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Android Section Editor for MakeUseOf; Web developer; nerd. Apart from writing at MakeUseOf, you can also find him at Playboard, PCWorld, and at his own cubbyhole at tweets.

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Android Apps on Sale for 12 December: Draw Something 2, Monopoly, and a Game Where You Punch Bears

13th December, 2013

Have you ever wanted to punch a bear… in the mouth?


Enjoy Curated Music Mixes And Discover Great Artists On 8tracks

9th December, 2013

Unlimited streaming music, for free, legally available all over the world, and with no audio ads. Have I got your attention yet? Dive into one of the best music websites in existence.


Android Apps on Sale for 5 December: Action Launcher, Star Command & SunVox

6th December, 2013

This week the unique Action Launcher Pro can be had at a great price, as well as a powerful great music creation tool, and a game where you get to fly a space shuttle.


VSCO Cam For Android, Reviewed: A Hipster Haven, Or What Instagram Should Have Been?

5th December, 2013

Here’s a novel idea: Take pictures with your phone, then apply filters to make them look old-timey. What? Heard this one before? VSCO Cam takes it to the next level.


Twidere: A Free, Open-Source Twitter Client With Lots of Power and Ambition

5th December, 2013

A powerful Twitter client for free — what’s not to like?


Pocket 5 For Android: A Polished Way To Save Content To Read Later

2nd December, 2013

The Web is full of cats. Seriously, they’re everywhere. So are other silly memes and many other things conspiring to steal your attention. So how do you make time to read the good stuff?


Android Apps on Sale for 26 November: Cut The Rope HD, Spirits, Plex, and More

26th November, 2013

This week, all-time favorite Cut the Rope HD is on sale, as well as indie hit Spirits, a great real-time strategy game, and more.


Sony DSC-QX100 Smartphone Attachable Lens Review and Giveaway

26th November, 2013

This is $498 camera… without a viewfinder or a screen. And we’re giving it away!


Tweetings, Reviewed: One Of The Best, Most Customizable Twitter Clients for Android Today

25th November, 2013

Twitter is loud. It is noisy, messy, fast, and random. But it can also be wonderfully human, inspiring, informative, and rewarding. It all depends on how you use it.


The Smithsonian’s X 3D Project Brings Rare Artifacts To Life, In Your Browser

24th November, 2013

Enter the Smithsonian with an ambitious project that showcases incredibly accurate 3D scans of many of its artifacts, so that we can all experience them for free from the comfort of our homes.


Enjoy Free, Unlimited Streaming Music On The Go With InfiniTracks for Android

19th November, 2013

While 8Tracks remains just as wonderful as ever on the Web, you may want to listen to it when you’re on the go, which is where InfiniTracks comes in.


Android Apps on Sale for 14 November: Super Hexagon, Tunable & Neon Shadow

14th November, 2013

This week we’ve found a classic (but super-hard) game, a great app for musicians, and an intense first-person shooter.


SmartGoals for Android Helps You Set Realistic Goals, Measure and Attain Them

13th November, 2013

While your smartphone can’t make your dreams come true, it may be able to help.


Trackthisforme: An Android App For Keeping Tabs On Your Sleep, Exercise, And Other Important Numbers

12th November, 2013

How many hours did you sleep last night? And the same day a week ago?


App Master: A Simple, Clean, Friendly Way To Bulk Uninstall Android Apps

8th November, 2013

What if there was a bulk-uninstall tool that was focused just on that one task, making it as easy as possible?