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James is a keen gamer, and records Technophilia - an awesome but somewhat NSFW technology podcast - weekly with Justin and Dave.

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Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station Review and Giveaway

25th October, 2013

Today, I’ll be putting the Apple AirPort Extreme through its paces, seeing how much of a benefit I’ll achieve over the top tier router supplied by my cable company.


WordPress Killer? Welcome To Ghost (and How to Install it on a Raspberry Pi)

24th October, 2013

Keep blogging simple. Ghost is a new blogging platform built upon Node.js. Unlike WordPress, which has become a real behemoth of a CMS over the years and runs on outdated PHP/MySQL technology, Ghost promises to simplify things right back to where they began: pure, unadulterated blogging. Main Features Ghost began as a Kickstarter last year […]


5 Ways to Tilt-Shift Your Photos for Model-tastic Mockups

20th October, 2013

Tilt-shifting is a popular way of presenting digital photos which “miniaturises” a scene – giving the impression it’s a toy or model diorama. Several tools now exist which can help you apply this effect to existing photos, so let’s take a look at your options. Fundamentals Before we get into the tools themselves, it’s important […]


Autographer Camera Review and Giveaway

17th October, 2013

In essence, Autographer is a wearable life-logging camera, but the addition of a sensor array and algorithm takes it to a higher level.


5 Horrifying Oculus Rift Demos Perfect For Halloween

15th October, 2013

Relive your favorite scariest movie – it’s the immersive properties of the Oculus Rift that make it precisely so great for gaming, and particularly horror.


What Is Connected Lighting & What Are Its Uses?

14th October, 2013

The Internet of things is upon us, and its next victim is your household light bulb.


Make Interactive Image Labels with qTip (jQuery Plugin)

10th October, 2013

Images can be pretty lifeless and boring – unless they’re interactive and awesome, that is. And qTip makes this easy, with the power of jQuery. Read on to find out how you can add interactive labels that appear when the user hovers over parts of an image. Why would you want to do this? Personally, […]


How To Pick The Right Receiver For Your Home Theater Needs

9th October, 2013

AV receivers are combined amplifiers and input selectors – a crucial component of a home theater system. They switch between all your HiFi and TV components, drive your surround sound speakers, and send the video signal out to the TV. That’s basically it – they are the central hub all of your AV equipment. Yet […]


What’s the Best Way to Calculate the Value of Your Website?

4th October, 2013

“Worth” is a difficult thing to define. My father often told me that something is only worth what someone else will actually pay for it – but if you’re trying to sell your website, what’s a reasonable figure to ask for or expect at auction? Right now, I’m fairly certain I could sell my little […]


Introducing the TV Devil, An Easy Remote Control Arduino Prank

2nd October, 2013

Hide this in your living room and laugh as the TiVo box is seemingly possessed by a demon that demands to watch cheesy shopping channels. Whether your ultimate goal is to turn off every TV in the neighbourhood or build a universal Siri-controlled remote, this project serves as a great starting point to learn the […]


5 Reasons Your Site Isn’t Successful

26th September, 2013

I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but your website sucks. Here’s why. WordPress and other free blogging platforms have ensured that anyone can start a website; but making a successful one is another question entirely. We’ve already covered 10 essential first steps to take with WordPress, some ideas on how you can go about […]


How To Capture Time-Lapse Photography With Your Raspberry Pi and DSLR or USB Webcam

25th September, 2013

Time-lapse photography can really give you a sense of how the world works on a macroscopic level, beyond anything conceivable to the normal human experience of time.


Build Your Own Cloud Storage with Raspberry Pi and BitTorrent Sync

16th September, 2013

Don’t believe the hype: the Cloud is far from secure. But have no fear – now you can roll out your own private, unlimited, and secure cloud storage platform.

Why The Latest iPhone Announcement Was More Significant Than You Think [Opinion]

13th September, 2013

Another underwhelming iPhone was announced: the same size, the same basic features, and it doesn’t even make your morning cup of coffee yet. Sigh.


Can You Really Be Anonymous Online?

12th September, 2013

We all have things we’d rather not tell the world about. I think it’s time we clear up a few things about anonymity online — and answer once and for all, whether it’s really possible.