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Proud new Dad, James is obsessive about his Arduino and Oculus Rift.

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the ubi featured

Voice Control All the Things: the Ubi Review and Giveaway

1 week ago

Ubiquitous computing is now a thing: what was once confined to a desk or laptop has found its way into our pockets, our wrists, and even in front of our eyeballs. The Ubi – a relatively harmless looking kitchen appliance that you can talk to – wants to add itself to that list. The Ubi is not unique: […]


7 Creative Uses for Colored LED Home Automation Lighting

1 week ago

Turning on your lights automatically is certainly cool, but it doesn’t take advantage of the full spectrum of colors available with RGB lighting. For that, we need to get creative.


Infrared Everywhere: Extending Harmony Ultimate Remote to Multiple Rooms

2 weeks ago

The Harmony Ultimate series is a fantastic bit of kit which simplifies the mass of remote controls in your living room, and can be reprogrammed to control anything which works off infrared.

canary home security (featured)

Canary Home Security System Review and Competition

17th April, 2015

Canary is finally here: “the first smart security device for everyone”. Is it the last word in affordable home security and monitoring systems, or just another overpriced and glorified webcam?


How to Control Philips Hue Lights from an Arduino (and Add a Motion Sensor)

10th April, 2015

Today I’ll be showing you how to control your Hue lights from an Arduino – then adding a simple motion sensor.


Everything You Need to Know About Home Networking

28th March, 2015

Setting up a home network is not as hard as you think it is.

brilens ls1280 projector featured

Brilens LS1280 Laser Projector Review and Giveaway

9th March, 2015

Fresh from CES2015, Brilens have launched the first ever projector equipped with a hybrid laser-LED bulb: long lasting and zero maintenance in a small and portable package.


Why Piracy Is Funded By Deceptive Ads, Porn And Malware

2nd March, 2015

Fake download buttons, pop-under ads, porn, and maybe even some malware. Just why is piracy funded by these kind of ads?

asustor as7004t nas featured

ASUSTOR AS7004T NAS and Media Center Review and Giveaway

19th February, 2015

Convergence happens often in the world of technology, where one product category is subsumed by another – remember those phones that only made voice calls? Or the dedicated mp3 player that didn’t even have an internet connection? Me neither. Network Attached Storage however has generally remained as just that – a big box with some hard […]

snake clamp featured

Hold Anything, Anywhere: Snake Clamp Review and Giveaway

6th February, 2015

SnakeClamp is an American company with one simple mission: to help people and companies hold what they need, right where they need it.

led pixel display - featured

Weekend Project: Build a Giant LED Pixel Display

2nd February, 2015

I love LED pixels: bright, easy to control, cheap, and so versatile. Today, we’ll be turning them into a big pixel display that can be hung on the wall.

ion block party live (featured)

ION Block Party Portable Speaker Review and Giveaway

16th January, 2015

Apparently, you can fit an entire party into a portable speaker; excluding the people and cheetos. At least, that’s exactly what Ion have done with their newest device – the Block Party Live.

featured - 1sheeld

1Sheeld, The Ultimate Arduino Shield Review and Giveaway

29th December, 2014

A single Arduino shield that can link with an Android device and provide a multitude of sensors and advanced functions? Yep – that’s a thing now. The 1Sheeld, in fact.


The History Of The Pirate Bay: Will It Return?

26th December, 2014

The world’s most resilient BitTorrent site has been shut down shut down. Again. Will it return – and does it even matter?


5 Creative Toys For Budding Young Geeks

9th December, 2014

If you’re putting your child on a fast track to geeky world domination, you’ll need some toys to help them along the way. These creative toys should be just the thing.