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James is a keen gamer, and records Technophilia - an awesome but somewhat NSFW technology podcast - weekly with Justin and Dave.

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Holiday Shopping List: For The Home Entertainment Centre Nut

9th December, 2013

Prices for these gifts range from $35 to $3500, so you’re sure to find something here to suit every budget.


Holiday Shopping List: For The Geeks Who Never Grew Up

6th December, 2013

It’s with pleasure I present you with this list of super gifts for the geek who never grew up. Mum, I hope you’re reading this.


Survive An Apocalypse: Setting Up A Complete Emergency Survival Kit

3rd December, 2013

The apocalypse will need to be documented with Facebook updates and Twitter hashtags for future generations to fully enjoy – so how are you planning to do that with no power or Internet connectivity?


Think Twice about Buying a PlayStation: How Getting Hacked Made My PSN Content Useless

29th November, 2013

My story begins sometime around the American launch of the PlayStation 4. I hadn’t turned my PlayStation on for about a week having been bowled over in work – I needed a break. I’d bought the new Call of Duty, and while it isn’t exactly the best sequel ever, it’s what I turn to for a bit of R&R. Don’t judge me!


Garmin Head-Up Display (HUD) Review and Giveaway

28th November, 2013

Do you want a car like K.I.T.T. from Knightrider? Well, you can’t have one, but the Garmin Head-Up Display (HUD) dashboard-mounted windshield projector might take you one step closer to the car of the future.


6 Uses For An Old Laser Pointer

26th November, 2013

Here are 6 things do with a laser pointer once you’re all pointed out.


The Geek’s Holiday Gift Guide (Under $50)

24th November, 2013

Holidays are coming and there’s never been a more exciting time to be a geek. So here’s my selection of fantastic geeky gifts for under $50 – gadgets needn’t be expensive.


Pew Pew! How To Build A Laser Turret With An Arduino

20th November, 2013

Are you bored? Might as well build a laser turret.


8 Awesome Couch Co-Op Games To Play When Family Comes To Visit

19th November, 2013

“Family friendly” is sometimes a label applied to video games that might otherwise be described in a polite manner as “not very good at all”. Most developers see the family market as easy to please – they’re only kids and old people after all – so the budget and effort that gets spent on AAA […]


(mt) Media Temple Grid Hosting Review and Giveaway

14th November, 2013

(mt) Media Temple is not your average website hosting company, and their Grid shared hosting service is miles beyond any shared hosting I’ve ever used.


How To Use An Arduino To Shoot Beautiful High-Speed Photography

9th November, 2013

Smashing wine glasses and popping balloons is obviously fun in and of itself – that’s just how I roll. But combined with a DSLR camera and an Arduino, it can also make for some interesting photographs. That’s exactly what we’ll be doing today. Project Basics There are two parts to this project really – the […]


HP Chromebook 11 Review and Giveaway

8th November, 2013

The HP Chromebook 11 is the latest offering, a partnership between HP and Google with an 11-inch screen and 6-hour battery.


The Ultimate Guide to Solving 500 Internal Server Errors and Blank White Pages in WordPress

5th November, 2013

The 500 Internal Server Error is the most unhelpful and nondescript bane of web developers everywhere. It’s a catch-all error message that can literally mean anything. Sometimes, your WordPress site gives no error at all and just shows a blank page. How on earth are you supposed to figure out what’s wrong? It happens to […]


8 Amazing Halloween Frights You Can Make With An Arduino

30th October, 2013

Learning electronics with an Arduino is fun, but using one to scare the life out of trick-or-treating children is just downright heavenly.


WordPress Is Slow – Do Something About That With These 10 Steps

29th October, 2013

Wordpress is an amazing CMS that has opened the world of publishing to everyone, but it can also be horribly slow. Here are a few plugins and server-level changes you can make to give your site an instant speed boost. Strap in, and please keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times. […]