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Android Section Editor for MakeUseOf; Web developer; nerd. Apart from writing at MakeUseOf, you can also find him at Playboard, PCWorld, and at his own cubbyhole at tweets.

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Android Apps on Sale, 4 April: Humble Bundle 9 And Games You Need To Touch

4th April, 2014

Humble Bundle is awesome, but it isn’t all we’ve got. Luxuria Superbia awaits you inside – and if you’ve never heard of it, this is one game to experience.


Look Up! 3 Ace Android Apps for Bird Watching

2nd April, 2014

I’ve been told there is a world outside. It has trees, they say, and birds. I found some apps to help me recognize those “birds” should I ever venture out.


A Great Way To Record Videos Of Your Android or iPhone Screen

31st March, 2014

Recording a decent video of your smartphone is not always easy. It can sometimes be done via software, but often, you’ll get the best results with a proper camera and the right setup.


Xiaomi Mi3 Review and Giveaway

31st March, 2014

How about a $450 smartphone with a 5-inch screen? Or actually, how about a $450 smartphone that knocks the socks off $600 handsets? If that sounds like a compelling notion, you should meet the Xiaomi Mi3.


JotterPad X, Reviewed: A Slick Android Text Editor With Markdown

28th March, 2014

Your phone is always in your pocket, making it the ideal notepad… With the right app, that is.


Android Apps on Sale, 28 March: Osmos HD Is On Sale!

28th March, 2014

This week classic game Osmos is on sale, as well as an image editor that’s one of the best you can get on a phone or tablet today.


This Tool Keeps Me From Leaving Windows: 7 Directory Opus Features

23rd March, 2014

Managing files is super-boring. Copy, move, delete, blah. And Windows Explorer is no good at it. You’re wasting your time!


Android Apps on Sale for 21 March 2014: A Kairosoft Game and a Gorgeous Modern Puzzle

21st March, 2014

This week we have a game set in ancient Japan, a starkly modern puzzle, and a music-making app!


Document Your Life with These Android Apps

17th March, 2014

Writing a journal is not the only way to keep a running record of your life. You’d be surprised.


Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Review and Giveaway

17th March, 2014

The Sony Xperia Z1 Compact is a different take on what a small Android phone should look, feel, and cost like.


Easily Share Your Home Wi-Fi With Friends

14th March, 2014

Do you use a complicated password for your Wi-Fi network? You should. But sharing your connection with friends shouldn’t be a pain. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.


Android Apps on Sale for 14 March 2014: The Music-Making Edition

14th March, 2014

This week we have no less than three music-making apps, but also a famous tower offense title that you simply have to buy.


Lucid Launcher: A Tiny Launcher With Big Innovations

10th March, 2014

It sometimes feels as though half of the apps on Google Play are launchers. But this one is different – I promise.


Android Apps on Sale for March 7 2014: Waking Mars and Final Fantasy V

7th March, 2014

This week we have a unique weather app, a creepily alien platformer, and a couple of Square Enix games.


Developer Interview: What Does It Take To Get Over 500,000 Downloads For Your App?

5th March, 2014

In many ways, this is an Android developer’s dream. So what does it feel like?