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Dave Parrack is a freelance writer from Manchester, England, with an unhealthy level of interest in technology and pop culture. You can connect with him at About.me now.

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What Are Your Tech-Related Hopes For 2013? [You Told Us]

9th January, 2013

We’re now a whole week into 2013, and hasn’t the time flown by. Why, it feels like only yesterday that fireworks were lighting up the night sky, and only the day before yesterday that those with time and money to spare had impressive animated lights displays in their front gardens. In 12 months time we’ll be able to do it all over again. Until then we have lots to occupy our minds, including what’s happening on the technology front, whether in the industry or in our own lives.


What Are The Best Weather Websites?

9th January, 2013

I’m rather obsessed with the weather. It’s not my fault, it’s just that I was born and brought up in the U.K., and all British people are obsessed with the weather. I think it’s because the weather is rather changeable on this little island butting up to the European mainland. Over the course of a single week we can experience hot sun, icy frosts, torrential rain, deep snow, and gusts aplenty.

What Are Your Tech-Related Hopes For 2013? [We Ask You]

5th January, 2013

The year that’s just passed was an important one for technology, with new gadgets and services finding their way on to the market, bigger companies acquiring smaller companies, and innovations spilling out from the underground to find a new mainstream audience. But technology never stands still, with the next big thing always on the horizon. This makes it an exciting industry to watch, be involved in, and to write about.

What’s Your Favorite MakeUseOf Post Of 2012? [You Told Us]

4th January, 2013

A new year is upon us, with 2012 having morphed into 2013 before our very eyes. For MakeUseOf this passing of one year into another actually means very little. We’ll keep producing content designed to appease our readers’ needs for being entertained and educated, and hope you return the compliment by keeping your browsers pointed in our direction. The year that’s just ended was an epic one for MakeUseOf


6 Ways To Game On The Cheap [MUO Gaming]

3rd January, 2013

Playing video games isn’t the harmful activity some politicians and media outlets would have you believe, otherwise every single gamer out there would have psychological problems brought on by their hobby. However, playing video games is an expensive pastime to enjoy, with the price of games and the systems needed to play them potentially costing a small fortune over the course of just a few years. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be the case.


A New Year, A New You: How To Clean Up Your Facebook

2nd January, 2013

Like social networking sites as a whole, Facebook can be a force for good. The problem is Facebook can also be a force for evil, but it’s more about how we, the people, use Facebook, than it is about how Facebook uses us. Essentially, if you stay on top of your account, maintaining your profile and not letting the data it leaks get out of hand, you can control Facebook rather than letting Facebook control you.


Only On PlayStation: 5 PS3 Exclusives Releasing 2013 [MUO Gaming]

2nd January, 2013

The PS3 has a deserved reputation for the quality and quantity of its exclusives, with the Xbox 360 lagging behind. With the exception of the Halo and Gears Of War series I doubt Sony would swap any of their exclusives for Microsoft’s exclusives. The PS3 has a number of great PlayStation-only titles due for release in 2013, and what follows are five of the best that are definitely worth getting excited about.


5 Awesome Cross-Platform Video Games Being Released In 2013 [MUO Gaming]

27th December, 2012

However, as good as 2012 was for gamers everywhere, 2013 is shaping up to be even better. The Wii U will be coming of age, there’s the strong possibility of at least one (and possibly two) new consoles being released, and the list of games worth playing is growing by the day. What follows are five cross-platform video games due for release in 2013. Each one is looking more than worthy of everybody’s time and attention.


Why You Should Never Delete Dodgy Digital Photos [Opinion]

26th December, 2012

The digital age we’re now living in has changed our ideas of ownership and copyright. For better or worse. It’s also changed the way we do various things. In the field of photography moving to digital formats has made a huge difference. Most of it positive. However, there is one aspect of the switch that may not be so positive, and could in fact come back to haunt many of us in years to come.

What’s Your Favorite MakeUseOf Post Of 2012? [We Ask You]

22nd December, 2012

MakeUseOf may not have been the dominant thing in your life in 2012, but it probably played a part in your daily routine. To think, we don’t even charge for this stuff, giving most of it away for free. It’s now your turn to give something back, not only to us but also to your fellow readers. It’s easy enough, all you need to do is nominate one or more pieces of content as your favorite MakeUseOf post of 2012.

What Is Your Favorite Tech Innovation Of 2012? [You Told Us]

22nd December, 2012

We asked you, What Is Your Favorite Tech Innovation Of 2012? There was a healthy response to the question, even when the attempts to game the MakeUseOf Rewards system are filtered out of the equation. Innovations were put forward in all of the categories: Websites and Web services, apps and programs, and hardware and gadgets.


10 Of The Best Xbox 360 Games You Must Play [MUO Gaming]

20th December, 2012

At this time of year more than any other there will be a host of new console owners getting to grips with their system. And after they get bored of the games bought alongside their console of choice, they’ll need to know which titles to get next. Which is where this article comes in: what follows are the 10 best games money can buy for the Xbox 360.


10 Of The Best PS3 Games You Must Play [MUO Gaming]

19th December, 2012

This generation of games consoles is coming to an end, with the Wii U already having arrived to usher in the next-generation, and successors to both the PS3 and Xbox 360 expected in 2013. However, even after the current crop of games consoles has been replaced by newer models, they’re still worth owning thanks to the plethora of great games available on them.


5 Simple Steps To Making a Perfect Mixtape

19th December, 2012

Anyone reading these words will likely belong to one of two groups of people: those who love music mixtapes, and those who haven’t a clue what one is. This article is aimed at both groups, and, consequently, at everybody. It offers a set of simple steps that need to be followed in order to create the perfect mixtape. Mixtape veterans will likely already know the formula, but will hopefully gain inspiration from this piece to start curating once more.

What Is Your Favorite Tech Innovation Of 2012? [We Ask You]

16th December, 2012

The end of the year is approaching fast, with 2012 set to turn into 2013 in a matter of weeks, assuming of course that the Mayans were wrong. It’s been a great 12 months in the world of technology, with lots of new innovations pushed out into the world. But what has been your one highlight?