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VirtuaWin – A Lean Mean & Free Virtual Desktop Manager [Windows]

19th August, 2011

When I covered Dexpot some time ago, readers Colugo and Mick were quick to point me in the direction of VirtuaWin as a lightweight, fast alternative virtual desktop software. Encouraged by their feedback, I decided to take VirtuaWin on a thorough spin and I am back to report my findings.


Merriam Webster – An Excellent Free Dictionary For Offline Use [Android 1.6+]

18th August, 2011

A dictionary used to be a heavy book, difficult to lug around. If you came across a word you didn’t quite understand, you might have just tried to figure out what it means based on the context. Then the Internet came along, and dictionaries went online. Then mobile devices started landing in people’s pockets, making online dictionaries even more accessible.


GClient – A Free Desktop Client For Google Plus [Windows]

16th August, 2011

I’m a proud Google Apps user. I love the platform, and it adds a lot of value to my domain. But sadly, Google has not yet deemed it worthy of Google Profiles. This in turn means you can’t use Google+ with your Google Apps account. GClient is a desktop client, actually a mini-browser of sorts, just for Google Plus.


Build A Slick, Professional Website For Free With Weebly

12th August, 2011

The other day, I was checking out a freeware app called Folder Axe; it’s a lovely utility with an equally-lovely website, that feels elegant and professionally crafted. Imagine my surprise when I scrolled down to the site’s footer and discovered it is powered by (and created using) a free service for creating websites, called Weebly.


Type Effortlessly & Quickly In Multiple Languages With SlideIT [Android 1.5+]

11th August, 2011

Tapping out a text message on a touchscreen is not my idea of a good time. Annoying typos happen, and even once you gain some skill, the process still feels irritating. I first heard about sliding keyboards via the much-hyped Swype keyboard. But Swype seems to be eternally in Beta, and was difficult to get a hold of. So I set out to find a good sliding keyboard that I could actually install and use, and I found SlideIT.


Add Cool Effects To Your Photos With Little Photo [Android 1.6+]

9th August, 2011

I’m out to find the perfect camera app for Android. I’ve recently reviewed Camera360 and Lightbox Photos and there are a few other powerful cameras on the market (including Vignette, which I will be reviewing soon) but today I’m going to focus on Little Photo. There are a few things that set this neat camera/effects app apart.


Win a Copy of Oops!Backup — Time Machine for Windows [Giveaway]

8th August, 2011

Historically, backup applications have been similar to insurance policies: They just lie there in the background, and you hope that if one day catastrophe strikes, they will work as promised and get you out of a tight spot. When Time Machine first came out for Mac, it transformed all that. As a PC user, this is one Mac feature that I really envied. So I started digging around and eventually found Oops!Backup.


Liven Up Your Windows Console With The Portable App ColorConsole

5th August, 2011

Some time ago I wrote about an alternative console client for Windows called Console. These was a fairly lively discussion in the comments, so I figured I’d share another interesting console client I found; this one is called ColorConsole, and it’s tiny, portable and free. The premise is quite similar to Console.


Read Web Content On The Go With Read it Later Free [Android 2.1+]

4th August, 2011

There’s a famous Dilbert strip where Dilbert says “I can’t do my work because the Internet is too fascinating”. If you’ve ever felt this way, perhaps Read it Later can find a place in your life. In a nutshell, Read it Later is a service that lets you save interesting articles you come across and don’t have time to read right away.


Control Your Android Device By a Wave of The Hand Using Prox [2.2+]

2nd August, 2011

Prox for Android lets you gently tilt your device to one side, wave your hand over it, and the Messaging app opens. Tilt it to another side, wave again, and the browser launches. You can also open and close the notification bar with a simple wave of the hand. It definitely adds a bit of dramatic flair to the Android experience.


Site To Phone Lets You Easily Send Links & Text To Your Smartphone

29th July, 2011

I spend a large chunk of my life in front of my computer. For those rare times I need to leave my chair and actually go do something in the real world, I sometimes want to take a chunk of the Web with me. Google already offers something called Chrome to Phone, but it’s very limited. It works only with Chrome, and only with Android devices.


The Man With No Life – A Simple & Free Way To Download YouTube Videos

28th July, 2011

I have been professionally blogging about software for over two years now, and The Man With No Life is hands-down the best name for an app I’ve covered so far. It has absolutely nothing to do with what the application does, and couldn’t be farther than traditional SEO wisdom. In a nutshell, it’s a free YouTube downloader for Windows.


Take Beautiful Photos With Camera360 Free [Android 1.5+]

26th July, 2011

In recent times, we see more and more smartphones with 5 megapixel cameras, LED flashes, and processors powerful enough to create some very interesting images. What remains is the software – and as you may have noticed, this space is exploding with apps vying to be your default camera app, one of them being Camera360.


Keep A Close Watch On Your Android Device With Cirrus Manager [2.2+]

22nd July, 2011

I love my smartphone. But there’s just one thing that scares me. What if someone steals it, or I lose it? My life is on that thing. It’s a treasure trove of personal information. Definitely not something I’d like to see fall into the wrong hands! If it ever does, Cirrus Manager will be the first site I turn to.


Console Lets You Work In Windows Command Line Mode With Style

21st July, 2011

When it comes to the command line, it seems that Linux and Mac OS users get all the fun. They have fantastic shell environments, but more importantly, they have a very slick console application to access their text shells. But for Windows users, in sweeps Console, ready to save the day with its awesome-sauce and open-source chic.