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4 Very Light Alternatives to Adobe Reader

3rd June, 2009

Adobe Reader and the Portable Document Format (PDF) were a boon to Internet communications when first introduced. Finally, there was a way of sharing documents while preserving the formatting, regardless of the word processor software you used to create it. As time went on and PDF popularity increased, for some reason the Adobe Reader seemed […]


4 Sites To Help You Find Cheap, Even Free Real Estate

30th May, 2009

First thing’s first – there is no such thing as free land. You might find free or amazingly cheap land, but there are always conditions. Often, the government offering the land requires you to build a permanent structure that conforms to their specifications. You may also have to pay to get services such as water, […]


Browse, Download & Install Freeware Easily With FreeWareUpdater

27th May, 2009

With all the downloading, reviewing, testing and occasionally, publishing of freeware that I do, you would think I would have seen this sooner. FreeWareUpdater is a simple, yet very effective tool for people who like freeware. Note, personal ethics and the laws of the nation require that I disclose to you the fact that I […]


Download Blogs For Offline Reading with BackStreet [Windows]

25th May, 2009

Normally, I would stay away from anything named BackStreet. Just sounds shady. Yet, I find myself going camping this weekend where there is no Internet connectivity. Egads! Gadzooks! Whatever shall I do? Well, I found me a great blog that I like to read and I’m going to download the entire blog for offline reading. […]


How To Become a Paranormal Investigator [Best Sites]

23rd May, 2009

In case you don’t understand what I mean by ‘paranormal investigator’, I mean someone who tries to figure out if ghosts, spirits or other alleged phenomenon are responsible for certain events. When I first saw the term, I thought of Dirk Gently, the holistic detective from Douglas Adams’ books. Turns out he was just an […]


How to Automate Mundane Tasks with AutoIt

20th May, 2009

AutoIt allows you to perform a series of actions and saves a snapshot of the actions. It’s called a macro in geek-speak. Then by simply invoking that macro, the same series of actions is taken again, identical to the first time you did it. Yet, this time all you did was click one icon. If Homer […]


Wolfram Alpha – A Step Closer to Star Trek’s Computer

18th May, 2009

It always amazed me how the crew of the Enterprise could just bark out a question and get a definitive answer right away. “Computer, can I catch anything from green women?” “Yes, so take protection, Captain.” So, Kirk straps on the phaser. If only we had that kind of computational technology today, think of the […]


5 Awesome Do-It-Yourself Sites

16th May, 2009

I like to make stuff. Or as my wife says, I like to plan to make stuff, occasionally buy stuff to make stuff with but never really make stuff. Of course, she’s correct in her analysis. So when I get down to planning to not make stuff, I look to my old friend the World […]


Top 10 Conspiracy Web Sites

13th May, 2009

At MakeUseOf  (MUO as those in the know call it) I’m pretty much the resident conspiracy theorist. So, in a loose way, I am uniquely qualified to bring to you the Top 10 Conspiracy Web Sites. Let’s put on our tin foil or armadillo hats an take a stroll down manic-depressive lane shall we? 10. […]


Test Windows 7 RC on a Virtual Machine [Part 2]

12th May, 2009

Since my last article you’ve been sitting there with your freshly installed virtual machine, just waiting with baited breath to install Windows 7 Release Candidate. Wait no more, my friend, wait no more. Now we’ll install Win7RC on your virtual machine. Step 1 – Download the Windows 7 Release Candidate ISO Head on over to […]

Test Windows 7 RC on a Virtual Machine [Part 1]

Test Windows 7 RC on a Virtual Machine [Part 1]

9th May, 2009

In the past, beta’s and release candidates would normally be released to IT professionals who had an extra computer kicking around to test things like this on. Yet, what if you just have the one computer at home and really want to test Win7RC, what do you do? Here’s the answer and it’s not as scary as you might think. Install a virtual machine (VM).


3 Remarkable File Recovery Tools

6th May, 2009

Have you been recently separated from a loved file? Bereaved the loss of that special database or text file? Maybe you just stopped seeing your saved images, or your significant digits ran off without notice. I’ve got just the mate for you to help you recover from your loss. Welcome to the Data Game!  So, […]


How To Use Xirrus To Figure Out WiFi Network Problems

1st May, 2009

For some unknown reason, my WiFi connection at home drops out. Sure, it drops when the microwave is turned on high, but I understand that. It’s the plate in my head. I pee my pants and forget who I am for about a half-hour or so……Yet, there are other times when nothing seems to change […]


Plan Walking Routes with Gmaps Pedometer

27th April, 2009

A little while back I wrote about how I’m trying to change shape from something like a sphere to more of an upside-down triangle. I’ve got my tunes all adjusted for the pace, now I just need my walking routes. It’s been three years since I’ve done any jogging or walking for exercise, so I’d […]


5 English Foreign Newspapers That You Should Read

23rd April, 2009

Before the flaming starts, let me qualify that headline – I mean ‘foreign’ as in ‘foreign to me’. Yes, the web is worldwide and you may be reading from one of the countries that I reference. That’s cool. Welcome. The goal of this article is driven by the axiom that when there are two opposing […]