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Improve Your English & Learn New Words With

27th September, 2011

When communicating online, your vocabulary and the quality of your writing are a key part of the first (and second) impression you make. It’s important to be able to communicate clearly and come across as an intelligent human being, whether you’re just posting a quick tweet, applying for a freelance (or full-time) job, or even using a dating website.


Create A Free Personal Wiki For Your Notes With TiddlySpace

22nd September, 2011

Our story starts with something called TiddlyWiki. In a nutshell, TiddlyWiki is a single-file wiki, which makes heavy use of JavaScript. You can download it to your own computer, Dropbox or USB stick, and use it to maintain notes about anything. That’s lovely, but it’s not exactly a website in the common sense of the word. In sweeps Osmosoft.


HotkeyP Lets You Easily Configure & Customize Hotkeys For Anything [Windows]

20th September, 2011

When it comes to controlling my computer using hotkeys, I’m a huge fan of AutoHotkey. However, if you’re just starting out on the path to complete keyboard domination, AutoHotkey may seem a bit daunting. Add-ons like ActivAid can make it easier to get started with AutoHotkey, but some people just prefer to go for a simpler app, at least at first.


Robo Defense – A Huge, Addictive Tower Defense Game [Android]

16th September, 2011

Let me start with a key detail. Robo Defense for Android has a free version, but I will be reviewing the full version, which costs three bucks. I still decided it was worth writing about, because it is just so addictive. You won’t find killer 3D graphics here, nor will you find a very engaging soundtrack. What you will find though, is a deep, lengthy game with a serious habit-forming potential.


Why Windows Is The Way To Go: A Microsoft Fanboy’s Perspective [Opinion]

15th September, 2011

Everywhere I look these days, I see people proclaiming the wonders of Mac and Linux. Well, I’m a die-hard Windows user, and have been one ever since the days of Windows for Workgroups 3.11 . One kind of blog post I don’t really see often enough is “why Windows rocks”. I’m going to try to explain why exactly I stick with Windows, even though I can easily switch to Mac or Linux.


Add Notes & More To Your Photos Using Skitch [Android]

13th September, 2011

In Mac-using circles, Skitch has been a household name for a while now as it’s a great tool for capturing, editing and sharing screenshots. In August, Skitch was bought out by Evernote, and now we get to see Skitch on Android for the first time.


Create Stunning Panoramic Images With Pano [Android]

9th September, 2011

Today we’re going to be looking at Pano, a camera app that currently goes for $2 on the Android Market. Pano has no built-in effects; it doesn’t have advanced shutter controls or a built-in timer. It doesn’t do Lomo, and you can’t say “cheese” to have it take a picture. It does just one thing, but something no other camera app I reviewed so far can do – it helps you take large, beautiful panoramic images.


How To Take Control Of Your Ringtones With Ring Commander [Android 1.5+]

8th September, 2011

Ringtones are a very subjective thing, so it’s nice that Android comes with such a large selection of them. But once you’ve settled on a few ringtones you like, having to scroll through a lengthy list of irritating sounds just to swap between those few can get old pretty fast. For some reason, Android’s designers didn’t include a way to easily delete built-in ringtones.


Create Compelling Screenshots With SnapDraw Free 3.20 [Windows]

6th September, 2011

Creating screenshots isn’t only for tech writers and bloggers. Screenshots can also be very helpful if you’ve ever had to show your elderly aunt how to print something from her Internet Explorer 7.0 browser and you felt the need for a good tool to make illustrated screenshots for her. Today we’ll be looking at SnapDraw, a free utility for creating screenshots that make sense.


Read Entire Books On Your Smartphone With Moon+ Reader [Android 1.6+]

2nd September, 2011

While I dearly love my Kindle, my smartphone is always with me. Also, the Kindle doesn’t have a backlit screen (which is the whole point of a Kindle really), and sometimes a reading lamp spreads too much light – such as when your significant other is trying to catch some sleep and you want to read in bed.


Boost Your Brain Power & Memorize Important Information With AnkiDroid [Android 1.5+]

1st September, 2011

Alfa November Kilo India. That’s how you spell “Anki” according to the NATO phonetic alphabet. And no, I didn’t need Wikipedia to come up with that. I just know the phonetic alphabet now. And I can also phonetically read many words in Russian, when a month ago I couldn’t. This is all thanks to AnkiDroid, a free Android application for learning things using flash cards.


Speak Your Email & Text Replies Instead Of Typing Them With FlexT9 Keyboard [Android 2.1+]

30th August, 2011

Typing on a tiny touchscreen is not an inherently fun activity. I can’t remember the last time I heard someone say “Gosh, I love how I keep making embarrassing typos with this tiny keyboard!” Thankfully, there are some very smart people who are working to make typing on a portable device a more bearable experience.


Read Magazines On Your Android Device With Zinio [2.2+]

26th August, 2011

I really enjoy reading books. I have a Kindle and I use it all the time. But sometimes a book isn’t always what I need. There are times when I have just a couple of minutes to fill, or when I’m somewhat distracted. For those times, a magazine works much better, and while I can read newspapers and magazines on the Kindle, I was intrigued by Zinio which offers paid magazines for Android.


Use WebPutty To Prototype & Maintain The CSS For Your Websites

25th August, 2011

I maintain the CSS for a fairly complex website; my normal workflow is opening an SSH session with PuTTY and then editing the CSS within a remote instance of VIM. WebPutty from Fog Creek Software (Joel Spolsky’s company) offers a way to simplify this process and edit your CSS using the browser, with live preview […]


Take Fantastic Full Resolution Pictures With Vignette [Android 1.5+]

23rd August, 2011

As I told you on my Little Photo review, I am hunting for the perfect camera application for Android. Today’s contender is called Vignette. It’s a commercial application which currently retails for $4 on the Market – not inexpensive for an Android app. But with an average rating of 4.1 out of over 5,400 reviews, it must be doing something right.