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Dave Parrack is a freelance writer from Manchester, England, with an unhealthy level of interest in technology and pop culture. You can connect with him at About.me now.

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7 Ways To Learn Something New Every Day With Wikipedia

29th May, 2013

Wikipedia is packed full of content. At the time of writing there are over 4 million articles contained within the English language version, with more being added all the time. All of these pages are free to view, not lumbered with ads, and are edited by people like us. It’s a resource that everybody knows about, but which very few people truly make the most of.

What Changes Do You Want To See In Windows 8.1? [You Told Us]

29th May, 2013

The Windows 8 sales figures have been solid so far, but the criticism from users hasn’t stopped since day one. Thankfully a major update, titled Windows 8.1 (formerly codenamed Windows Blue), is being released by the end of 2013. No one is yet sure what changes Windows 8.1 will bring, but we thought it was a good idea to seek your thoughts on the subject ahead of time.

Keep Your Karma – What Not To Do On Reddit

29th May, 2013

Reddit proves its worth more with each passing day. As a source of entertainment, information, knowledge, memes, and LOLs, it is unrivalled in terms of the sheer scope of content it offers to the casual Web user. Which is why it totally deserves its place on the list of seven websites we could not live without. You don’t even have to join Reddit to enjoy the various pleasures it has to offer.

Keeping Up With The Bluth Family: Discover Arrested Development On The Web

23rd May, 2013

Arrested Development is back, with Netflix having given the show a lifeline by commissioning new episodes. Here’s hoping that this time Arrested Development is watched by the size of audience it deserves. To give the show the best chance of succeeding it’s a good idea to educate those who previously missed out on the goodness.

What Changes Do You Want To See In Windows 8.1? [We Ask You]

23rd May, 2013

Microsoft released Windows 8 last year to a barrage of criticism from people who didn’t like the wholesale changes made to the operating system. Microsoft had legitimate reasons for building Windows 8 the way it did, but it has also listened to feedback from users and is preparing to release a major update. Windows 8.1 will be released before the year is out, with a public preview available on June 26. Your hopes for this update form the basis for this week’s ‘We Ask You’ column.

Keep Boredom At Bay With Playable Google Doodles

22nd May, 2013

The Google homepage is intentionally minimalist, with a distinct lack of pointless detritus that would only serve to divert people’s attention away from the main purpose of the page. Which is to provide a kicking off point for exploring the wider Web. There’s the Google logo, a search bar, and a couple of buttons, and that’s it… most of the time.

At What Age Should Kids Be Exposed To Technology? [You Told Us]

22nd May, 2013

New and emerging technology has always been associated with the younger generations. Older people tend to be set in their ways, leaving those under a certain age to discover gadgets and gizmos as they arrive on the scene. Younger people learn more quickly, and that goes for technology in the same way it goes for everything else. However, how young is too young for kids to be exposed to technology?

Gaming Google Maps With Street View Games

22nd May, 2013

Google Maps is an essential tool for anyone planning a day trip or holiday, providing a clear yet detailed overview of locations and how to reach them. More than that it provides a simple way for all of us to find our literal place in the world, though it cannot help with the more figurative notion of belonging. Google Maps was already amazing, and then a few years after its launch Google Street View was added to the mix.

5 Funny Or Die Web Series Worth Watching

16th May, 2013

Funny Or Die is a comedy website focused on videos, which means you can add it to the list of worthy YouTube alternatives. The name of the site comes from the very simple idea that something should either be funny or die. If a piece of content isn’t funny then let it pass away, quietly, without a funeral. And you, the viewer, gets to choose its fate.

At What Age Should Kids Be Exposed To Technology? [We Ask You]

16th May, 2013

Seeing kids using cutting-edge technology is certainly a relatively recent development. But I guess it isn’t a surprising one. After all, the technology exists, parents own it and (over)use it, and so kids are likely to want to follow suit prematurely. Should this be something we embrace? Or should kids be encouraged to leave technology alone until they’re old enough to fully embrace it?

Discover New Music By Mapping Musical Genres & Artists

15th May, 2013

Mapping music isn’t as bizarre as it may at first sound. In the same way locations can be mapped out, so can music genres and artists, with one style feeding into the next, one band being connected to another. What follows are three methods for mapping genres and artists that should lead to you discovering new music. Hopefully, all without having to offend a friend or loved one.


Does The Internet Need A ‘Delete’ Button? [You Told Us]

15th May, 2013

However careful you may be about what you share on the Web, there is always a chance you’re leaking information. Websites collect data about you, which is then used to present you with relevant adverts. Social networks store updates and comments you make, any of which could come back to haunt you later in life. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Which is why we decided to ask you for your views on this issue.

Stay Safe Online: Follow 10 Computer Security Experts On Twitter

15th May, 2013

There are simple steps you can take to protect yourself online. Using a firewall and antivirus software, creating secure passwords, not leaving your devices unattended; these are all absolute musts. Beyond that it comes down to keeping up with the latest news about spam, scams, phishing attempts, hacks, and malware. This is where the following list of Twitter accounts come into play.


6 Unsolved Mysteries Solved On Wikipedia

9th May, 2013

Wikipedia is often mocked for its perceived lack of truth. Because it’s an encyclopedia built entirely on the contributions of random people, it has a reputation for not always being accurate and truthful. In some ways this assertion is fair… little-known entries (such as those for people you’ve likely never heard of) can be manipulated by pranksters or editors with an agenda, but it’s far from the norm, especially on popular, oft-visited entries.

Does The Internet Need A ‘Delete’ Button? [We Ask You]

9th May, 2013

The Internet has grown from a mere concept to an integral part of the everyday lives of most people in developed countries. And in a relatively short space of time. If you’re on the Internet then you’re truly on the Internet, with your name, location, and a host of other data about you following you around the Web like a bad smell; a bad smell that companies such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft can track. We want to know, Does The Internet Need A ‘Delete’ Button?