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Control Other Computers Remotely For Free With Chrome Remote Desktop [Cross-Platform]

1st November, 2011

Like many other tech nerds, I am often called upon to seize control of some system remotely and rescue its user from some evil manifestation of technology. This isn’t my job (I don’t do this “commercially”), so my free tool of choice is TeamViewer. But when I heard Google released something called Chrome Remote Desktop, my curiosity was piqued, so I decided to give it a try.


Keep Your Windows Fresh Like New With DrivePurge

28th October, 2011

Windows systems get cluttered and become slow over time. This is a known problem that many companies and products have been trying to fix for years. There are a bunch of established players in the field, such as Soluto and CCleaner, but today I’m here to tell you about a small, free utility that you’ve probably never heard of before, called DrivePurge.


Flickr Face-Off : Official Client vs. Flickr Companion Free – Which One Is The Best? [Android]

27th October, 2011

Flickr is fun, and ideally, Flickr on the go should be at least as much fun as it is on the desktop. True, you get to use it on a 4″ screen rather than a 24″ one, but that doesn’t mean the experience necessarily has to suffer. Yahoo has now released the Official Flickr Android app, but while it’s official, it’s far from the first (or most established) player on the field.


The Dead People Server – Announcing Dead People Since 1994

25th October, 2011

Yes, you read that right – the Dead People Server. This is a personal project started back in 1994 by Laurie Mann, who apparently has a passion for tracking dead people. These are not just ordinary people, though. The Dead People Server contains a list of over 3,800 noteworthy individuals who have passed on, along with a bit of information about each.


Cook Amazing Food From Anywhere On The Web With ChefTap For Android [2.1+]

21st October, 2011

Food and smartphones can be a fantastic combination, and I don’t mean you should stir-fry your Droid. Some of the more recent Android smartphones have large screens (4.3”), and some even come with their own kickstand that lets you prop them up for easy viewing while cooking. All that’s left now is finding a good recipe app that can take you through the cooking process with style.


Tweak Windows 7 And Learn More About Your Computer With EnhanceMySe7en

20th October, 2011

I’m one of those people who like to have their computers “just so”. Before Windows 7 came along, I was an avid Litestep user for years. Windows 7 offers a beautiful interface that is actually usable (a great improvement), but still, there are plenty of things that could be changed and customized. EnhanceMySe7ven is a free app for tweaking these settings, and it also provides lots of system information.


Two Free Handy Android Notepad Apps

18th October, 2011

One thing that’s oddly missing from Android by default is a Notes application. Be honest: How many times have you sent yourself an email (or at least saved a quick Gmail draft) just because you had nowhere to jot down a quick note? Well, I hope to remedy that today, with either of these two free and simple note apps for Android.


Which Android Phone Should I Buy? Here Are 5 Possibilities [Gadget Corner]

14th October, 2011

Android is a fantastic operating system; it’s my mobile OS of choice, and I love just about everything to do with it. But at the end of the day, if your Android smartphone is sub-optimal, using the OS could end up being a frustrating experience. So here are five Android phones that make for very solid choices.


4 Ways To Read & Understand An End User License Agreement (EULA) More Easily

13th October, 2011

EULAs, or End-User License Agreements, are one of the evils of modern life. These are endlessly wordy agreements, usually written in tiny print. These are the things you blindly scroll down, looking for that darn “I agree” button, whenever you install an application (or, in Apple’s case, an update to an application). Well, that thing you’re clicking yourself into is actually a binding legal contract.


Elixir 2 – A Free & Insanely Powerful System Information App [Android 2.1+]

11th October, 2011

When I first wrote about Elixir, that post made quite a splash. It turns out many people want a good, free, system information tool for Android. Well, for all of you out there, I have some great news today. Elixir 2 is much more powerful than the first version, and can probably replace several other apps you’re currently using, as well as add lots of new functionality you never knew you wanted.


Pendule – Neat Chrome Plugin For A Web Developer

7th October, 2011

I do quite a bit of Web development, and Google Chrome is my main browser these days. Chrome is pretty developer-friendly as it is, and you can also set up Firebug on Chrome. But today I wanted to show you a different Chrome extension called Pendule. Pendule supplements Chrome’s built-in Inspect Element feature with some interesting extras.


2 Fun, Addictive & Free Bubble-Popping Games [Android]

6th October, 2011

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles! We’ve covered some bubble-shooting games before, but those were PC-based. If you’re looking for some bubble-popping fun while you’re on the go, and like free games, you’ve come to the right post. Below you’ll find two cute little gems from the Market. Each is a brain-teaser, both are free, but one involves far more tapping than the other.


My Country – A Free Addictive Sim City-Like Game [Android]

4th October, 2011

I have a serious thing for city-building games. Even though I almost never play on the PC, my addiction was rekindled when I read Matt’s recent post about modern Sim City alternatives. Where I do play, however, is on my Android device. So I decided to take you on a little tour of a free and full-featured SimCity clone for Android called My Country.


Get In Shape The Social Way With Fitocracy [Get Your Beta Invite Here!]

30th September, 2011

It’s not every day that I’m introduced to a new web service by the awesome xkcd web-comic. So when they featured Fitocracy a while back, my curiosity was indeed piqued. Fitocracy is a website that turns exercise into a social game by having you track your workouts and then giving you various achievements for your track record. It’s free and luckily for you guys, I’ve scored us some invite codes.


3 Fun Free Racing Games [Android]

29th September, 2011

Do you ever feel the need to cruise down an open highway, hitting pedal to the metal, going as fast as you can? Well, in case you don’t live in Germany (where there are autobahns with no speed limits), you may have to make do with a simulated racing game. On the bright side, should you choose to play that game on an Android device, you’d be able to play it while in an actual car (just don’t do it when you’re trying to drive)!