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3 Top Sites For Cool Games Using Your Hands

3 Top Sites For Cool Games Using Your Hands

26th October, 2009

What do you do when the XBox 360 has gone down, your Nintendo DSi is on the fritz, and even your board games aren’t around because you sold them at your yard sale? You and some friends, sitting around on your thumbs is no way to spend Saturday night. What you need are Hand Games! […]


3 Free Microsoft Software Offerings You Might Not Know

23rd October, 2009

The best things in life are free. How trite. I think the best things in life are free things that don’t suck from a company that gets picked on a lot. Don’t worry, I’m not standing up for Microsoft. They’ve got broad shoulders and can take care of themselves. You should know, however, that Microsoft […]


Free Software Apps to Limit Your Kids’ Online Time

21st October, 2009

Tomorrow evening, just after dinner, I’d like you to do me a favour. All of you. When you get up from the supper table, go look out your window and count the number of kids playing outside. If you see more than 3, count your blessings. Chances are, you won’t see any. Now think back […]


How Does A Digital Camera Work? [Technology Explained]

19th October, 2009

The digital camera is another great example of a technology we take for granted. Because we had film-based cameras for so long, the idea of capturing an image isn’t that miraculous to us any more. So, with  the natural progression of technology making picture taking more and  more instant, we all seemed to just kind of […]



14th October, 2009

Every travel destination has its fans – people that say, “You should go!” What if the person that says you should go just loves to sit in a pool and drink all day? (not that that’s a bad thing!) But, let’s say it’s not your thing. Where can you find travel recommendations from people like […]


Top Five Superhero Fan Web Sites

12th October, 2009

Doesn’t it seem like the world could use a superhero right now? One who would do what they said they’d do. One who would help end wars and roust out the real criminals; not just the street-level punks, but the people that turn the world upside down daily. We have the super villains, but where […]


How Does a Router Work? [Technology Explained]

10th October, 2009

Lately, the Technology Explained articles have talked about the Internet and communications in general. This article will add to that series by explaining a very important piece of equipment – the router. In order for a computer to connect to more than one other computer, you need a router or a hub. Two very different […]


Understanding The Internet Speed [Technology Explained]

7th October, 2009

Have you ever done a speed test on your Internet connection? A lot of people have, and they see Internet speed numbers like 500 kbps or 2 Mbps or sometimes even higher numbers. Then they turn around try to watch a streaming video on YouTube and the video stutters or stops for seconds at a […]


5 Best Sites To Check For Company Product Recalls

30th September, 2009

How many garage sales have you had, or been to, that have had items for sale that were recalled by the manufacturer? You don’t know do you? I know I don’t. Did you know that in the United States of America, you could be fined up to $15 million for selling recalled items? According to […]


Top 5 Sites With Future Predictions About The World

28th September, 2009

Does anyone remember a commercial that said, “The future is now”? Seems like an odd thing to say, especially if you have any grasp of physics. Yet, the statement is not entirely without merit. As far as technology goes, the future is, indeed, now. What is being created and tested in research and development labs […]

How Does RFID Technology Work? [Technology Explained]

How Does RFID Technology Work? [Technology Explained]

26th September, 2009

As a self-confessed tin-hatter and someone who has worked with asset management and inventory controls, I’ve got a lot of interest in RFID technology. Why the tin-hatter bit? I’ll get to that in a few paragraphs. First off, you need to know what RFID is an initialization of – Radio Frequency Identification Tag. The initialization […]


5 Best Sites For Free Halloween Do-It-Yourself Projects

23rd September, 2009

The leaves are starting to change where I am, and the nights grow longer and colder across the plains. The deer are retreating deeper into the woods with furtive glances across the now harvested fields that they recently dined on. The joy of returning to school and seeing friends has quickly sublimated to the normal […]


5 Great Sites with Free Video Lectures from Top Colleges

21st September, 2009

Learning is a pursuit which can only be positive for us. Even if we learn something that we don’t think we need to know, it may serve you in an unexpected way at some point in your life. Not all of us can stay in school forever though, so I present to you some of […]

What Are Computer Chips Made Out Of? [Technology Explained]

What Are Computer Chips Made Out Of? [Technology Explained]

19th September, 2009

If you’ve ever wondered, “What are computer chips made out of?” – That’s a tougher question than one might think. A computer chip is any small electronic device that contains an integrated circuit (IC). What that means is if you look at an ordinary electronic circuit, like the copper lines on the green boards in […]


What is Tracking Cookie? All You Need To Know.

16th September, 2009

To some degree, we’re all familiar with cookies as they relate to websites. Most of you are aware that they are out there and serve some purpose. Some of you know that websites use them to store information locally on your computer. There are also those cookies that track information about you and your web […]