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Dave Parrack is a freelance writer from Manchester, England, with an unhealthy level of interest in technology and pop culture. You can connect with him at About.me now.

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The Problem With Gadget Reviews, Jawbone Reveals New Wearables [Tech News Digest]

5th November, 2014

Also, GTA V goes first-person, Emoji gets less racist, Amazon Prime Photos, and Conan is clueless about CoD.


42 Of The Best Geek Movies Of All Time… How Many Have You Seen?

5th November, 2014

Geeks are people too. I am one, you’re probably one, and we’re a growing army that can no longer be ignored. Not even by Hollywood. Geek movies FTW!


Mozilla Teases Browser For Developers, Who Is Alex From Target? [Tech News Digest]

4th November, 2014

Also, Taylor Swift dumps Spotify, Disney Movies on Android, Apple flies high with Beats, and the movie which looks like a video game.


Microsoft Kills Windows 7, HP Reveals MB Chronowing, & More… [Tech News Digest]

3rd November, 2014

Also, locating veins made easier, Google Play Books starts skimming, playing the Internet Arcade collection, and Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever.


What Is The Best Music Streaming Service? [MakeUseOf Poll]

2nd November, 2014

Why pay several dollars per album when you can pay several dollars a month for access to thousands of albums? Hmm? Hmm? Answer!


The Funniest Cat Tumblrs For Feline Fanatics [Weird & Wonderful Web]

2nd November, 2014

Cats now own the Internet. And if you want to survive the upcoming catastrophe, you’d best be friends with the feline frenemies.


Nintendo Gets Healthy, CurrentC Gets Hacked, & More… [Tech News Digest]

31st October, 2014

Also, Google reinvents bookmarks manager, France has drone trouble, Deadline predicts your death, and the perfect poster for Apple fanboys.


Get Fit With Microsoft Health, Windows Phone By The Numbers [Tech News Digest]

30th October, 2014

Also, wearables banned, YouTube goes 60fps, watch people making games on Twitch, and Mike Tyson plays Punch-Out!


What Is Your Favorite Geek Movie? [We Ask You]

30th October, 2014

With hundreds of films released every year, the number of geek movies is rising. So, which is your favorite geek movie of all time?


Nobody Trusts Google, AT&T Misled Customers, Twitch Dress Code [Tech News Digest]

29th October, 2014

Also, LucasArts classics land on GOG, detailing next-gen GTA 5 exclusives, and the shocking new GoPro ad.


A Handful Of Excellent Easter Eggs [We Ask You Results]

29th October, 2014

A bad question + no T-shirt offered as a prize = a disappointing We Ask You. Still, we salvaged something from it…


Search The Web Using Emoji, Fitbit Surge & Charge [Tech News Digest]

28th October, 2014

Also, Amazon Kindle Scout, an Xbox One price drop, Plague Inc. goes viral, and OK Go promises I Won’t Let You Down.


Apple Pay Suffers Major Blow, Facebook Accused Of Plagiarism [Tech News Digest]

27th October, 2014

Also, Twitpic lives on, PS4 owners share games, the brutal truth for $10, and a meta Google Glass review.


Will You Ever Use Apple Pay? [MakeUseOf Poll]

26th October, 2014

We want to know all about people’s intentions towards Apple Pay, and we have the MakeUseOf Poll to help us do just that.


Waste Away Your Life Playing All The Games On Pong.com [Weird & Wonderful Web]

26th October, 2014

There are so many games on Pong.com you could easily waste away your life trying to play them all.