lock/Unlock Your Android Device Without The Power Button – No Root Required!

24th November, 2014

Whether your power button is broken or you just don’t want to press it constantly, there is a way to turn your Android smartphone or tablet on and off without using it.


Get Immersive Mode For All Android Apps – No Root Required

10th November, 2014

Immersive Mode was one of the cooler features introduced in Android KitKat, but it was only introduced for certain apps. Now you can get Immersive Mode across all your apps!


Track Your Mileage, Fuel Costs And More With A Free OBD2 Device

3rd November, 2014

Nowadays, everything seems to be smart – except our cars. This free ODB2 device and app change that.


How To Get Facebook-Style Chat Heads For Hangouts In Chrome

31st October, 2014

Hangouts is a wonderful cross-platform messaging and video chat app, but this newest release straight from Google improves upon the app by offering Facebook-style “Chat Heads” on Chrome.


How To Run Android Apps in Chrome on Mac / Linux / Windows

13th October, 2014

It’s now possible to run Android apps in the Chrome browser — it just takes a little bit of work.


Pros & Cons Of A Windows 8 Tablet Vs. A Touchscreen Laptop

6th October, 2014

Windows 8 is a gift for touchscreen users. But some people prefer non-touch devices. Which option is right for you? It depends on what exactly you’re looking for.


Manage Start Screen Tiles & Modern Apps Like A Pro

30th September, 2014

Some things take time to grow on you. The Windows 8 Start Screen is one of them. I bet you’ll appreciate it more after learning about these tips and tricks.


Installing Chrome On Windows 8: Everything You Need To Know

25th September, 2014

Installing Chrome on Windows 8 isn’t as simple as you might think. Let’s run through a few of the choices you have and issues you might run into while trying to install it.


Post-It To Your Screen – 6 Sticky Note Apps For Windows

20th September, 2014

Post-its on your desktop or Start Screen can be extremely helpful for remembering small but important amounts of information. Stop cluttering up your desk and go digital with these fantastic sticky note apps.


Top 10 Emerging Technologies That Are Changing The World

15th September, 2014

From agriculture to medicine to energy, advancements are being made every day. Learn a little bit about these 10 emerging technologies that could directly affect your life within the next few years.


How To Find Awesome Gaming Conventions In Your Area

7th September, 2014

Gaming conventions, which can range from tiny local get-togethers to massive national events like E3 or GenCon, are a unique opportunity for gamers. Read on to learn how you can stay in the know about all your gaming convention options.


7 Ways The Wii U Is Better Than The Xbox One And PS4

2nd September, 2014

While the battle between the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One rages on, a third competitor watches from the sidelines: the Wii U.