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Best Android Remote Desktop Apps Compared: Which Is Right For You?

20th November, 2013

There are any number of reasons why you might want to use your Android device for Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) access to a Windows computer.


Beat The Thieves – Keep Your Tech Secure At Home

13th November, 2013

You don’t have to live in fear. The key to keeping your gadgets secure is simple, ordinary, camouflage.


4 Android Apps You Need to Manage Your Own Business

9th November, 2013

Your business is on the grow, you are on the go! How do you manage it all without being tied to the desk?


Dead USB Port? Here’s How to Diagnose and Fix It!

17th October, 2013

When your USB port stopped working, did you just plug your device into another one? Well, you might need that port one day! The fix could be easy, so let’s give it a try.


Resetting Your Device? Find the Default Username and Password

9th October, 2013

Someone performed a factory reset on their wireless router and now they’re calling you for help. “I don’t remember the username or password!” they lament. As the go-to tech person for all your friends, you know what it is, or at least where to find it, right? You do, right?! Don’t worry if you don’t […]


Enable Dyslexics to Read Better with Dyslexie

4th October, 2013

Could changing the font really help dyslexics?


Find Free Birthday Gifts for Family and Friends

3rd October, 2013

Free. That’s my favourite brand of anything! It’s probably your favourite too. You know what’s even better than plain old free stuff? Free stuff on YOUR BIRTHDAY! Around where I live, there are a couple restaurants that offer a free meal or dessert on your birthday. I know, they just want you and and fifty […]


Emergency Battery Hack – Make an AAA Battery Work as an AA Battery

10th September, 2013

Did your TV remote control suddenly go dead? Wireless mouse died near the end of your term paper? Need AA batteries and all you have are AAA? I’ve got a quick hack for you to get you through those last minutes until you can get to the shops for some proper batteries. Time needed is about 5 minutes, supplies needed cost about 50 cents – not including your AAA batteries. You may very well have all these items on hand.


Gadgeteer – Microsoft’s Hardware Hacking Platform You Haven’t Heard Of

4th September, 2013

Microsoft is still in the innovation business. If you don’t think so, you haven’t heard about Microsoft’s open source electronics prototyping platform called Gadgeteer. You read that right – Microsoft and Open Source in the same sentence. Wanted to build a little invention you had in mind? Maybe you’re already programming C# and would like to work with some different hardware. Are you a technology teacher looking for a platform with which to teach? From the student to the professional, Gadgeteer can help you make your ideas a reality.


Myth Debunked: 5 Gadgets You Don’t Actually Need For School

28th August, 2013

Need. Want. One is a four letter word and the other is a necessity. Listen up and heed this old man’s words as I get you set to go back to school, do some real learning, and save thousands of dollars by not buying into this computer fad. Look at me! I got an iPhone! Look at me! I can film my lectures! Look at me! I made a spreadsheet that does my arithmetic for me!


What Can You Learn From An Email Header (Metadata)?

13th August, 2013

Did you ever get an e-mail and really wondered where it came from? Who sent it? How could they have known who you are? Surprisingly a lot of that information can be from from the e-mail header, or by using info from the email header to do some detective work. Today, we’re just going to focus on how to unhide the header in Gmail, and then look at what we can glean from the header.


3 Baby-Proofing Tips to Stop Babies and Toddlers from Ruining Your Tech

13th August, 2013

Did you read our article, At What Age Should Kids Be Exposed To Technology? You should. Dave Parrack did a great job of compiling the results. Here’s the thing – kids going to introduce themselves to technology, and chances are it’s going to be when you aren’t looking! If you’ve got kids, you know that […]


3 Ways To Make Your Smartphone Communications More Secure

12th August, 2013

Total privacy! Or so we think, as our words and information went flying through the air. Not so: First it’s word of warrantless wiretapping, then it’s word of newspapers, lawyers, insurers and more hacking your communications, who’s next? How do we stop this? Unfortunately, laws are very after the fact, so you need to take some measures right now. This is where we look at how to secure your smartphone communications to make cherry-picking your information a lot harder.


4 Alternatives To The Pebble Watch

8th August, 2013

The Pebble E-Paper Watch (which we’ve just reviewed and will be giving away) has a lot of interesting functions, is highly customizable, and raised over $1 million within 28 hours of being put on Kickstarter. Maybe the Pebble isn’t exactly what you want though. Maybe you’d like a different look or functionality. Money talks, and these other smartwatch innovators are ready to listen. Some of these are concepts and some are already on the market! Which one do you want? Maybe all of them?


Cyber Bullying Unmasked – The Tragic Case Of Cassidy

24th June, 2013

Kids can be cruel. Almost as cruel as so-called grown-ups. That cruelty has found its way on to the web and into the lives of countless young people who thought they might be able to escape the harassment by enjoying their on-line pursuits. It is very likely this is the story of an untold number of girls and boys the world over.