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How To Make Your Own Events Listing Using Custom Post Types [WordPress]

8th July, 2011

One of the advantages to using Wordpress is its sheer flexibility. Version 3 introduced the concept of Custom Post Types to extend the built-in functionality. Let’s take a look today at what you could do with them, as well as a quick practical example of how to create an events listing using a Custom Post Type called Event.


The New Features In WordPress 3.2 & Why You Should Upgrade

6th July, 2011

If you haven’t noticed already from your blog dashboard, Wordpress has just released version 3.2, the next major release. Quite a lot has changed, so let’s take a closer look at why you might want to upgrade. There’s a whole host of speed and UI improvements awaiting you, as well as a brand new default theme.


8 Reasons Why I Switched To A Mac

3rd July, 2011

I’ve been using Macs for about 5 years now, and before that I was a 100% Windows and PC guy. What happened exactly? Why did I switch? Without wishing to start a flame war, here are 8 reasons why I now buy into “the Apple way”.


How To Backup Your Mac With A Homemade Time Capsule

1st July, 2011

After losing some fairly important accounting files recently, I realised that my backup strategy is quite flawed. Although I take a weekly bootable backup of my Mac, that doesn’t really help when I deleted the file I want a few weeks ago. To do that, I would need to make use of Apple’s built-in Time Machine functionality.


The Top 5 Websites For iPad App Reviews

29th June, 2011

Finding good iPad apps in these new fangled app marketplaces is hard enough at the best of times, so let me show you 5 of the best sites I use to find great iPad apps and those little hidden gems, without having to trawl through the entire app store.


How To Find And Watch YouTube 3D content

26th June, 2011

Love it or hate it, 3D is here to stay. It’s a natural progression of visual displays, and I’m kind of bored of hearing it’s a fad. So let’s take this opportunity to look at something which is in fact, quite clearly a fad – yes, YouTube in 3D.


What iCloud Is & Why It Changes Everything [Mac]

24th June, 2011

Perhaps the biggest announcement made by Apple at the recent WWDC was that of iCloud, but many people are understandably not sure what it is. Is it a streaming media service? Is it a Dropbox clone? What’s this about wireless syncing? If you find yourself a little confused and wondering why you’d even want iCloud, and how much it’s going to cost, then read on to have all the answers revealed!


SimpleShare: A Cross-Platform Easy Sharing Tool With 5GB Free

22nd June, 2011

SimpleShare is a Mac and Windows based app for sharing files, screenshots and screencasts across the box.net cloud storage system. We’ve shown you a simple hack for direct right-click in Windows uploading before, but this new free app makes the process even simpler. Best of all it’s available for both Windows and Mac, and it’s a joy to use.


The Next Steps On The Road To Becoming A CSS Jedi Master

19th June, 2011

CSS is absolutely one of the most important technologies around on the Internet today, and while most people admit to knowing a little HTML, we are generally clueless about CSS. Last time I introduced you to the absolute beginner steps required to learning how to style websites with CSS. Today I’d like to point you in the right direction for where to go next.


5 Baby Steps To Learning CSS & Becoming A Kick-Ass CSS Sorcerer

17th June, 2011

CSS is the single most important change webpages have seen in the last decade, and it paved the way for the separation of style and content. In the modern way, XHTML defines the semantic structure – the meaning and content of the webpage, while CSS concerns itself with the presentation. While most of us are comfortable writing a little HTML, we seem to think that CSS is some kind of black magic.


5 Ways To Increase Your Torrent Download Speed

15th June, 2011

For many people, the distributed peer-to-peer download power of torrents isn’t all it’s made out to be. If you’re feeling drowned in fake files, choking from ISP speed throttling, and sick of being told you’re unconnectable – this guide is for you. We’ll have your torrent downloads in tip-top shape in no time. If you follow everything I show you here, your torrent overview screen should soon be capable of looking like this.


5 High Quality & Free iPad Games

12th June, 2011

When you talk about free games on the iPad – let’s face it, they aren’t always the same quality as you might expect from a paid-for game. Admittedly, sometimes they’re actually better though. Today I’ve chosen to focus on high quality games that are either premium, used to be paid-for, or are simply of fantastic quality.


How To Make Your Own CinemaGraph In Photoshop CS5

10th June, 2011

Cinemagraphs are small animated GIF files created from a movie, that capture a tiny moving section of that movie in a forever looping sequence. See the sample to the left if you have no idea what I’m talking about, or check out Tim’s upcoming article on the 5 best blogs to find Cinemagraphs. Today I’m going to show you how to make your own from a movie file, using Photoshop CS5 Extended.


7 Amazing New Features You Can Expect To See In iOS 5 [Mac]

8th June, 2011

The iPhone and iPad are still the leading devices in the mobile and tablet market, and with the announcement of the next major version of the iOS, I see no end to their dominance. Let’s take a look at some of the awesome new features that have been revealed for iOS 5 which is scheduled for release this autumn.


9 Easy Ways To Never Get A Virus

5th June, 2011

It’s a curious fact that the people who are most worried about viruses get them more often. With a little basic training you can completely avoid the problem of viruses and malware, so you can calm down and enjoy the internet!