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Dave Parrack is a freelance writer from Manchester, England, with an unhealthy level of interest in technology and pop culture. You can connect with him at About.me now.

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Internet Valued More Than Alcohol, Caffeine, Random Body Parts [We Ask You Results]

24th September, 2013

The Internet ranks pretty highly on a make-believe list of life’s essentials. But how highly? We sought to find out in last week’s We Ask You column, and the results were illuminating.


5 Great Football (Soccer) Games for the Armchair Pro

23rd September, 2013

What follows is a list of five soccer games all armchair professionals would be well advised to take off the substitutes bench and give a run out as the lone striker at the tip of a diamond formation. And if that sentence made no sense then you may want to give the following a miss.

5 Tools To Create An Online Comic

19th September, 2013

Once the exclusive domain of geeks, comics are now very much a mainstream phenomenon. This means that anyone, and I mean anyone, can create a great comic if they have the will to do so.

What Would You Give Up Before The Internet? [We Ask You]

18th September, 2013

Imagine creating a list with the key things in your life ranked in order of how much you need them. Where would Internet access rank on that list? What would rank above and below it?

In A Nutshell, How Would You Describe MakeUseOf To A Friend? [You Told Us]

17th September, 2013

We asked you, “In A Nutshell, How Would You Describe MakeUseOf To A Friend”? We got a good number of responses to the question, and most of the commenters offered positive soundbites.

4 Ways Parents Can Educate Themselves On Video Games

14th September, 2013

The only way parents can guard against their offspring playing video games they don’t agree with is by educating themselves about them. After all, it’s impossible to police something without first understanding it. Thankfully there are several simple ways parents can educate themselves on video games.

10 YouTube Videos Exploring The New iPhone 5s and 5c

13th September, 2013

Assuming you haven’t been living under a rock, located deep in a forest, surrounded by a very tall wall; you’ll be aware that Apple has unveiled its latest smartphone.

In A Nutshell, How Would You Describe MakeUseOf To A Friend? [We Ask You]

11th September, 2013

You may have noticed a few changes around here of late. The site has been given a makeover. We are currently seeking your views on the redesign, and welcome both positive and negative comments.

What To Look For In The Perfect Office Chair

11th September, 2013

It is absolutely crucial to pick the right office chair. The decision over which to buy shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially if you’re going to be spending several hours of each day sitting on the chair you end up buying.


Follow These 8 Twitter Feeds For All The Gaming News

11th September, 2013

Gamers need news. If you’re a gamer, you probably want to know the latest goings-on in the industry. You want rumors, release dates, and trailers. Opinion pieces and round-ups of the best games in a certain genre. And while we at MakeUseOf do our best to provide much of that content, there are some gaming-related Twitter feeds that deserve your attention.

Which Games Console Are You Buying Next? [You Told Us]

10th September, 2013

The holiday season is fast approaching, though I’m sure all parents reading this would rather not think about it just yet. In those countries and cultures where gift-giving is a tradition at this time of year, kids and adults alike will be carefully considering what to put on their wishlists. And it’s entirely possible that […]

5 Essential Nintendo DS Game Franchises Everybody Should Play

7th September, 2013

In a world where all smartphones and tablets are capable of playing brilliant video games such as Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga, it’s easy to forget about the dedicated handheld games consoles on the market. And with the 3DS and PS Vita being the latest and greatest handheld games consoles, it’s even easier to forget about the humble Nintendo DS. However, ignoring the DS would be a huge mistake.

Which Games Console Are You Buying Next? [We Ask You]

4th September, 2013

For the purposes of this week’s We Ask You discussion we’re interested to hear from you regarding the next games console you’re looking to purchase. Whether it’s a PS4, an Xbox One, a Wii U, a PS3, an Xbox 360, a 3DS, a 2DS, or any one of the dozens of other consoles available to buy right now.

Where Should Microsoft Go From Here? [You Told Us]

3rd September, 2013

Microsoft is facing an important next phase in its long and (sometimes) illustrious history. The past decade has seen the Redmond-based company struggle to maintain its once vice-like grip on computers. Now, Microsoft is attempting to change from the inside out, with a new company structure and strategy as outlined in a memo from Steve Ballmer to the employees in July. With all of this going on we decided to seek out your views on Microsoft and your suggestions regarding the future direction of the company.

Where Should Microsoft Go From Here? [We Ask You]

29th August, 2013

I’ll let you guys into a little secret, as long as you promise not to tell… some of the writers at MakeUseOf hate Microsoft with a passion. It’s very easy to hate Microsoft, a lumbering corporate giant that built a monopoly and then sat on it raking in the money. However, Microsoft is undoubtedly facing some serious challenges in the future, both in the short-term and the longterm. And how it should go about tackling these challenges forms the basis for this week’s We Ask You column.