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Android Section Editor for MakeUseOf; Web developer; nerd. Apart from writing at MakeUseOf, you can also find him at Playboard, PCWorld, and at his own cubbyhole at tweets.

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How To Make Your Own Custom Wallpaper For Android

4th March, 2014

Your wallpaper is the face of your phone, so it better be good.


Make Your Phone Turn On Automatically Just When You Need It

3rd March, 2014

Your phone is resting on the table; you pick it up, and it flicks on. You didn’t press anything — it just knows.


FiftyThree Pencil Bluetooth Stylus For iPad Review and Giveaway

26th February, 2014

Pencil is a Bluetooth stylus that tries to help you forget you’re working on an iPad.


Oppo N1 CyanogenMod Limited Edition Review and Giveaway

21st February, 2014

The Oppo N1 is an Android phone that runs CyanogenMod out of the box and has hardware features you won’t see on any other phone, like a rotating camera and a rear touch panel.


Android Apps on Sale for 20 February 2014: OfficeSuite Pro, ROM Toolbox Pro, and Ultimate Backup (Yes, Pro)

21st February, 2014

This week we have a crazy price drop on OfficeSuite Pro 7, as well as nice sales on ROM Toolbox and other utilities.


How To Pick A Programming Language To Learn Today & Get A Great Job In 2 Years

20th February, 2014

It can take years of dedicated work to become a truly good programmer; so is there a way to choose the right language to start from today, in order to get hired tomorrow?


No Jokes: Anything You Tweet Can And Will Be Used Against You [Opinion]

19th February, 2014

Your friends know you, and they know when you’re trying to be funny. Twitter doesn’t.


Android Apps on Sale for 13 February 2014: Crazy Valentine’s Day Gameloft Sale

14th February, 2014

This week there’s a massive Gameloft sale, including hits like Modern Combat 4 and The Dark Knight Rises, all reduced from $7 down to just one buck!


WikiExplorer: A Fun and Simple Way to Enjoy Wikipedia on Android

7th February, 2014

Wikipedia’s mobile website almost feels like an app. But if “almost” doesn’t cut it for you, you’re going to be interested in WikiExplorer.


How To Post Stack Overflow Questions From Android? Using The Official Client

6th February, 2014

Up until recently there was simply no good way to do this from a smartphone.


Ocean Views and Pyramids: Two Gorgeous Live Wallpapers To Spruce Up Your Homescreen

31st January, 2014

Your homescreen: You see it every time you switch on your phone, which is dozens of times a day for some of us. Why not make it beautiful?


Android Apps on Sale for 30 January 2014: Vignette, Final Fantasy, Might & Magic

31st January, 2014

This week we have an excellent camera app, a Final Fantasy title, and a funky platformer featuring none other than Little Red Riding Hood.


Tired of Words With Friends? We Found 2 Android Multiplayer Word Games That Are Better

30th January, 2014

Oxyphenbutazone. That’s about as high as you can go in Words With Friends – a word worth 1674 points. That’s either an awesome feat of linguistic prowess, or just plain cheating – you be the judge.


Android Apps on Sale for 23 January 2014: VNC Viewer Is Free!

24th January, 2014

This week we’re heavy on utilities, from a VNC viewer to a collage maker – but there are also a couple of games in the running.


Kii: A Rich and Powerful Alternative Android Keyboard Bursting With Options

23rd January, 2014

Mobile keyboards are like neighborhood coffee places.