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Dave Parrack is a freelance writer from Manchester, England, with an unhealthy level of interest in technology and pop culture. You can connect with him at About.me now.

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Netflix Starts Messing With VPNs, Google Reveals Windows 8.1 Exploit [Tech News Digest]

5th January, 2015

Netflix punishes pirates, Google publishes Windows 8.1 exploit, Acer reveals giant Chromebook, Sony offers PlayStation freebies, the Smithsonian posts art online, and the $7,500 iPhone 6.


20 Utterly Bizarre New Year’s Resolutions Made On Twitter [Weird & Wonderful Web]

4th January, 2015

Alongside the more serious attempts to improve oneself are the silly new year’s resolutions. Which is what we’re focusing on today in this week’s Weird & Wonderful Web.


Running Linux In A Chromebook Window, Xbox Hackers Offer DDoS Attacks [Tech News Digest]

31st December, 2014

Also, the Xbox One SDK leaks online, the most pirated movies of 2014, Nuclear Throne freebies, and a look back at 2014 in GIFs.


Microsoft Develops New Web Browser, Hackers Target Your Fingerprints [Tech News Digest]

30th December, 2014

Also, new Twitter ads upset William Shatner, 10 million people try Amazon Prime, Apple offers extended refunds, and old people play QWOP.


Twitter Taken Down By New Year, Bitcoin Performed Poorly In 2014 [Tech News Digest]

29th December, 2014

Also, PSN and Xbox Live are back online, Pinterest rolls out Promoted Pins, how to stream The Interview, and preferring a chocolate iPhone to the real thing.


What Is The Best Smartphone Released In 2014? [MakeUseOf Poll]

28th December, 2014

There were some brilliant new smartphones released in 2014. But which, dear reader, is the best smartphone launched in the past year? Only you have the power to decide…


Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions With Help From Reddit [Weird & Wonderful Web]

28th December, 2014

Do not allow yourself to fail at keeping your new year’s resolutions this time. Help yourself and others succeed using Reddit and its surprisingly helpful community.


What Was Your Favorite MakeUseOf Article Of 2014? [We Ask You]

26th December, 2014

We’re hoping everybody reading this has one article they commented on, shared, or bookmarked for future reference. And now is the time to tell us all about your favorite article from the past year.


20 Of The Best Viral Videos Of 2014 You Really Need To See

25th December, 2014

In terms of online videos released in 2014, for every entirely forgettable damp squib there was a gem that stood out from the crowd. And here are just some of the latter.


Skype Lets You Spy On Strangers, Apple Issues Critical Mac Update [Tech News Digest]

24th December, 2014

Also, The Interview enjoys limited theatrical release, tablets are bad for you, the FAA drones on, and Vzio mocks Samsung for its curved TVs.


Google Delivers Self-Driving Car, Facebook Releases Stickered App [Tech News Digest]

23rd December, 2014

Also, North Korea drops offline, Google sings song lyrics, Samsung releases autistic app, and basketball trick shots are better with a Portal gun.


Your Facebook Year In Review, OK Google, Buy Me A Chromebook [Tech News Digest]

22nd December, 2014

Also, Sony wants to release The Interview online, Google+ improves your videos, Reddit Notes $5 million giveaway, and LG trolls pets using televisions.


What Web Browser Do You Use, & Why? [MakeUseOf Poll]

21st December, 2014

The Web browser is an essential tool, allowing us to access the wealth of information contained on the Internet. But what Web browser do you use? And why?


Hackers Vs. Haters: How Twitter Reacted To Sony Pulling The Interview [Weird & Wonderful Web]

21st December, 2014

To say the Internet didn’t take kindly to Sony Pictures pulling The Interview is putting it mildly. Twitter was equal parts annoyed and amused about the whole thing.


Google Develops Android Cars, Instagram Culls Fake Users, & More… [Tech News Digest]

19th December, 2014

Also, Internet Explorer is the only option, a new Minecraft game is in the works, Dying Light tests your survival skills, and Megatron hates selfies.